Chapter 66 - Arrogant Young Man

Song Shijie didn’t dare to persist there.

He was not injured, and he can fight next. It is nothing to lose a victory.

But if it is impotence, it would be too tragic, he is still young!

"Well, you know."

Liang Jie grinned and lifted the effect of mantra.

Slumped all over, Song Shijie fell to the ground with his butt, his back was soaked with sweat, and just now he accepted such a powerful mystery, he was a little proud of himself.


Grinning, Liang Jie looked at the people in the top ten families.

This sight really shocked them, and it was really difficult to defeat Liang Jie's young people in the top ten families.

Even if it is stronger than Liang Jie, it is useless, because the effect of mystery is too strong to restrict other people, which is not something that ordinary people can resist at all.

"Do you want to challenge us?"

The people of the Wang family smiled slightly, without any expression, and seemed very casual.

Challenges are not constrained, and it is not surprising that even the top ten families are challenged.

"Yeah! Who do you want to challenge?"

The members of the top ten families smiled and did not flinch because of Liang Jie's strength.

Even if there are tens of thousands of ideas in my heart, they still have to be very calm at this moment.

"I don't challenge the top ten families. I just want to say that can I stop fighting."

"You see, the young people in these families are not my opponents at all. I am very busy."

"How about that? Let the people who want to fight with me all come on, and I solved it all at once."

Liang Jie spoke flatly but left everyone speechless for a while.

He is too arrogant. Does one person fight with all the families except the top ten families?

"I'm afraid this won't work. The Shangguan family is already ranked 11th. If you want to challenge, you can only challenge our family."

The Wang family owner smiled and dispelled Liang Jie's thoughts.

People in other families were relieved. They were really afraid of Liang Jie going crazy, and really beat the young geniuses of their family.

In fact, he is so strong, they already recognize it, what else is there to fight?

"So, can the Shangguan family first withdraw?"

"No one sees them dare to challenge us, they can't even win."

"Instead of wasting time, let's go home and take a shower and celebrate!"

Liang Jie, the words are full of arrogance from beginning to end, he thinks that no one is his opponent.

The eyes of all the major families were resentful, and they felt that this young man was too proud. Even if you are strong, you don't need to do this!

The Shangguan family didn't know what luck had happened, but they found such a backer, and the arrogance of the tomb sect was almost invincible.

"This is fine, I believe everyone has no opinion!"

The Wang family nodded and looked at the owners of the other major families.

Since Liang Jie gave them face, this trivial matter was nothing, so they all said that there was no problem. Anyway, there were so many families who didn't come to participate. It was also the strength of the Shangguan family to leave early.

"Oh, do you have any opinions?"

Turn around and look around the heads of the major families.

Liang Jie was obviously asking them, which made the people in the major families embarrassed one by one. Didn't they see the people in the top ten families agree?

They are just small shrimps. What can they say?

"If you don't speak, it's the default, then I thank you on behalf of the Shangguan family."

With a smile, Liang Jie held his fist and walked directly to the place where Shangguan's family was.

At this moment, Shangguan Yu was happy, the teacher really conquers everyone.

"Teacher, can you teach me the mystery?" Shangguan Yu smiled and pinched Liang Jie with a flattering expression.

Liang Jie gave him a white look and said, "It's good to learn your hunting dragon skill well."


With a smile, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to say more.

He is already very strong, only to get started with hunting dragon skills, and he has already defeated those who bullied him. He really has no dissatisfaction.

"Master, why don't you challenge the people in the top ten families?"

"I found that among the top ten families, there were people from the Ji family sitting in town."

"I'm upset when I see the Ji family. You should just beat him up!"

Li Mengyao muffled her mouth and seemed very dissatisfied with Liang Jie's decision. Her violent temperament determined that she would be extremely mad when she saw the enemy.

In this regard, Yuanbao dare not speak, because he was afraid of being beaten.

"I have a better way. There is no need to trouble the Shangguan family here."

Communicating with Li Mengyao with divine thoughts, Liang Jie told her what he thought.

There is really no need to worry about this matter. The people of the Ji family will definitely come to him. The reputation of the Tomb Sect has already begun. He believes the people of the Ji family will definitely check it out.

With so many things happening in Shangzhou, the Ji family directly lost two gold pill period monks and they would naturally not give up.

"Let's go! We're back!"

Liang Jie patted Shangguan Yu's shoulder and motioned for him to leave.

Shangguan Yu, who didn't want to stay here, was naturally very happy, and followed Liang Jie and left. But Shangguan Fei and others did not leave. They stayed here and waited until the end.

Arrogance is the privilege of young people. Shangguan Fei can't control them, but they must have the courtesy. Even if the people in the top ten families have agreed, he still needs to be polite.


Watching Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu leave, people in the major families have different expressions, but no one has a grudge against him, because they are not qualified at all.

With Liang Jie's strength, he can easily destroy their family. Who would be stupid enough to provoke him?

"Idol! If only I could do that too!"

This is the idea in the hearts of many young people in the family. Unfortunately, they dare not make any statements. They don't want to be taught by the owner.

The envious eyes could not be concealed. Liang Jie was really dazzling. This time, he is definitely the most famous person in the family ranking battle.

"Qualification battle continues ..."

The members of the top ten families smiled slightly and were not angry because of Liang Jie's arrogance, but it was better to say that he did nothing at all.

You have strength, you can do whatever you want.

"I want to challenge ..."

After a while, everyone who wanted to challenge stood up.

Seeing the battle between Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu, their fighting spirit was also ignited. They really did not feel embarrassed if they lost.

"Interesting, worthy of being valued by the ancestor!"

The owner of the Wang family was very concerned about Liang Jie.

This guy is really not easy! The True Words Mystery has been used, and he is really arrogant enough, and he is not afraid to be followed.