Chapter 60 - Family Ranking Battle (2)

"Grandpa, believe me!"

"Did you not see my dad being convinced? you may not be my opponent now, Grandpa."


After waiting for Liang Jie to speak, Shangguan Yu immediately became proud.

Seeing him like that, he took pride in pressing his father against the ground. His father is even more complex, but now he can't beat his son, he feels upset!

Shangguan Fei smiled and said, "Oh? Boy, you are really grown up! You dare to fight even grandpa?"

"No, how can it be? If you take a shot, I can't last a round."

At this time, Shangguan Yu's face was so pale, what more dare to say there! Winning the father' is a family tradition, but if he beats grandpa, his pocket money will be gone.

Even if he is more powerful, that is not grandpa's opponent, this is a must.

"Father, you can rest assured, this kid is amazing!"

"When he was at my county seat, he was so powerful!"

"By the way, he also likes two girls!"

Liang Jie looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile and immediately started the performance.

The words made Shangguan Yu silent, and there was no reason to refute them.


The teacher is so ruthless!

Hearing that Shangguan Yu was fancy with two girls, Shangguan Fei laughed out loud: "Okay, A Yu is more prosperous than your father, find some time to take home and show us!"

"Well, good!"

In this regard, Shangguan Yu is very happy.

But at this time, people from two families had begun to compete.

Regarding the rules of the game, there are no obvious rules, that is, the low-ranked family will challenge the high-ranked family.

Of course, although it is a young strong in the family, who knows if it is true! Such things as foreign aid are possible, and they are still in the default state.

"teacher, what are they doing?"

Shangguan Yu has some skills, for those who are weaker than him, he doesn’t care about.

However, this is not true, because the strength of these two people is only about the third level of cultivation momentum strength, Liang Jie can kill them with a finger.

"Can a family with a ranking of ninety be compared with yours of forty?"

Although Liang Jie's words were euphemistic, in fact, Shangguan Yu himself was very clear. If it was not because he had met Liang Jie, he would have no chance to play now.

There are indeed young people in the family, but their strength is only about the ninth level of cultivation momentum period. It is not easy to achieve certain results in this battle.

"Master, who do you say I should challenge?"

Shangguan Yu has no interest in the showdown. What he wants now is to play well and see how strong he is.

Although the hunting dragon skill is not suitable for fighting, it is not a way to fight.

Ordering the Five Elements is not a joke, coupled with the powerful ability to make spells, the strength of Shangguan Yu is definitely not to be underestimated.

"Low-key, I remember you said that there was someone named master Long, let's challenge him first!" Liang Jie noticed that the one called master Long was staring at Shangguan Yu fiercely at this moment.

At that time, he provoked Ling Jie. Although Liang Jie didn't hold many grudges, the other party seemed to make trouble with Shangguan Yu, so let him taste the abuse.

Shangguan Yu nodded and said, "Understand!"

He really understood. The teacher wanted him to play with the guy. He was good at this kind of thing that he couldn't hold back anymore.

A few minutes later, the two split up and the low-ranked family won the high-ranked family.

"Well, young people are very good. Who won the challenge with our privately sponsored training resources. After the battle is over, we will release it to your family."

The owner of the Wang family commented briefly and then talked about the reward.

"I want to challenge Mo Zilong!"

Just after the last match was over, Shangguan Yu couldn't wait to stand up.

A leap forward, drawing a perfect arc in the air, and even brought a little bit of colorful glow, the look is very invincible.

"This kid is so embarrassing."

At almost the same time, the idea came to everyone's mind.

Li Mengyao laughed while holding her belly. Shangguan Yu was so good at doing things, she actually used the hunting dragon skill to make this kind of light effect.

It can only be said that he is very capable of playing treasure and shameless.

"Master, is your student so arrogant that he is not afraid of being killed?" Yuanbao lay on Liang Jie's head and glanced at Shangguan Yu.

Liang Jie said lightly: "Then let him be killed."

For this student who is even more arrogant than the teacher, Liang Jie wants to give him two feet.

What are you going to do to get out of the limelight? They said to be low-key, is there all water in your head?

"Haha ... you're so ridiculous!"

"Challenge me? OK! Come on!"

"Relax! I will show mercy."

Mo Zilong is even more arrogant than Shangguan Yu. He patted the railing with one hand and jumped up from the sidelines.

It wasn't really flying, it was just taxiing, but it was handsome enough.

"Master, do the children of these families have problems in their brains?" Yuanbao really couldn't stand it. How could these younger generations be of this kind?

Li Mengyao laughed: "You don't understand. Brain disability is a genetic defect. These people have more or less."


In this regard, Liang Jie could not refute.

Think about it, isn't it? Whether it's Shangguan Yu or Mo Zilong, their situation is very special, isn't it?

As for the Shangguan Fei family, their faces were dark when they saw his performance, but they were relieved when they saw that Mo Zilong's behavior.

"Mo Zilong, I was able to grab your woman before, this time I can grab your ranking."

"You are not handsome, and you are far worse than me. I stand here today and still can beat you down."

"Everyone can testify. If I go out of this circle, I will lose!"

Shangguan Yu grinned, drew a circle on the ground with his feet, and looked at Mo Zilong provocatively.

This is undoubtedly contemptuous, Shangguan Yu has exerted his arrogant nature to the extreme and made Mo family furious.

Mo Zilong’s muscles on his face are twitching. This guy is so abominable.