Chapter 62 - Rune Master’s Strength

"I'm not convinced, come to fight with me."

Mo Zilong was greatly humiliated, and blood spit almost spurted from his throat.

There is no doubt that Shangguan Yu was playing with him and did so on purpose.

"Huh, it's just a spell."

Obviously, the people in Mo's house were not convinced either. The owner and other people who came here did not care about Shangguan Yu's advantage at this moment.


No way!

"I said that I could win you without going out of this circle, and I said I could do it."

"Now you think I won unfairly, which means that I am out of this circle to fight you, right?"

"Okay, I'm afraid you lose too badly. What to do if you commit suicide for a while? Then I have to admit it, or I will be disqualified if you die ..."

Shangguan Yu's mouth is very poisonous, saying that Mo Zilong was worthless.

His name should not be a dragon, but a worm, because he doesn't deserve it!

"You ... hmm ..."

A spit of blood spewed out, and Mo Zilong was completely angry.

Even though he is not a genius, he is many times stronger than Shangguan Yu. Before, he had only laughed at the other side. He never thought that he would have such a day.

"Oh, are you serious?"

"Senior, you saw it, even if he died, it was his own business, you must not blame me."

"Otherwise, I have nowhere to reason!"

At this moment, Shangguan Yu was extremely wronged, as if he was the victim.

This twitched the eyes of the heads of the ten families in the stands. How could the future heir of the Shangguan family be such a young man!

There is some strength, but this behavior is bad!

"Since you're looking for death, don't blame me!"

Mo Zilong was wiped with blood from the corner of his mouth.

He took out a small bronze sword from his arms, which was undoubtedly the flying sword refined by the Jin Dynasty. It could be controlled by his strength, but it was by no means a weapon he could possess.

The second-grade flying sword is engraved with a prohibition to increase attack power, and there is also a prohibition against fast flight and blessing from the formation. This instrument is not bad.

"The second-grade flying sword is okay!"

For this flying sword, Yuanbao didn’t care.

However, since it is used by a kid in the world, it is already very good, at least it can improve his strength one level at a time.

Killing a monk in the cultivation momentum period is not a problem.

With a spit of spiritual power, the flying sword was like a green rainbow, crossing a beautiful arc, and flying towards Shangguan Yu, trying to cut off his hands and feet.

The sward was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, he reached Shangguan Yu.

"Senior, we ..."

Shangguan Fei was shocked and wanted to abstain.

However, Liang Jie stopped him. This trivial matter was nothing at all. Shangguan Yu, who had a hunting dragon skill, attacked him with a flying sword, which was simply insulting himself.

"Hum, crush him hard."

Li Mengyao was very happy, waving her hand.

She can be said to be the real teacher of Shangguan Yu. She naturally does not want to see him defeated, and she is confident that he can definitely win the test.

The flying sword crossed and cut off all the hands and feet of Shangguan Yu. The sight of blood splashing instantly paralyzed the people in Shangguan's family, and their family's hope was thus annihilated.

This scene saw people's scalp tingling, Mo Zilong was too harsh, owner of the top ten families were shocked, they did not expect this young man to be so cruel.

Mo's people sneered and apparently expected such a result.

"Haha ... deserve it, you're still arrogant!"

"Today I want you to become crippled, what is it to abandon your hands and feet, and see if I completely break your hope of continuation and completely ruin your hands and feet!"

"You mourn in pain! Haha ..."

Taking control of the sword, all the severed limbs of Shangguan Yu were shredded.

This made Mo Zilong excited, and the joy of revenge made him crazy.

However, the top ten family owners in the stands saw something different. Shangguan Yu was too calm. Was he really cut off his hands and feet?

Shangguan Yu, who sat down on the ground, burst into the spirit, a broken spell fell to the ground, which was actually a spell with a villain painted on it.


Everyone exclaimed they did not expect that Shangguan Yu would still do it.

The Substitute is an ordinary spell, but it is not so simple to mix the fake with genuine, but Shangguan Yu has achieved a level that is not noticeable.


As soon as his eyes were frozen, the smile on Mo Zilong's face was frozen.

An icy cold came from his throat, and Shangguan Yu was behind him.


No doubt, this is exactly how Shangguan Yu moves silently.

Rune Master, Real Rune Master! And also a master of the rune master. Its use has long been in full swing, and its strength is absolutely comparable to that of ordinary people.

"Don't be afraid! This is not a real knife!"

Shangguan Yu grinned, and the icy knife turned into a spell as soon as he clapped.

However, Mo Zilong knew very well that if the other party really had the intention of killing, then he was now a dead body, and Shangguan Yu's strength as a rune master had already surpassed him.

"Then you guess, which one is me right now?"

Grinning, Shangguan Yu's body exudes a hazy light, and then there are dozens of Shangguan Yu's where.

No matter where you look at it, it's no doubt they are Shangguan Yu, and can't see any flaws.

These are "avatars", which can be faked in real, each of them seems like real existence. Except for the owners of the top ten families, who were present, few people could tell.

"How could this happen?"

At this time, Mo Zilong was about to collapse. Looking at more than fifty Shangguan Yu in front of him, he couldn't tell which one was true.

Mo Zilong trembled, and the whole person was abnormal. He couldn't accept the fact that he lost to Shangguan Yu, and he was even more reluctant to admit that he was stronger than himself.

and so.


With a cold look, Mo Zilong controlled the flying sword, but actually started the slaughter of Shangguan Yu's avatars. After each avatar was killed, it splattered like blood.

However, when the avatar fell to the ground, it became an ordinary rune paper.

"Haha ... finally dead!"

The red eyes of Mo Zilong was already a little crazy at this time. He controlled the flying sword and attacked for so long that he could no longer support it.


A hot current was flowing from the nostrils, and Mo Zilong turned into a long flow of nostrils.

However, all Shangguan Yu is an avatar, he seems to disappear.

"Oh, you're amazing! You killed all of my avatars."

When Shangguan Yu's voice came, he even sat in that circle.

It turned out that he had never stepped out since the beginning. In fact, all the previous were made by Shangguan Yu. He has been watching good shows.