Chapter 65 - True Words Mystery

"Master, you should be more arrogant."

Yuanbao was a bit unwilling and felt that Liang Jie's challenge was not domineering.

On this point, Li Mengyao expressed her support, and she also felt that Liang Jie should be more proud.

"Be low-key!"

Liang Jie smiled and made Yuanbao suddenly speechless.

Domineering and provocative is good, but show strong strength is obviously more interesting.

It is indeed the master of Shangguan Yu, this is the right way to do it! That's it.


Liang Jie smiled and seemed to care nothing about the Song family.

This immediately aroused the curiosity of everyone, they wanted to know what kind of confidence Liang Jie had, and dare to despise the Song family so much.

"Hum, I will meet you!"

The young people of the Song family stepped forward and did not deliberately show off.

Compared to Shangguan Yu's publicity, Liang Jie and Song's people seemed very low-key, but their aura was more than one grade higher, and everyone looked at it with a deep breath.

"Although I don't know where your teacher is since you want to challenge the Song family, you have to be prepared for failure."

"I am Song Shijie, also likes to embarrass people. If you kneel down and ask for forgiveness, I will let you go."

"How's it? Don't really think about it? If you miss the opportunity, just ..."

Song Shijie smiled coldly and persuaded to surrender loudly, which was undoubtedly hit the face of Shangguan family.

If Liang Jie retreated like this, the Shangguan family wouldn't even think about raising their heads in front of the major families. To put it lightly and not to embarrass Liang Jie is actually more hateful than defeating Liang Jie.

"Very good, the strength of the early solid foundation period."

The eyes of the owner of the Wang family were bright, full of admiration.

People from other families also nodded non-stop. They still recognized Song Shijie's strength as a young man, although they knew that this was helping to promote seedlings. But for a family, there must be such young people.

"Kneel down"

After waiting for Song Shijie to finish his speech, Liang Jie shouted.

The sound was like a thunder blast, everyone was shocked, and the weaker people knelt down without any ability to resist.

Song Shijie, a master of the solid foundation period, under the pressure of Liang Jie's spirit, his legs bent down and he straightened to his knees.

The loud noise of the knees touching the ground awakened everyone in shock.

It was not until this moment that they finally saw it. At the very moment, they were under control, and their bodies fell on their knees without listening.

They are not affected because they are far away, but Song Shijie is different. He can now feel that his legs are as heavy as lead.

What's more terrible is that he seems to be pressed against his shoulders and head, making him unable to stand up.

With a silent meditation in his heart, he mobilized the whole body's spiritual power. He wanted to stand up, but the huge coercion made him kneel again.

He was still strong, but now he is kneeling directly in front of his opponent. This change shocked everyone. They didn't know what happened.

"What's the matter?"

At this moment, they were full of doubts.

Why did they suddenly kneel and why Song Shijie kneel? These strange phenomena are undoubtedly caused by Liang Jie. How did he do it?

For a moment, everyone was silent, and their eyes were full of horror.

"True Words Mystery."

The people of the ten major families have incredible faces. They did not expect that the young people in Shangguan's family actually knew such profound mysteries.

Compared with other monks, it is very common to use swords or whip, but True Words Mystery is unusual. Its attack method is a special attack based on True Words.

Depending on the True Words, it can bring different effects.

At this time, Liang Jie is like an immortal speaking the truth, every word and every word contains powerful power.

It's no surprise that people from other families don't know, after all, they don't have much access to it.

"Did you give up?"

Liang Jie smiled, looking very relaxed.

This True Words Mystery was naturally taught by Li Mengyao because Liang Jie didn't want to learn other troublesome exercises, so he chose this special mystery.

After careful consideration, Li Mengyao thinks that Liang Jie is indeed suitable for this set of mystery, especially the nine-character mystery of the highest state, which has a great effect on Liang Jie.


At this moment, the people of the Song family were collectively silent.

They did not understand how Liang Jie did it, but they knew that Song Shijie's strength was not Liang Jie's opponent at all.

In the first battle, they lost.


However, even when his body was unable to move and he knelt down on the ground with strong coercion, Song Shijie did not give up.

In his opinion, he did not lose at all, and his eyes were full of battle intention.

"True Words are speeches with spiritual power, like magical powers as the forbidden formation."

"In ancient times, the words spoken by immortal were called True Words, which contained the Tao of the immortal. The power recognized by the heavens and the earth has infinite power."

"You can't win, I just show you my strength, what if I let you die?"

Liang Jie smiled but made everyone cold, and a cold air rose from the heart.

Yes, he just said "kneel down", but what about a "dead" word?

If so, Song Shijie will no doubt die.


Looking at Liang Jie, Song Shijie was shocked. He heard the other party's explanation and understood that he was not Liang Jie's opponent at all.

The power of True Words is unpredictable, just like confronting heaven and earth. He must be stronger than Liang Jie if he wants to break free, but this is impossible.

"But you don't have to worry, I'll be disqualified if I kill you."

"Can't kill you, I have a way to torture you, what do you think?"

"Our tomb sect is fair, and now I give you two options, either to become disabled or to give up now!"

Liang Jie did not intend to kill Song Shijie, he was just to prove his strength.

Once the True Words Mystery comes out, everyone will be afraid, because being able to master this mystery is enough to explain many things.

Tomb sect!

When this name appeared again, everyone thought of Shangguan Yu. This is not exactly what he called!

"It looks like you're pretty strong, not bad!"

"However, in addition to this usage, there is something called a mantra."

"It's not unusual, it can make you implied, and always be dominated by the curse of the mantra, I think you are still young, if I make you impotence, you think ..."

Smiling Liang Jie, what he said made people cool, and had to say that he was even more shameless than Shangguan Yu.

A kind of shocking mystery is actually used to curse others for being impotent. Many people will be mad.

"I surrender!"

Song Shijie couldn't stand it.

He could tolerate killing him, but it was really intolerable.