Chapter 6 - Future Plans

The rumors of Liang Jie and Yang Yi's rumors are so high that there is no way to explain it.

However, there is no need to explain anything. Misunderstandings are better. In fact, he doesn't mind turning misunderstandings into real things, but the time is not ripe yet.

Although he enjoys kissing, he doesn't have the hobby of being broadcast live.

"Yang Yi, it is good for you to help me, but then we will be too eye-catching in the future, or we will rent a house outside together!"

This is to help others, and it is by no means greedy for beauty. Liang Jie gave himself the reason that even he was moved to cry.


Obviously, want to take advantage of others, but still say so well on the lips, this little silly girl will believe your gossip, the master is too shameful.

"That's not good!"

"That's fine. In case I am controlled by a female ghost at night, you can help me!"

"It seems right!"

"That's it. I'll go find a house. Give me your phone number!"

"I still feel a bit bad!"

"It's okay, we are a couple anyway, no one will gossip."


Persuaded by Liang Jie, Yang Yi was a little confused.

In the end, not only was the phone number given to him, but she even agreed to live with him, which made Yang Yi feel hot on the cheeks, she didn't know what to do.

"I'm saving people!"

Yang Yi cheered herself up and comforted herself.

This scene made Li Mengyao sigh, such an innocent and lovely girl will fall into the master's claw.

Renting is expensive. There are a lot of residential houses around college, but the price is not cheap!

The rent of a two-bedroom and the one-living house is almost 1,500 per month, with basic furniture.

"Meng Yao, I'm making tens of thousands of spirit stones! Please help me to contact the alchemist, I want to buy some old utensils."

Making money is a big problem, but he has the ring and the help of the ring elf, and naturally, there is no problem.

What's been the least noticeable these days?

Antique! The things in the cultivation world are all very valuable antiques. It is easy for him to buy them.

"Senior, I have prepared for you what you want!"

The alchemist is called Han Yu.

He is determined to be the strongest alchemist. Judging from his ability to simplify solid foundation pill, his talent is indeed very high, so Liang Jie would be happy to cooperate with him.

The simplified version of the solid foundation pill is not worried about selling, after all, the effect of the five is exactly the same.

"Well! How many spirits stones!"

Liang Jie now has spirit stones. More than a hundred simplified versions of solid foundation pills have made Liang Jie earn hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones!

Had it not been for spirit stones to circulate in society, he would have been a rich man.

"Senior, you can give me 20,000 low-grade spirit stones."

Han Yu doesn’t dare! These things are all things he found when he was training outside. They were all useless things.

Han Yu, the things he could find were indeed worthless, at least in the eyes of their cultivation people.

"I'll give you fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones! Give me some pill that has been wasted!"

Liang Jie is still very generous. He knows that the other party needs to buy the medicine needed for alchemy by the spirit stone.

He is not a stingy person. The other party has helped him make a lot of money, and he is naturally very happy, just as a reward for him.

Soon, Li Mengyao got something from Han Yu.

These are some ancient bronze swords. For the people during the cultivation momentum period, these things are just usable, but they are not valuable.

As for the wasted pills, its effect is very poor, but there will be no problem. For ordinary humans, it is definitely a magic drug.

"Master, Han Yu gave you three bronze mirrors, two bronze swords, and a stick, and then there is a small tripod for alchemy."

"Besides, there are also defective cultivation momentum pills, cleaning body fluids, and washing pulp pills, each of which has ten servings, which is absolutely useful for the average person."

"Gathering momentum can be used to strengthen the body, cleaning body fluid can be used to relieve blood circulation and eliminate diseases, as well as washing pulp pills, can be used to improve physical fitness."

Regarding the current world, after understanding these days, Li Mengyao has been very clear.

Since the master wants to make money, whether it is these utensils or waste pills, it is very useful for him.

Spiritual artifacts are things that in the solid foundation period can begin to worship. These first-grade spiritual artifacts are all discarded.

"I'll use this stick first. Don't worry about selling things. We have to take it slowly."

"Let's talk after I get started with cultivation momentum! It's almost a few days away, and I won't have to worry about being picked on by then."

Liang Jie did not lose himself because he was rich, but rather he was very calm.

The matter of finding a house is not anxious. The most important thing he should consider now is how to earn more low-grade spirit stones, and then start to improve his strength.

"Master, you can ask Han Yu to make Change Appearance pill for you. This pill is not difficult."

"This way, no one should know who you are, and you don't have to worry about being remembered."

"And because of the enhancement of the main body, you can already contact others once a minute. When you sleep, I can help you contact hundreds of people!"

Li Mengyao smiled happily. After eating four servings of cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie's physique changed a lot.

Liang Jie after washing the veins, at this time the body is transparent and free of impurities and is already a very pure body.

"Haha ... can I finally get started with cultivation momentum tomorrow? It's really exciting!"

Liang Jie laughed, and now he was a little excited and couldn't sleep, because, after the cultivation momentum, the real cultivation began.

Of course, the most important thing is to be able to contact five cultivation people every minute, which is his real purpose.

"Han Yu can make two simplified versions of solid foundation pills every day, the quantity is not enough for delivery!"

"Actually, you can consider helping Han Yu. He is already in the state of perfection in the cultivation momentum period and can break through to the solid foundation period at any time.

"What he is most afraid of is the period of weakness when he breaks through. If no one protects, he will likely be murdered."

The meaning of Li Mengyao is obvious. It is to ask Liang Jie to help Han Yu to find a defender. This will allow him to reach the solid foundation period, and it will be more convenient to make a simplified version of solid foundation pills.

As his supplier, only the increase in the output of his pills is the most helpful thing for him.

In this regard, Liang Jie really needs to think about it carefully, but he doesn't think it is as simple as protecting him.