Chapter 56 - Dealt with

"Master, it is not safe enough."

"You should put a restraint in his mind, and once someone tries to search for memory, burst his head like a firework."

"As for the memory of ordinary people, we can leave it alone. As long as the Ji family dares to send someone, we can clean up all of them."

Li Mengyao has not been very strong for a long time, but this time the proposal was very strong, Liang Jie was somewhat frightened.

However, he did not intend to do so. Ji Zi'an had already been punished, and he would not continue to entangle Lin Xueer. Even if the Ji family wanted to make trouble, they would find him.

Lin Xueer was his classmate, and he didn't want her to be targeted by the Ji family.

"Forget it! That's it."

Liang Jie glanced at Ji Zi'an, who had been foolish, shook his head and left.

Strength is everything in the monk world, but Liang Jie has his own rules of life. When is it a fight? Leave the line in everything, and he doesn't need to be affected by too much cause and effect.

Murderers, crime-ridden, will be punished by God when they break through!

Looking at the continuous flow of vehicles and pedestrians, Liang Jie felt that this kind of life was what he wanted, and that kind of transcendent monk life was not the life he wanted.

At this time, Shangguan Yu were resting on the flower bridge in the county seat. When they saw Liang Jie return, their respective expressions were completely different.

Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were a little worried, while Shangguan Yu looked forward to it.

Liang Jie instigated the magic spell in his hand, which instantly burned to ashes, and turned into a white light that enveloped the four people around him.

This can prevent the conversation between them from being heard by other people. At the same time, ordinary people will not notice them, and they will not be able to recognize them even face to face.

"This is……"

Only at this moment did Lin Xueer and Liu Rufang understand.

As Shangguan Yu said, Liang Jie is indeed stronger than him.

"Xueer, I have resolved your business. Ji Zi'an will not bother you anymore."

"If you have any trouble at school, you can call me directly. This is my phone number."

"I know you have a lot of doubts, but you better not ask, it is not good for you. If the Ji family finds you asking about today, you can just say it."

Liang Jie wasn't worried that the other party would kill him, because if the Ji family really dared to be so presumptuous, then don't blame Liang Jie for being fierce.

The ghost king in the Department of Archaeology promised to help Liang Zhuoshu once. If the Ji family really dared to come, he wouldn't mind letting the family disappear forever.

"Thank you, I know how to do it."

Lin Xueer is very grateful to Liang Jie, this time it is really thanks to Liang Jie.

Had it not been for him and Shangguan Yu, she would have been captured by Ji Zi'an.

Although she had a lot of thoughts in her heart, she didn't plan to ask a word now. Liang Jie was right about everything. The more she knew, the more dangerous she became.

"It's okay, we are all old classmates, aren't we?"

"Besides, I'm your boyfriend now, and I should help you."

"You don't have to worry too much. The Ji family dare not mess around. After all, they are not fools."

The cold light appeared in Liang Jie's eyes, Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were shocked, they could not know Liang Jie’s strength at all.

There is no doubt that Liang Jie's strength is above them, the young monks who are in the solid foundation period! This is really amazing.

"Don't worry, if you really encounter a big problem, just contact us."

"We can’t guarantee others, younger children of the Ji family, we will see one and hit one. If it really annoys us, hum ..."

"Brother and I went to their family's ancestral tomb for archeology!"

As a big disciple of the Tomb Sect, Shangguan Yu felt it necessary to carry forward the division.

If the Ji family really came to provoke them, he really didn't mind doing it.

"Low-key." Liang Jie gave Shangguan Yu a white look, and the name of the Tomb Sect was directly displayed.

This is deliberate so that through the mouth of Lin Xue'er, the people of Ji's family will not know who the real enemy is.

Just as Liang Jie thought, Lin Xue'er and Liu Ru were both dumbfounded, and Shangguan Yu's so bold words made them cried and laughed.

They haven't seen such an inconsistency before going to the archeology of others 'ancestors' graves, but it is not impossible to think of the identities of Shangguan Yu and Liang Jie, after all, they are students of archeology.

"Yes, I have something for you here."

"After you go back, take the washing pulp pill first, it will allow you to pill wash the veins and have a higher talent than the average person."

"Then this cleaning body fluid, one serving per day for two months in a row, it can let you reach the peak of cultivation momentum period, and finally take solid foundation pill to breakthrough ..."

Liang Jie threw things together to the two and explained them one by one.

At this moment, the expressions of the two were dull, completely frightened by what Liang Jie gave. What they never dreamed of was that one day they would experience this kind of thing in person.

That is the legendary pill! But now Liang Jie is sending out as if they don't need money, and also said that they can break through to the solid foundation period.

There is no doubt that these pills are real, because the aroma of the washing pulp pill is very strong, and just taking a sip of the pill can make them relax.

"Sister, am I dreaming?"

Liu Ru couldn't believe this was true, because it was all too dreamy.

Is Liang Jie actually a descendant of a big family? But even so, isn't it so generous?

Finally, they realized a serious problem, that is, the tomb sect in the mouth of Liang Jie and Shangguan Yu. They dare not have any doubt.

"Liang Jie, this is so precious, I can't accept it ..."

Although very heart-warming, Lin Xueer did not dare to accept it. It was too expensive.

Now if she still accepts the pills he gave, then she is really too thick-skinned.

"It's not for you in vain. Is this the seal fee and the messenger fee?"

"You have the strength to control your own destiny. I believe that with these pills in hand, you will have a better life at school."

"It doesn't matter if you don't, I throw it away ..."

Liang Jie's words left the two of them speechless. They had never seen such a person, and the gift-giving had even threatened people.

Seeing that he was ready to throw away the pills, Lin Xueer grabbed it directly, thanked blushingly, "Liang Jie thank you, I will definitely repay you in the future."

"Let's make a promise!"

She had just finished speaking, and Shangguan Yu laughed.

This was not just for Lin Xueer, but of course, it was for Liu Ru. The boy didn't change his heart.

"Well, this kid has a future, and it would be appropriate to follow the master."

"Oh? What do you want to say?"

"Sister, don’t hit me!"

Yuan Bao and Li Mengyao made a mess, Liang Jie also had a headache.

Looking at Lin Xueer and Liu Ru in embarrassment, Liang Jie slaps Shangguan Yu mercilessly, but the latter grins, and even blinks at Liang Jie.