Chapter 57 - Return

When Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu left, neither Lin Xueer nor Liu Ru could calm down.

Looking at the pill in the hand, the simplified version of the cleaning body fluid, and the simplified version of the solid foundation pill, they suddenly felt that their three views were subverted.

As for Liang Jie, he was not at all concerned. The reason why he did so was to let the Ji family know that it was not wise to provoke him.

"Master, when are we going to Ji Family Archeology?"

When they went back, Shangguan Yu suddenly said something like this.

Liang Jie was speechless and glared at him: "Why do you talk so much? Breakthrough to the solid foundation period today."

Counting the time, it is indeed time for Shangguan Yu to breakthrough. After all, he has given so many pills to him and eats it every day. If he doesn't break through, it is too untalented.


Hearing that, Shangguan Yu stopped talking.

In fact, he also knew that he was about to breakthrough. However, thinking of the situation of the teacher that night, he was very disturbed. After all, there was too much movement that night.

"Master, your hometown is very special."

Li Mengyao sat seriously on Liang Jie's shoulder.

"Yeah yeah! I can see it too."

Yuanbao sat on Liang Jie's head and smiled with a smile.

Li Mengyao can't wait to give him two sticks.

In this regard, Liang Jie knew something. He felt that the entire Shangzhou city was not simple, not just a place like Jiangcheng County.

First, there was a ghost king in the back of the school, and then the principal Wang Xun was a monk in the Yuanying period, and depending on their situation, it was obviously not the peak period, which explained many problems.

"What's special?"

Liang Jie was also more concerned about this and asked.

"Shangzhou City belongs to Jizhou. Jizhou is the head of Nine regions and a land of great people."

"And this Shangzhou is the center of Jizhou, it can be said that it is a combination of heaven and earth."

"It's really easier to have talented monks than anywhere else."

Obviously, Li Mengyao's meaning is very simple, that is, Lin Xueer is by no means the only foundable and talented person.

many people in Jizhou have been excavated by Lin Xue'er's school. This is actually not difficult to understand.

"Do you mean, what the principal said is to go to the school where Lin Xueer is?"

Liang Jie understood that they had been spotted from the beginning, but some people were not selected.

The reason why he would go to the Department of Archaeology of Nine Regions College is entire because of Wang Jing and arrogantly said that his road is north.

This Jiangcheng County is in the north of Shangzhou City!

"It can't be wrong, and he clearly has a purpose."

"After the master returns to his hometown this time, it is difficult to say whether it is a blessing or a curse."

"But from the current situation, at least it is very favorable."

What Li Mengyao said was true. Liang Jie not only successfully broke through the solid foundation period, but also learned the five elements of yin and yang, and even opened the second space of the ring, and obtained the Nine regions tripod that sealed the entrance.

Everything went very smoothly, it can be said that luck is extremely good.

This is extremely important for Liang Jie's future development. Without these conditions, Liang Jie would have to go a long way!

"let it go!"

For Liang Jie now, he thinks too much is useless because, in the eyes of a powerful monk, he is just an ant who can pinch to death at any time.

Only when his strength is really strong can he have the opportunity to participate in the scramble for opportunities in this world.

The business that Liang Jie is doing today is only the lowest-level business and has not touched the core interests of those big forces. Once the pills and treasures of the Yuanying period and above appear, it will really disrupt the spiritual world.

Imagine the sudden influx of tens of millions of Yuanying period monks, and they can appear in batches in the future, so the problem is very serious.

The danger is inevitable. This is why Li Mengyao did not object to the previous proposal of Yuanbao. At the same time, she also wanted to let the ghost king and principal Wang Jing take care of Liang Jie.

At least, Wang Jing must be on the side of Liang Jie, so that he may not really need to be afraid of being remembered.

Back at home, regarding the meeting of today's blind date, the supervisor Shangguan Yu made a certain report, which was to praise Liang Jie almost to the sky, and also said that the other party had agreed to date first.

"I said my son was very nice! Come on, try to take her home after graduation."

Liang Jie's father smiled happily. The expression of eagerly hugging his grandson made Liang Jie very helpless.

His mother patted her husband’s hand to prepare vegetables, and blame him, “What are you talking about? Son, you have to work hard, don’t listen to your dad.”

"Understand! Understand! Guaranteed to complete the task."

Regarding this matter, Liang Jie really didn't pay much attention to it.

They really have nothing to do with Lin Xue'er. Not like or hate. The most in his mind are Yang Yi.

"Parents, we are going back to the city for two days."

"Anyway, there is a car. I can come back at any time."

"The medicinal liquor and other health products I left for you, you have to remember to take one or two sips every three steps, which is good for your body."

Those things are naturally not ordinary things, they are all things that monks dream of.

He has the ability and responsibility to let his parents enjoy his old age, and it is best to accompany him a long way.

"I see. Your mother and I will remember to eat."

"By the way, Ayu brought so many things, you need to get back a gift!"

Although they refused to do so, this was their intention, and Liang Jie had to let Shangguan Yu agree.

"Thank you, Uncle and Aunt, my parents and grandpa must be very happy."

Things have to be accepted, Shangguan Yu is still very good at this point.

Although he is arrogant, after meeting people, he still knows how to be polite.

In the following two days, Liang Jie made a lot of preparations. He left a jade for his parents, which was an engraved magical instrument.

Although it is only a second-grade magical instrument, it is enough to withstand three times of damage from the outside world. Even if the monk in the solid foundation period made a full blow, he could not cause damage to them.

Originally, he planned to engraved the formation to protect the village, but after giving it a thought, he gave up the idea. He was only a monk in the solid foundation period, and doing so would only bring disaster to the village.

Therefore, Liang Jie chose to let it go in the end, something he couldn't stop.