Chapter 64 - Shock the Audience

"Look for death!"

The young people of Zhong's family couldn't help it. He stood up and was about to fight.

However, the owner of the Zhong family shook his head and motioned him not to be impulsive. For now, it is better to bear it, because the situation of Shangguan Yu is too special.

"Your strength is strong, our Zhong family consciously is not an opponent, we will not fight this battle, we used the last opportunity to avoid a battle."

This cannot be taken for granted. There is really no way out because the young man beside Shangguan Yu is really calm.

He is a good brother of Shangguan Yu, but everyone is not a fool. Anyone can see that his status is not so simple.

"Um, uncle has said so, naturally I will give you face."

"Okay! I challenge the Qian family, do you dare to fight?"

"If you want to avoid, I don't mind at all."

Shangguan Yu's indifferent expression, Zhong's reaction was expected.

What he said before wanted to highlight the strength of the Tomb Sect, and he didn't force it if the purpose had been achieved.

However, things can't end like this, he hasn't played enough!

So, he pointed his finger at another family he didn't like.

The 30th-ranked Qian family now has the heart to scold his mother. This Shangguan Yu is just a crazy dog.

Although friction between juniors is normal, this kid is too vengeful!

"Huh, really no one can win you?"

Qian family's young people are not afraid, and there is nothing to lose.

Compared to the Zhong family, they are more confident and more courageous. They have never been afraid of battle!

However, as soon as the Zhong family's young man flew out, he fell to the ground.

Everyone is dumbfounded, this Shangguan Yu is not kind! Actually, the ban was prepared in advance, and the young man from the Qian family was really miserable.

He had passed out before the match.

"Sorry, when I first fought with Mo Zilong, the ban set was not lifted."

"Otherwise, it is over."

"In order to show my sincerity, I will not continue to challenge."

Shangguan Yu's expression that he was wrong and was willing to bear, almost anger Qian family.

If the Zhong family retreats from difficulties, they are really humiliated this time! The young people of their own ran out to fight, and they lost before they even started.

"Well, so that's it!"

The owners of the ten major families nodded one after another, saying that it would be a good way to do this.

Think of it as a stubborn young man and make a joke!

However, they do not laugh, which does not mean that other people in the family do not laugh. After all, such a fight is so funny.

The people in the Qian family had a blue complexion, and the people in the Shangguan family also had complex expressions. Now they were afraid that the Shangguan family would be staring by them.

"What's the laugh? Qian Duoduo dares to fight me."

"What? You want to fight me too?"

"Come, I'll stand here if you want to fight with me, come on!"

The major families that had been gloating for a moment were suddenly silent, this Shangguan family kid was too hateful.

If they want to fight, they really can't beat Shangguan Yu. His strength has been recognized by everyone. Although they don't know the specific strength, he is definitely more than the tenth level of cultivation momentum period.

"A group of guts."

Looking around for a week, no one dared to fight.

In this regard, Shangguan Yu expressed disappointment. He thought that these people would boldly accept the challenge!

When he sat down at the Shangguan side, everyone was relieved, and he finally went back. The boy was too frustrating.

"Teacher, how am I doing?"

He looks at Liang Jie generally, he cares about the teacher's evaluation.

If the teacher dissatisfied, he may have to undergo Spartan-style training again, and he really doesn't want to try that boring meditation and drawing spell.

"Well, yes! Look at me next!"

Liang Jie smiled and walked from the place where Shangguan's house was located to the center of the ring.

Obviously, he was ready to launch a challenge, and it was the kind that everyone expected, and it was by no means an ordinary battle.

After all, Liang Jie's strength as the final one of the Shangguan family, must not be underestimated. At least the owners of the top ten families cannot see how strong the other party is.

The hiding power of the ring is still very strong, and it can shield the spiritual exploration of other monks. Liang Jie does not have to worry about his strength being exposed at all.

Besides, what if they knew it?

"I represent the Shangguan family and challenge the Song family!"

Everyone was surprised, they did not expect Liang Jie to directly challenge the 11th ranked family.

This is something they dare not imagine. Even the heads of the top ten families did not expect that another young man in the Shangguan family was so bold.

"Is it crazy? Is it challenging the Song family?"

"What the hell is this guy? There is no such figure in Shangguan!"

"Being able to enter shows that age must meet the requirements. Is he stronger than Shangguan Yu?"

Everyone is not very clear about Liang Jie's strength, but his actions have shocked everyone.

The families ranked in the top 20 are not ordinary families. The strength of the young people in their families is definitely the peak of the cultivation momentum period, even the existence of the solid foundation period.

It is almost impossible for people from other families to challenge success, especially middle-to-high families like the Shangguan family.

"Shangguan Fei, can he represent you Shangguan family?"

The owner of the Song family did not directly accept but asked Shangguan Fei.

In this regard, Shangguan Fei smiled and said, "He means what we mean in Shangguan's family. If the young people in your family dare not fight, you can use the avoid battle."

People from the major families took a breath, and they did not expect that Shangguan Fei was so brave.

This is not simply a slam. Shangguan's family wants to compete with the Song family! If the Song family did not fight, they will always be laughed at forever.

"Haha ... Since Shangguan Fei is so confident, our Song family agreed to this battle."

The Song family ranked 11th, naturally will not be afraid to fight, and losing does not mean that they will become the rank of the Shangguan family.

This is not a bad thing in itself, it is a real shame to retreat without a fight.