Chapter 59 - Family Ranking Battle(1)

Shangguan Yu's breakthrough was not difficult. He sat for the night like that and reached the solid foundation period the next morning.

He was so relaxed that Liang Jie was very uncomfortable, because he broke so difficultly, and he really died once!

"What did you feel?" Liang Jie asked, looking at Shangguan Yu.

Shangguan Yu looked puzzled and said, "Master, what I feel, I just sat and thought for a while!"


In this regard, Liang Jie could only give him a blank eye.

The solid foundation period needs to comprehend the Tao. This will be the only way to cultivate in the future. In order to complete the Tao, Shangguan Yu did not realize it.

"Master, what he cultivates is the hunting dragon skill, and he doesn't need to feel the Tao."

"His Tao is hidden in heaven and earth. He can be any Tao or nothing."

"So, it's not surprising that he doesn't feel it now, after all, the hunting dragon skill is controlling the five elements, and it will appear in the future."

Li Mengyao is not surprised. The solid foundation period can feel the Tao, which shows that the talent is really very good, but he can't feel it and doesn't be discouraged, because it takes a long time to build the solid foundation period to the gold pill period.

Not everyone is Liang Jie, who can advance so quickly and reach the gold pill period in a year, which is afraid to scare many people.

"Master, didn't feel the Tao, do I have no future?" Shangguan Yu saw Liang Jie's solemn expression and was a little worried.

Liang Jie rolled his eyes and said, "Why are you in a hurry? Don't be afraid, even if it's shit, I can plate you with gold! Let your bright eyes blink!"

"Isn't that a shit!"

This sounds good, but the essence remains the same.

However, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to say anything, as long as he followed the teacher, they will certainly carry forward the tomb sect. At that time, if there is any immortal monarch or the mighty remains, they will go to archeology.

On the evening of the Lantern Festival, Shangguan Fei, the head of the Shangguan family, flew to pick up Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu.

This time the family ranking battle was held in the place where the current No. 1 family royal villa is located. There is a long-standing isolated formation here, and it is impossible for outsiders to know the situation here.

Speaking of villas of major families, Liang Jie has also been to several, but this time the royal family gave him a very special feeling because it is no longer possible to use luxury to explain, but it should be said that there is a lot of fairies.

The quaint wooden building is really very grounded, surrounded by a touch of spirit, many times stronger than the outer boundary.

"Master, it's good here! There is a spirit vein that is close to dryness. Would you like to grab it and put it in our villa!"

Yuanbao's eyes brightened.

This makes Liang Jie very speechless. This fat guy is really too brave!

"Don't drag your master if you're looking for death! Didn't you see a gold pill period monk sitting in the town? And that person's breath is very close to the principal of the school where the master is located, and it should be his descendant.

Li Mengyao hit a stick on Yuanbao's head.

Being able to become the first family in Shangzhou naturally has a certain strengths. It can be said that the top ten families are by no means ordinary, and at least one gold pill period monk sits in the family.

Family ranking battles, those who are willing to participate, are confident in themselves. As for those families that are outside the top 100, they have no intention to participate.

Therefore, all people who come here have enough strength.

The playing field of the qualifying battle is a field within the formation. This field covers a very large area of over 1,000 square meters and is protected by a special guardian legal formation. Don't worry about the damage caused by the battle.

All the people took their seats in turn. Each family had its own place to rest. The top ten families were sitting on the podium. They were the notaries in this battle.

"Master, this is the circle set by the Yuanying period monks."

Li Mengyao is very powerful, she can see a lot of things at a glance.

This type of magic matrix relies on the spirit vein to run, as long as the spirit vein is not exhausted, it can continue to run, and this magic matrix also put in a few superb spirit stones, so it will be no problem to run for thousands of years.

She has to say that the family's heritage is very good. In this way, Wang Jing and the family should really have a relationship.

"Are you not be found? This is the place of others." Liang Jie asked a little bit worried.

Li Mengyao laughed, "The master is assured. As long as I want to hide it, the monks during the gold period will not find me."

Hearing that Liang Jie was relieved. As long as Li Mengyao and Yuanbao were not discovered, then the exchange of spiritual thoughts was actually very convenient.

The ten veterans of the podium position seem to be getting old, and their strengths are very good. Almost all of them are in the late period of the solid foundation construction, and even there is a breakthrough that the solid foundation period is about to breakthrough.

The man was really the owner of the Wang family. He stood up at this time and said loudly, "Dear everyone, welcome everyone to join this family ranking battle."

"It is not easy to cultivate, resources are limited, and distribution according to work and strength is really a helpless decision. I hope everyone can continue to love and help each other."

"The ranking battle is conducted in a free challenge way. The list of rewards has been distributed to everyone. You can see for yourself."

Regarding the ranking battle, the owner of the Wang family didn't say much, he just stated the facts.

Shangzhou has a vast area. It is impossible to say that there are no other spiritual veins, but these tiny spiritual veins are in the hands of the ten strongest families. Each major family sends people to assist in mining and digging the spiritual veins each year. There are things like collecting pills.

Therefore, each year each major family can share a certain amount of cultivation resources.

Looking at the list in Shangguan Fei's hand, he can see that fifty to one hundred families have the same resources, and the only thing that can be more is the ranking reward.

Ranking rewards are recognition of each family, so major families will care so much about rankings.

As for the families outside the top 100, they can only get few. This gap is really similar to the actual situation. A large number of resources are in the hands of a few people, and most people can only compete for a small amount of resources.

"It's the same everywhere!"

Liang Jie sighed and felt very lucky at the same time.

In this family ranking battle, each family can only send two young people to participate, and the age must not exceed 25 years old. Such a rule is obviously to give young people a chance.

Only in this situation of imbalanced resources, people of other families can only compete for similar rankings. After all, more than 50 families have resources that are several times or even dozens of times that of others.

Especially in the top ten, they get definitely the most cultivation resources.

"Little brother, how is A Yu's strength?" Shangguan Fei knew that Shangguan Yu rubbed his dad on the ground and rubbed him. He couldn't help but be very angry.

The reason why he asked at this moment, he was calculating what position the Shangguan family could climb to.