Chapter 67 - They Are Strong

The family qualifying battle ended smoothly, Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu didn't care about the next things, waiting in the villa to start school.

During this period, Liang Jie has been paying attention to the situation in the spiritual world.

"Senior, you let us buy pill seeds, we have all acquired them."

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi made every effort to complete Liang Jie’s request.

Although they had some doubts in their hearts, as long as it was what Liang Jie wanted to do, they absolutely supported it.

"Well, above my list for you, those seeds are bought indefinitely."

"By the way, I still have something, and you should help me pay more attention."

"These things are of great use to me and are very important to you. I plan to take you to my world so that you can stop worrying about security issues."

Liang Jie's remarks made Han Yu and Zhuo Yi surprised.

Picking them up where Liang Jie is, that is to say, taking them to their own cultivation place, this is simply a gift to them!

"Thank you, senior, we must live up to your trust."

The two were very respectful, and the whole person was more powerful.

Thinking of being able to practice in the predecessor's place, they can't wait to get everything the predecessor wants immediately, but when they see the items on the list, their eyes almost fall down.

Ten sixth-grade vanity stones, ten sixth-grade ghost stones, ten thousand superb spirit stones ...

The value of these things is absolutely amazing. They are really scared, but it is not to say that it is completely impossible. As long as their pill business is done, there will naturally be no problems.

It takes some time to buy these things.

"It's rare to relax and it's time to cultivate."

Liang Jie sat cross-legged, and the whole person relaxed.

Holding the superb spirits in his hands, he began to cultivate seriously.

There is not much time until the scheduled date, he must improve his strength as soon as possible so that he can have life-saving capital in the world.

School finally started in a few days.

"Huh? How did the school feel different?"

Because he has been cultivating, Liang Jie didn't know what happened in the school.

When they came to school, the spirit concentration here actually increased a lot, and it was already suitable for cultivation.

What is even more surprising is that the seniors in the school have turned into monks, and their strength is stronger than Liang Jie.

"Teacher, am I dazzled? Is this our school?" Shangguan Yu swallowed, rubbing his eyes hard and feeling that he might be wrong.

However, he did not read it wrong, and the school really changed a lot.

"Yang Yi has gone to Nine Regions College for further studies. You don't have to worry about it. She will never be bullied. There are also many seniors there."

"Yes! You can rest assured, who dares to bully our archeology department, they will die."

"Don't be sad! I will take good care of you ..."

As soon as he reached the gate, Liang Jie was surrounded by seniors.

When they changed their normal state, they all knew about Yang Yi, and they said that Yang Yi went to Nine Regions College for further studies, which surprised him.

Are the students of the entire archeology department actually monks? Is the usual attitude a disguise?

"Why don't you speak?"

"Do you think we are changing too fast? Thanks to you! Otherwise, we have to pretend!"

"But there will be no problems in the future. Whoever dares to bully you, we will beat him."

Listening to the words of the seniors, Liang Jie smiled and thanked them, he was really a little confused now.

Even Shangguan Yu was dumbfounded. It turns out that all of the archeology students are monks! No wonder the mountain on the campus is so dangerous.

In fact, in order to maintain the enchantment of the school's back mountain, the seniors, as providers of spiritual power, all lost their strength, which was deliberately arranged by the principal Wang Jing.

But now it's different, and all of their spiritual power is restored. And Wang Jing also lifted the ban, and they can now become themselves.

"Liang Jie, I am from the Ji family of the top ten families. We suspect that you have a connection with the demons. Please come with us to the Ji family!"

At this moment, several people suddenly came, and their strength was very strong, which was actually the later stage of the solid foundation building.

They made it clear that they wanted to take Liang Jie to the Ji Family.

Sure enough, as Liang Jie expected, the Ji family really started to act.

With their family power, it is not difficult to find him, but what motivated them so much is Liang Jie's performance in the family ranking battle.

"The Ji family?"

However, without waiting for Liang Jie to answer, the seniors of the Department of Archaeology all looked at those people.

Yang Yi was taken away by the Ji family, and they were angry!

"Exactly, if you are clever, it's better not to ..."

The head of the man looked arrogant and seemed very confident in his family.

It is a pity that he came to the Department of Archeology and actually acted like this. He didn't notice the strangeness of the crowd.

"Hit them!"

The crowd rushed up and did not give that person an opportunity to explain.

Those people originally wanted to fight back on the strength of their own strengths, but the archeologists of the Department of Archaeology were not ordinary people, and directly launched a restraint to confine their spiritual power, and then punched and kicked them.

"Oh, we are from the Ji family, you are trying to die ..."

"We are messengers from the Ji family, you ..."



The Ji family wanted to use the identity of the Ji family to crush people, but they were beaten even more miserably.

Dozens of people were fighting around a few people, and the scene was really shocking. The seniors of the archeology department were all fierce.

"Well, what the hell is it for the Ji family! I'm not afraid of you!"

"That is, you are lucky that we don’t kill you, bully our archeology department!"

"Go back and tell the people of Ji's family. The people of Ji's family in Shangzhou City dare to take a step closer. Believe it or not, we will go to your Ji's archeology?"


The seniors are domineering, and in the end, they have carried forward the fine traditions of the archeology department.

At this moment, Li Mengyao and Yuanbao were laughing together, and they did not expect that the students in this school would be so interesting.

It seems that these people are very suitable to become disciples of the Tomb sect!

"So handsome!"

Shangguan Yu's eyes were shining, and he was sipping around the seniors. He is now worshiping everyone to the extreme.

If anyone in our archeology department was bullied, let ’s go to their archeology. This is too domineering.