Chapter 61 - Proud

"Haha ... Shangguan Yu, have you lost memory?"

"When do you become my opponent? See how I teach you to be a human today."

"My Mo Zilong is ..."

Mo Zilong was about to show his generosity.

But before he finished speaking, he found himself speechless, which made him inexplicable.

Everyone saw it really. It turned out that Shangguan Yu took out a sound-proof spell to isolate Mo Zilong's voice.

"Oh? spells, this is interesting."

All the members of the top ten families had their eyes brightened and were surprised by the performance of Shangguan Yu.

To be honest, they are very clear how Shangguan Yu's strength is, but they did not expect that he could make such great progress in such a short time.

Before he was even less capable than the innate state! Is this change too big?

"Is it the means of that mysterious powerhouse?"

Regarding the affairs between the Shangguan family and other families, the top ten families are still very clear.

Shangguan Fei suddenly became a master of the second level of cultivation momentum period. This is not something that can be done casually. It must be after eating a washing pulp pill that it has broken own limits.

After all, his talent is there, and it is already the limit to reach the innate state.

"Brother, we play together from a young age. I don't want to make you too shameful."

"If you give up, I'll let you go like this today."

"Otherwise, I'm going to show off my power."

Shangguan Yu took out a stack of ordinary paper and waved his right hand to bring out an aura.

There is no doubt that it is the spiritual power used to draw spells. He actually mastered the method of making a spell and looks very familiar.

He draws hundreds of times a day. The trick of hunting dragon skill is that practice makes perfect, and there are no other shortcuts to take.

If there are special brushes, inks, and spirit paper, the magic power of Shangguan Yu's spells is absolutely amazing.


Mo Zilong found himself able to speak, even when he rushed to Shangguan Yu.

At this point, he already knew that he must not wait for his death. Since the other party has a spell, he can only not give the other party a shot.

However, before Mo Zilong rushed out a few meters away, he fell to the ground.

A stone pier suddenly appeared at his feet, which caused him to fall miserably, gliding on the ground for several meters, and the whole man was ashamed.

"Haha ..."

Everyone laughed, but this fall was really hard.

Although it would not hurt Mo Zilong, his heart has been hit hard, and Shangguan Yu is playing with him.

"Look for Death"

Mo Zilong's eyes became cold, even when he was ready to move against Shangguan Yu.

But he unexpectedly found that he could not move, and when he looked back, he found that the vines had grown, but he was bound tightly.


Shangguan Yu was sitting on the ground, not nervous at all. He had already fixed Mo Zilong.

No matter how he struggles, it is useless. In front of his spell, this boy has no power to fight back.

After repeated provocations, Mo Zilong couldn't take care of it so much. He broke out of the vine in an instant, and his speed was very fast.

For Mo Zilong, the spiritual root of the wind attribute allows him to choose not many exercises.

Due to his family strength, Wind skill has already been regarded as a relatively advanced method, at least the three-grade, which allows him to practice the gold pill period.

"Don't run too fast or you will be hurt."

Shangguan Yu's eyelids were raised, not surprised.

He painted the spell in a leisurely manner and threw out a spell, and the spell was dissipated into a golden light, and then a piece of golden silk appeared.

These golden silks are not real golden silks, they are just things transformed by Shangguan Yu's spiritual power, but their sharpness cannot be underestimated.

"Golden silkworm rune?"

The people in the ten major families were stunned. They could see very clearly that what changed after the spell had turned out to be a golden silkworm.

Isn't this a spell of biology? The summoned spirit can be used as a spirit pet.

However, the use of Shangguan Yu was astounding. Can such a thing really be done?

"This is not as simple as a simple spell, it is a magic rune!"

The head of the Wang family first understood that his eyes became hot.

There is no doubt that the Shangguan family must have something to do with the master, otherwise, it would not have such a magical method.

It is not uncommon for runes to fight with spells, but it is completely different if runes have mastered magic runes. They can combine various attack methods.

A splash of blood splattered out, and Mo Zilong stopped, only ten meters away from Shangguan Yu.

At this moment, his body was covered with gold silk, because Shangguan Yu had been controlling it with spiritual power, so these gold silks did not dissipate so easily.

"Come, you're so dirty, gives you a bath!"

With a smile, Shangguan Yu threw out the water spell in his hand.

Although it looks like ordinary water, it makes Mo Zilong miserable.

This water was extremely heavy, and it didn't evaporate, adsorbed on his body, making him feel a sudden surge of thousands of pounds.

With feet on the ground, he can't move half a minute at all.

Everyone was scared. The sudden weight gain was very real, and there was clearly a wave on the ground.

"Come, I'll perm for you!"

The smiling Shangguan Yu did not intend to stop, picking up a spell and shaking it in front of everyone's eyes.

That is indeed a thunderbolt. This is intended to give Mo Zilong an electric shock therapy! All the people in the Mo family changed their faces and wanted to admit defeat but couldn't say a word.

As for Mo Zilong, it is even impossible to admit defeat.


With the formation of a thunder cloud, and then small lightning, Mo Zilong scorched black, and his hair was upright.

Then, Shangguan Yu decisively threw a spell, and a strong wind blew across, blowing Mo Zilong's hair to one side, and it looked like an astonishment to the extreme.

"Look, this isn't much more handsome."

The bad Shangguan Yu grinned and opened his mouth with white eyes.

Everyone couldn't help it anymore, all clapping their legs and laughing. This battle was the first time they saw it, but Mo Zilong did lose too badly.

Everyone was apprehensive at the thought of his misery at the moment.

However, it is not necessarily to say how strong Shangguan Yu is. After all, as long as the strength is strong, there is not much advantage for rune master.