Chapter 68 - Wonderful Foresight

The changes in the archeology department were too great, and Liang Jie couldn't adapt for a while.

However, he doesn't need to adapt to anything, because everything hasn't changed much, it's just that those seniors who hadn't cultivated before become stronger.

Three days later.

Speech in the new semester.

"I know you're very happy to have recovered your strength, but you don't have to show it. Keep a low profile."

"Our aim is not to offend me, I will not offend, if anyone offends me, dig his ancestor's grave!"

"Our students in the archeology department are not afraid of things, whoever ..."

Wang Jing's remarks made Liang Jie dizzy and felt that he was the real bandit leader.

The entire archeology department was distorted by him. No wonder they were so violent and arrogant.

After the speech, Liang Jie was taken to the principal's room by Wang Jing. He looked at Liang Jie's small fat guy Yuanbao and the beauty Li Mengyao, showing a thoughtful expression.

"Principal, do you have anything to tell me?" Liang Jie asked for a stool and sat down.

Wang Jing glanced deeply at Liang Jie, and said helplessly: "It's strange, I could see your future before, but now I can't see anything."


In this regard, Liang Jie was speechless.

Headmaster Wang now, that is the existence of Yuanying period, his strength is undoubted, can even change his future, but now he can't see clearly.

The gap between them is very large, Liang Jie even has a bad hunch.

"Hey, my master is so good. Don't talk blindly!" Li Mengyao raised fist, a warning expression on the face, which left Wang Jing speechless for a while.

"Actually, this is nothing. People who reach a certain level of strength can do nothing to see through each other's future."

"With my strength, it is impossible to count his future!"

"You honestly explained, what skills did you teach him? It was so strange that he was blinded by the heavens so that no one could calculate him."

Wang Jing's method is also not ordinary. As soon as he said, even Yuanbao and Li Mengyao's eyes widened.

They both held Wang Jing's neck, one with a mallet and one with a hammer, and want to snatch the exercises, and Liang Jie looked dumbfounded.

"I give you a chance to hand over the exercises to spare you."

"Yes, hand over the exercises, my sister and I spare you."

Look at their fierce looks, the exercise should be really extraordinary.

However, the principal was someone who helped himself. Liang Jie reached out to catch Li Mengyao and Yuanbao, and looked at Wang Jing with curiosity.

It's not good to grab the exercises, he wants to know what's special about these exercises.

"Don't be excited, the exercise is great, but even I gave it to you, it is useless to you!"

"Do you still want to be reincarnated as an adult and rebuild it? It might as well be faster to find transfer spirit pill!"

"Liang Jie, it is useless to you. Your True Words Mystery is much better than this. You still have to study your exercises!"

Wang Jing gave Li Mengyao and Yuanbao a glance, thinking that they wanted to grab everything.

As elf, they don’t do their job well and think about other things all day long.

"Less nonsense. Don't make his idea."

Li Mengyao leaned hips and stared, warning Wang Jing.

Yuanbao on the side was quiet, he felt that Wang Jing was right, and instead of rebuilding the life, it would be better to find transfer spirit pill!

"What exactly did you teach him?" Wang Jing rubbed his uncomfortable neck and asked.

"Five Elements Yin and Yang."

Li Mengyao showed a proud look when she said the name.

It simply means that adoring me quickly is really funny. As an elf, she is really too humane, just like a real person.

"No wonder, you're so good to him!"

Nodded his head, Wang Jing looked at Liang Jie and said, "You learn the True Words Mystery well, which is absolutely beneficial to you."

"Principal, my future is unclear. Do you want to tell me something?"

Although Liang Jie was curious about Wang Jing's skills, now he wants to know more about what the principal saw in him.

Regarding this point, Wang Jing did not explain too much but just looked at Liang Jie deeply.

In his body, Wang Jing can see a few things, but he does feel the breath of spirit vein.

"Today, you have unpredictable opportunities, even I can't see through."

"But now that you have been approved by the spirit vein, the future is naturally to be expected."

"It's just that what you are doing today can cause great disaster to yourself. The Ji family is not as simple as you think."

Regarding Liang Jie's affairs, Wang Jing has already learned from the Wang family's homeowner. He was really unexpected.

Originally, there was no major resentment with the Ji family, but Yang Yi's existence did change a lot of things, especially after going back to Jiangcheng County, it was really difficult for Liang Jie and the Ji family to mediate.

In this matter, Liang Jie will never give in, and can only hope that the Ji family can retreat.

"Principal Wang, I want to ask what your identity is?"

Liang Jie is really curious about what Nine Regions College actually is.

It seems that what he knows about the college should be completely different from what he sees now.

"Me? I'm nothing more than a branch president of the college."

"If really want to say that I have something special, that is, I can know destiny!"

"In your words, I am the kind of person who deceives people under the flyover."

With a smile, Wang Jing didn't feel how powerful he was, instead, he was calm.

Although he said very lightly, Liang Jie knew what it meant. How could a person who knows the fate of the man is an ordinary person?

"Well, principal! Can you help me calculate Yang Yi's future?"

The reason why Liang Jie did this was to know if she would suffer.

"Yang Yi is very good, there will be no major problems, but there will be love disaster!" Smiled, Wang Jing looked at Liang Jie said.

Liang Jie looked puzzled and asked, "Love disaster?"

"Well, her road of love is not going well."

"Without you in her future, you better be mentally prepared."

"Of course, if you work hard, you should be able to rewrite destiny. After all, only you yourself know how to go."

Regarding Yang Yi, Wang Jing was not very concerned, because he saw it from the beginning.

The relationship between her and Liang Jie is short-lived, and it is really difficult to get to the end. This is also a matter of no means, but no one is sure in the future, so there is a turnaround.

"Uh ..."

At this point, Liang Jie was a little speechless.

Feeling this is the rhythm of losing love!