Chapter 55 - Very Comfortable

"It's almost OK, don't kill him."

Ji Zi'an's bruised nose and swollen face, and he is not handsome.

Of course, the reason for stopping was not a flood of sympathy, but Li Mengyao and Yuan Bao shouted too joyfully on his shoulders.

"Good fight, hit the face!"

"Kick the crotch! Why not kick?"

"Hit your waist! Use a bit of force ..."

They were so fierce that Liang Jie felt his back cold.

He took out a paper towel and wiped the blood on his hands. Shangguan Yu kicked Ji Zi'an again, and then returned to Liang Jie's side.

"It's okay!"

"I just hit him. it doesn't bother you, don't worry."

"Big brother and I are here, no problem."

Shangguan Yu was very arrogant, with a fearless expression.

This made Lin Xueer and Liu Ru speechless, thinking that he might not be really afraid, because he didn't even know that he was from the Ji family, nor did he know that the Ji family was terrible.

"Addicted? Or continue? I think you are not afraid of him. what is the guy of Ji Family? When you encounter such a small white face, you must fight him until he is convinced."

Liang Jie looked at Shangguan Yu with a smile and seemed to be stinging him, but he was actually telling him that he was in trouble.

This guy just likes to show off, and the people who hit the Ji family are not so easy to solve.

"Yes, this kind of person has to be beaten... No, brother, who did you just say he is?"


"Why don’t you say it earlier?"

"What? Scared?"

"I knew I would use my unique skill."


Liang Jie thought he would be scared, but Liang Jie was completely wrong.

Obviously, Shangguan Yu dislikes the Ji family. The matter of Yang Yi, Shangguan Yu clearly remembered.

What a good opportunity to take revenge? As a result, he was so full of smiles that he was preparing to beat Ji Zi'an.

"What are you doing?"

Ji Zi'an struggled, squirming on the ground.

Looking at Shangguan Yu step by step, he felt like he was scared of seeing the devil. His men were all masters of the sixth-level of cultivation momentum period.

The man in front of him is definitely a master, and it is a terrible master.

"Don't be afraid, it will be over in a while."

Shangguan Yu didn't rush to kick but measured the distance so that it was clear that he wanted to kick at Ji Zi'an's lower body.

Ji Zi'an, who was sweating coldly, hurried to knees for mercy.

"Brother, I was wrong. I was wrong, so please spare me!"

Kneeling on the ground, Ji Zian is regretful, why is he so stupid.

It is said that it is easy to meet a ghost when you walk too much at night. Today, he is unlucky. He doesn't want to be a eunuch, so he is not ashamed of begging.

"You are the young master of the Ji family, why are you so boneless?"

"Isn't you very powerful just now? Why were you suddenly persuaded?"

Raising Ji Zian, Shangguan Yu patted him on the shoulder and was ready to kick.

After his lower body was cold, Ji Zi'an felt a warm crotch, and then he even spits out and fainted.

"Well, it's disgusting!"

"But this is big news. Hurry up and post it online."

"The title is called" Punish the bag guy, Scaring Urine on the Street "Hehe ..."

In his opinion, the Ji family did not have a good thing.

Those old things were even more shameless. Seeing Yang Yi's good talents, they wanted her to be a wife-in-law. They are shameless.

"What kind of person is he, your classmate?" Lin Xueer asked with incredulous eyes.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "A bully in Shangzhou City, but now he is following me."

Listening to his muffled tone, Lin Xueer was speechless.

Even Liu Ru was completely dumbfounded. How could she never have imagined that Liang Jie could conquer such a younger brother, but that was a master of ten-level cultivation momentum period!

Isn't he more powerful then? Doesn't look like it?

"Brother, it is ok! How do you see me doing?" Shangguan Yu, pleased, smiled.

Liang Jie nodded and patted Shangguan Yu's shoulder, "Yes, good job!"


Lin Xueer and Liu Ru were speechless again.

Regarding Liang Jie, they are getting more and more unclear. Is he really just an ordinary person? It doesn't look like it!

But the two of them couldn't see how high Liang Jie's strength was, so they didn't dare to have any ideas. After all, they didn't believe that such a young person could even reach the solid foundation period of cultivation.

"Shangguan Yu, you take them to the front, I'm going to buy something."

Turning the car key in his hand, Liang Jie turned and left without explaining too much.

Looking at his leaving figure, Lin Xueer was very worried because she knew what Liang Jie was doing! From what he had said before, he seemed to be at odds with the Ji family.

"Sister, don't worry, brother is much better than me."

With a smile, Shangguan Yu took the two men forward, and he didn't want them to see the scene of the big brother bullying others, although he wanted to see it.

But that's his own business, and he's not too involved.

"Without revenge, I am not a  human!"

Ji Zi'an, who was unconscious, woke up and found herself lying on the cold concrete floor.

Given such a great deal of humiliation today, Ji Zi'an naturally would not give up, and would definitely retaliate against Lin Xueer and Shangguan Yu after returning.

"Master, I have an immature little suggestion." Yuanbao sat on Liang Jie's shoulder and learned that Liang Jie was going to punish this person, he immediately got excited.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "Speak."

"This kid offended the master."

"Master, you can shake one of his three souls and make him a fool."

"Then erase their memories of today, and there is nothing to worry about."

There are two favorite things in Yuanbao. One is harassing beautiful women, and the other is watching theater.

This time someone came to the door, he was naturally very happy.

"Yes, Not Bad!"

With a grin, Liang Jie appeared in front of Ji Zi'an.

Suddenly a big living person appeared, and Ji Zi'an hated the most. He took out the spell in his arms and wanted to treat Liang Liang with his hand.

Since the other party is a monk, he has nothing to worry about.

Later, Liang Jie held Ji Zi'an's head with one hand and smiled, "If you want to blame, you were born in Ji's house, and you just provoke me!"

Now that he has made up his mind, Liang Jie naturally doesn't like dragging water around, and directly shakes Ji Zi'an's soul, making him dementia, and then erasing the memories of him and his men.

After doing all this, Liang Jie felt a lot more relaxed, and it was so pleasant.