Chapter 58 - Chamber of Commerce

Shangzhou, Yanghu Villa.

Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu finally returned to the city, at this time it was only a few days before the family ranking battle.

Originally, Liang Jie planned to let Shangguan Yu break through in Jiangcheng County, but in the end, he thought it would be safer to come here. After all, there is the headmaster.

"Master, would a breakthrough be dangerous?"

Today is the twelfth day of the first month, the day when Shangguan Yu broke through.

But even though Liang Jie was well prepared and even the defensive array was set up, Shangguan Yu was still panicking.

"Nothing to do, hurry in!"

A lot of materials were obtained through the ring, and several prohibitions were also arranged. Today, Liang Jie's villa is the safest place in Shangzhou.

If there are no jade charms in traffic, coming here is to die.

"Well in, just go in!"

Shangguan Yu reluctantly walked into the center of the formation.

There are not only gathering spirit formation but also the five elements formation, and there is even thunder formation.

Seriously, under the guidance of Yuanbao and Li Mengyao, Liang Jie planned to use all the available formations, and Shangguan Yu's breakthrough was definitely not a problem.

"Master, Shangguan Yu is different from you. There will be no thunderstorms during the solid foundation period."

"Let's pay attention to the business of the spirit world! Recently, there has been a lot of enthusiasm. The spirit world is about to be turned over."

"People of all powers want to find you! Our source of pills may be cut off by them."

Things to come still come. As Liang Jie's business grows bigger and bigger, those big chambers of commerce will prevent them from getting better and vowed to kill Liang Jie's store in the cradle.

What Li Mengyao conveyed was the information from Han Yu and Zhuo Yi, and it was already difficult for them to receive pills in the spirit world.

The reason is simple, that is, the major chambers of commerce have monopolized all the low-level pills, and they still buy at high prices.

"Well, I already expected that."

"Those big chambers of commerce want to restrain us from the source. The idea is very good."

"Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten that I have a ring, we are not in a hurry to sell pills, but hoarding pills, after all, in order to impact the first wave of business performance!"

Liang Jie is not worried at all. Since you want to break my financial path, let you break it.

Isn't it pills! Now that they have a certain amount of reserves, it is not a problem to stick to it for two or three months. If they take advantage of the 20% discount on opening business and let those who place orders have expectations, this is actually a very good hungry marketing method.

So, according to Liang Jie's plan, all pills stopped selling.

Although the people in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period were very dissatisfied when they knew that the pills would be sold at a 20% discount after three months later, they were all quiet.

Because for them, three months is just a blink of an eye.

"Haha ... deserve it, these are no more!"

"Don't stop buying, we need all pills."

"In order to strengthen the acquisition, we must buy all the low-level pills and sign contracts with the major households who own the medical fields. We will buy a century-old exclusive cooperation contract."

The major chambers of commerce are very happy. They feel that the Nine Regions eBay Store stopped selling pills as their plan worked.

As for the discounts, they didn't care at all, after all, the sources of alchemy and smelter materials in the store were all cut off.

Now they have bought out a hundred years of cooperation, and the Nine Regions eBay Store has been stooped by them.

"Have you heard of it? the Nine Regions eBay Store has started stockpile of pills, and it seems to be making a big move."

"It is said to be the opening ceremony three months later. The pills will be sold at a 20% discount. This is to ensure the number of pills!"

"The major chambers of commerce are so disgusting. They actually came up with this method to block the Nine Regions eBay Store. Regardless of whether you support it or not, I support the Nine Regions eBay Store anyway."

"If you support it, go to pick the medicine and sell it to the owner of the Nine Regions eBay Store! He has the ring, and he doesn't need to trade in person."


The method of the chamber of commerce is very good. Some of the pills suppliers have been their partners.

After all, the ability of the mass consumers was underestimated. The monks in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods spontaneously collected medicine for Liang Jie. Although they bought it at a high price, Liang Jie still made money.

"Master, you are too bad."

There are thousands of monks, and all of them can not be banned by the chamber of commerce.

They don’t dare to offend powerful monks, and the lower monks were no longer interested in the pills of the chamber of commerce. In fact, the chamber of commerce lost.

Can't help but spend a lot of spirit stones to buy low-level pills, but in the end, failed to make money, and only gave his cash flow to the bottom of the warehouse.

Li Mengyao clapped his hands and said, "I'll see how long these chambers can last."

With the pills sold to them by monks, the yield of pills can be completely guaranteed.

And at this time, it is also a good time for Han Yu to make a simplified version of the second-grade pills. the Nine Regions eBay Store must appear in the spirit world with the strongest posture.

"Why is it so troublesome! Isn't the third floor of the ring the medicine field! As long as the master reaches the gold pill period, the third floor can be opened."

"By then, the pills would be fully self-sufficient, and the lower pills could mature every day."

"You don't need to buy the materials needed for one to three grades of pills..."

Yuanbao had a look of scorn and felt that those in the chamber of commerce were simply stupid.

The source of the refining material is broken, which is not a big problem for Liang Jie. It can be said that the ring is in the hands, he has everything he wants.

When Yuanbao talked about it, Li Mengyao remembered the third floor of the ring.

"Master, hurry to practice and strive to reach the gold pill period within three months."

Li Mengyao's eyes brightened, she is the kind of personality that doesn't want to be bullied, so she desperately wants a devastating blow to the chamber of commerce.

Dare to oppose her master, she wants to let the other party know what misery is.

"As long as the master reaches the gold pill period, then the sage of the spirit world can be brought to the lower world, and my good day is coming ..."

Of course, Yuanbao reminded Liang Jie not only for the master but also for himself.

He kept remembering that this fairy in the spirit world bathed himself! As long as it is to achieve this purpose, no matter who is blocking him, he has to peel off the other party.

"I feel like I'm about to break through to the middle of the solid foundation period. If it is fast, I can really reach the gold pill period in three months."

In fact, Liang Jie still has confidence, but reaching the gold pill period, thunderstorms will inevitably be lowered. At that time, it would not be possible to hide.

So, he had to think of a way before that.