Chapter 69 - Nine Regions eBay Store Opens

In the following two months, Liang Jie did not encounter any other obstacles.

The Ji family didn't even show up, it was just that those people had come to him at the beginning of the school. After that, the Ji family seemed to have completely forgotten him.

"Master, you have reached the end of the solid foundation period, and the distance from breakthrough is not far behind."

"Open the Nine Regions eBay Store first! Then we can concentrate on breaking through."

"The gold pill period is different from the solid foundation period, it requires a lot of preparations, and I always feel that something unexpected will happen."

Li Mengyao has been flustered recently, and she feels that something may be wrong.

Although she didn't know what was going on, she believed that it must be related to Liang Jie, and Liang Jie was about to break through. She had to be fully prepared.

"Well, listen to you."

In fact, Liang Jie felt it.

The calm in front is just to prepare for the storm after.

Therefore, before the storm comes, it is necessary for Liang Jie to make good preparations so that the Nine Regions eBay Store opens first so as not to miss the opportunity.

Because at this time, people in the spirit world are paying attention to the Nine Regions eBay Store.

Today, it is the agreed time, the store will be officially opened, and the secret of the superb storage bags will be officially revealed.

"I can't wait, why can't start!"

"Yeah! I've prepared spirit stone, and I'm ready to snap up."

"Hey, let those who don't have a superb storage bag be envious!"

The monks in the spirit world are very much looking forward to the opening of the Nine Regions eBay Store. They want to see what masters the ring intends to make.

Although there has been a lot of news beforehand, the special functions of superb storage bags are always kept secret, so that everyone who buys the superb storage bags is eager to know it.

Over time, the countdown to the opening of the Nine Regions eBay Store has begun.

"Look, there are fewer numbers on the superb storage bag."

"Really! it really has special features!"

"Haha ... less than half an hour!"

A monk with a superb storage bag saw the countdown displayed on the storage bag.

This made everyone very surprised. For the special function of the storage bag, they have been wondered. That is not the moment to dare to relax, for fear of missing the time and failing to grab the cheap pills.

"Dear friends who buy the superb storage bags, the Nine Regions eBay Store will open soon."

"The warm-up event is about to begin. Please open the superb storage bag and connect the separate space divided by Nine Regions Ring with a sense of the divine."

"Here, you will see the lucky bags that we distributed to celebrate the opening. Each bag has prizes! Each person can only receive one!"

Suddenly, a divine message came from the superb storage bag.

All the monks hurriedly glanced at the storage bags, and they found a special space, which was an independent space controlled by the ring, and would not be controlled by them.

The moment they entered the space, they saw the lucky bag floating inside.

"pills 20% off [limited to less than third-grade]"

"pills 30% off [limited to less than third-grade]"

"pills for free ..."

Everyone got the discount rolls in the lucky bag, and even free.

At this moment, the monks were completely crazy, and they were very concerned about what was sold in the Nine Regions eBay Store.

At the same time, some people got vouchers for spirit stones.

There are even people who have received rewards, which are some pills. Although they are not very valuable, they can be said to be thousands of spirit stones.

"These days, the superb storage bags sold are no less than a million. This time, the Nine Regions eBay Store has spilled hundreds of millions of low-grade spirit stones!"

"Nine Regions eBay Store is mighty! We will always support you!"

"Haha ... who will go to those chambers of commerce to buy things in the future, then it is stupid, I support Nine Regions eBay Store."

The monks, who were all over the spirit world, were boiling at this moment, and they saw Liang Jie's sincerity.

The pre-opening benefits were in place. Liang Jie didn't worry about selling the pills at all. Although it was a simplified version of the pills, the efficacy would never be worse, or even stronger.

In less than half an hour, many monks and friends gathered to discuss what kind of pills to buy.

That is, in the expression that everyone expected, soon came the appointed time.

"Dear everyone, the Nine Regions eBay Store is officially open."

"All the products are clearly priced and you can buy them freely."

"The superb storage bag will be proof of identity in the future. You can always buy the items you need in a separate space in the storage bag ..."

Liang Jie's voice came from the storage bag. All the monks first stunned, and then all sunk into the storage bag.

In that special independent space before, they could see numerous pills and the price was clearly marked.

"The simplified version of solid foundation pills has a group of five and sells for 60,000 spirit stones! The effect is exactly the same as the full version of solid foundation pills."

"A simplified version of cleaning body fluid, a set of fifty parts, the effect is five times that of the full version of the cleaning body fluid. The price is so affordable..."

"A simplified version of washing pulp pill, a group of ten, the effect is three times that of the washing pulp pill, the price is ..."

When many monks looked at the assortment of goods, they were frightened by the effect and price of the goods, because they had never seen anything so cheap.

There is no doubt that the simplified version of the pill has a better absorption effect than the full version of the pill, but the price is only doubled.

What's more important is that these groups of pill support spin-off sale, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit. For many monks, it is simply a blessing.

The pills that originally need hundreds of thousands of spirit stones can now be bought for a few tenths of the spirit stones, which can gradually improve strength, which greatly reduces the time and cost required for cultivation!

"who is so quick to start, the one million copies of cleaning body fluid sold out!"

"Beasts! You can start slowly, leave us some!"

"Oh my god! First-grade gathering spirit pill is sold out instantly ..."

The monk holding the superb storage bag lamented, and many people didn't even buy the pills.

Everyone complained, which made Liang Jie dumbfounded, not because they were not prepared enough, but because these people were too crazy, even if the purchase was limited to two copies, they could not resist the madness of these monks!

Looking at the spirit stone that kept flowing in, Liang Jie was completely numb, and it was all sold out in less than a quarter of a minute when the Nine Regions eBay Store opened.

"Master, I will do whatever you ask me to do in the future. I have absolutely no opinion."

Yuanbao looked dumbfounded and felt that his master was simply a genius, and his future happiness depended on his master.

In this regard, Li Mengyao expressed contempt, but her face was full of smiles. Of course, she and Liang Jie were the happiest.