Chapter 63 - Tomb Sect is So Arrogant

"Impossible, this is impossible ..."

Mo Zilong was severely hit. He couldn't believe everything he had done, but he was treated like a monkey show.

In fact, not only he couldn’t accept it, but also other people in the family, because Shangguan Yu showed too much strength.

"It seems that Mo's kid has been hit hard, but it is also reasonable."

"Yeah! The kid in Shangguan's family is very good. The use of spells is too familiar."

"I suppose it should be the master who taught! Otherwise, there would not be such a big improvement."

The Wang family took the lead in commenting, and other people in the family naturally echoed. They were still very satisfied with the performance of Shangguan Yu.

However, they are not worried that their respective family status will be challenged, because Shangguan Yu's current strength is simply not enough.

Why do major families choose two people to fight, the reason is still very simple, nothing more than to make a strong person ensure that their status is not violated.

"Are there any tricks for you? you try, I don't mind."

It can be seen that Shangguan Yu intend to destroy Mo Zilong.

Everyone can see that Mo Zilong's final means have been used, but unfortunately, he did not cause much damage to Shangguan Yu.

"Haha ... I won't lose!"

"Shangguanyu, I'm better than you, I've been better than you all my life."

"I'm going to prove it to everyone today, you're not as good as me!"

Mo zilong, who was crazy, roared and gathered all his spiritual power.

That flying sword surpassed the previous speed, and it seemed to be a fatal blow to Shangguan Yu. This speed was too fast, and it was too late to defend.

However, a strange scene appeared, and the flying sword stopped in the air.


Everyone was exclaimed, they did not expect that Shangguan Yu would still do this.

However, rune master's identity is there, and it is not unusual to use bans. It is really difficult to just keep the flying sword still.

It can be seen that within ten meters of the center of the above official feathers, a magic formation drawn by spiritual power appears, which is the effect of prohibition.

"Looks like this is your last resort. It's boring."

"Uncle Mo, Mo Zilong has been stimulated. You can find some beautiful girls to comfort him!"

"Let him make up for it, so don't be so ill with me next time."

With that said, Shangguan Yu sent Mo Zilong back and affixed it to Mo Zilong's body, and he walked back empty-eyed.

The amulet is nothing, for Mo Zilong, who is already in a state of mental breakdown, is effortless to control.


The people of the Mo family were silent in silence. They didn't know what to say.

The performance of the Shangguan Yu, even if sending another person, is not his opponent, and it is better to admit defeat than to insult him.

"we lose!"

Be generous, but they can still have some face, otherwise, it will be swept away.

Everyone was very surprised, Shangguan Yu's victory was amazing because no one was optimistic about him!

But from the beginning to the end, his style was almost arrogant.

"Shangguan's kid is good! Haha ..."

The victory belongs to Shangguan Yu, and the others have no opinion.

At this time, praise is nothing, and the emergence of this genius is not a bad thing for them.

"Well, that's right! He has grown."

Shangguan Fei, who was almost scared to death, smiled at this moment and readily accepted the praise of others.

His grandson is promising, and he is still very happy as a grandfather. Even the father of Shangguan Yu is very happy.

"Master, this kid has a future!"

Yuanbao looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile.

As for Li Mengyao's expression of pride, it was like saying that she had taught him.

Liang Jie is also very happy about this, but he feels that Shangguan Yu will definitely not stop it like this, or he will continue to challenge.

"Next, I want to challenge the No. 35 Zhong family!"

Shangguan Yu naturally wanted to vent her anger.

A few years ago, he was bullied by the Zhong family, so this time he had to earn his face.

The people in the Zhong family stomped their feet one by one, this kid was too bullying.

Is it great to win the Mo family? How could he directly challenge the Zhong family?

However, they can not understand the details of Shangguan Yu, they dare not fight easily, but the right to refuse is only once, they do not want to use it so easily.

All of a sudden, everyone looked at the Zhong family, waiting for their reply.

"What? Scared?"

"Our tomb sect believes in the principle of revenge, and whoever provokes us, we will go to his family's ancestral archeology!"

"Today your Zhong family does not want to agree, but you have to agree, otherwise don't blame me for archeology in your ancestral land."

Shangguan Yu's expression that I could do, made the Zhong family angry, and they were completely dumbfounded this time.

What is archeology? Is it archeology? Two different things, OK?

Explain clearly is to go to their ancestral land, dig their family's ancestral grave, and then see if there are funerary items or leftovers.

The kid threatened so blatantly, it made people angry.

"Shangguan Fei, is it behavior for your Shangguan family?"

The Zhong family couldn't sit still, and they glared in the direction of the Shangguan family.

They are very uncomfortable with the words of Shangguan Yu.

"Children are not sensible, and if they go to your Zhongjiazu archeology, I'll bury them for you."

Shangguan Fei grinned, and his words were so fierce that he almost let the people in the Zhong family vomit blood.

Shangguan Yu is definitely born by Shangguan Jie, it is the grandson of Shangguan Fei.

"Have you heard that you better think clearly."

"The favorite thing of our tomb sect is to go to archaeological sites of ancient times. The Zhong family has a history of thousands of years, which is barely enough."

"Don't worry, with my skill, even if you hide your ancestral land 300 feet underground, I can dig it out for you."

"At that time, I will host an exhibition and publish the glorious history of the Zhong family to the public. The fees you charge for collecting tickets are not small! you have to thank me ..."

Shangguan Yu was addicted, said endlessly, and the people in Zhong's face were very bad.

This kid is too sinister. Such things can be said, they are really worried.

"Well, yes! I like this!"

Liang Jie couldn't help nodding, archeology was his specialty, and it really could be tried.

However, both of them are happy, but others are miserable. It is hard to hold back laughter. Could you please be so funny?