Chapter 54 - Seeing Ji Family Again

However, rather than these trivial matters, Liang Jie is more concerned about asking an ordinary person to help pretend to be a boyfriend. What if the other party makes trouble?

Can Lin Xueer still help Liang Jie fail?

Sometimes, women like to think of the problem simply. If Liang Jie helped her, he might end up in danger.

"Master, if you are an ordinary person, her idea is feasible."

"The monk is not to do cruel acts to ordinary people, after all, someone looks at it!"

"It's her who bears the greatest risk. She has offended those who pursue her. It's not a good day!"

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie some common sense issues. The monks are indeed stronger than ordinary people, but they are also subject to certain restrictions.

What's more, if there is an informed person, if something goes wrong, it will be arbitrated.

"Actually ..."

Liang Jie listened to Li Mengyao's words and originally intended to help Lin Xueer.

But at this time, Liang Jie found that someone was coming here, and he was still a young man about the same age as them.

"You didn't hear what I just said, I'll go back first ..."

Obviously, Lin Xueer also saw the other party, her face was very panic, this man put a lot of pressure on her.

This man should be the one who pursues her. He came to her hometown. It seems that he really loves her deeply!

"Xue Er, this is your boyfriend?"

"I thought it was a handsome guy? He is normal!"

"Hello, I'm Xueer's classmate. My name is Ji Zi'an!"

Ji Zi smiled, mocked Liang Jie, and then introduced herself.

For an ordinary person, he is too lazy to compare with the other person, because he already knows that Lin Xueer deliberately uses his boyfriend as a shield, and wants to let himself stop.

The girl whom Ji Zi'an fancy, will let an ordinary person snatch it away.

"Hello, I'm Xueer's boyfriend, it's nice to meet you."

Originally sympathetic to Lin Xueer, now seeing that the person came from the Ji family, Liang Jie felt that there was a will in this meditation, and he really could meet the Ji family everywhere.

At that time, the monk of the Ji family liked Yang Yi's physique, so she forcibly entered into a marriage contract, which kept Liang Jie in resentment, even though he had tried to solve the culprit Ji Penghai, but Yang Yi's matter was still not resolved.


Lin Xueer, who was held in his arms by Liang Jie, was a little shocked. She did not expect that Liang Jie actually agreed to her unreasonable request.

In fact, she knew very well that this was difficult, but Liang Jie's current actions made her even more overwhelmed. For a time, she turned red and didn't know what to say.

In the end, she could only lower her head and let Liang Jie hug her waist. Although that made her heart beat faster, now she must show the attitude his girlfriend should have.

"Oh? Are you Xueer's boyfriend?"

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

"Then I won't go around. How much do you need to leave Xueer? 10 million or 20 million? Or you ask for a price!"

Ji Zi'an's eyes narrowed, looking at Liang Jiehuai's hand around Xueer's waist, the muscles on his face were shaking unnaturally.

This person's possessiveness is very strong, apparently, he has a bad mood for Liang Jie. Obviously, he has not been able to get close to Lin Xueer. Why can a poor boy do this?

Therefore, he will humiliate him in front of Lin Xueer!

"Xueer is priceless in my heart. If you talk like this, is it too disrespectful to Xueer as a classmate?" Liang Jie frowned, a little angry.

Now that he plans to play a boyfriend, he naturally has to perform well.

At this time Lin Xueer had recovered from the shock, she did not want to see Liang Jie and Ji Zi'an clash.

She held Liang Jie's hand and whispered, "We still have something, so let's go!"

Then, she wanted to take Liang Jie to leave here. Unfortunately, Ji Zi'an's men blocked the way of the two. How could he let them leave?

He has chased from school, he must get Lin Xueer.

"Xueer, we are classmates, I don't want to embarrass your boyfriend."

"Although I can't shoot at him, my Ji family has 10,000 ways to make him unable to survive or die. You better think clearly."

"If you leave today, don't blame me for being rude."

Killing a person may be bad for Ji Zi'an, but if it is to suppress ordinary people, then it really is not a problem.

In terms of Ji's forces, it is really not difficult for them to do this.


Lin Xueer froze. She did not expect Ji Zi'an to threaten her so directly.

She couldn't watch Liang Jie be implicated, so she didn't dare to leave at all, but her resentment against this person made her physically resist this person.

"Boy, you can't fight me, and took the money and left." Ji Zian smiled and walked in front of the two.

From his eyes, Liang Jie could see his inner greed and desire, without having to think about and know what the boy was like.

"Hey, let me say you! What do you want to do with my elder brother?"

"It's a pity not to pick up customers."

"My hair salon lacks a hair-washer, or should I hire you for 20,000 a month?"

Just then, Shangguan Yu appeared in time and ran up to Ji Zi'an.

He originally took Liu Ru around and wanted to create opportunities for the master, but just after he heard the master's call, he naturally dared not neglect and came straight to this site.

As a result, he just saw the scene where Ji Zi'an surrounded Liang Jie and Lin Xueer.

"Who are you? Do you know who I am?" Ji Zi'an was scowled, and then he sank and warned.

Shangguan Yu laughed: "I care who you are? Dare to hit the attention of my brother!"

Quickly and slap hard, Ji Zi'an turned three laps in place.

That force swelled his face directly so that Ji Zi'an was a little stunned for a long time and didn't know how to react.

Even his men were stunned. Their young master was actually slapped hard? They all wondered if they see it wrong.

"Well, what the hell!"

"I will teach you how to be a good man today."

"I told you not to learn well, I told you to play hooligan ..."

Ji Zi'an, who was hit, was mournful.

His men wanted to come up to dissuade them, but with a slap, their teeth flew out, and they twitched aside.

Everyone who is watching this amazing scene is dumbfounded.

"Liang Jie, he is from the Ji family, and your classmates will cause troubles like this." Lin Xue'er nervously couldn't help, she reminded quickly.

However, Liang Jie smiled and said, "It's okay, isn't it the Ji family! I have seen."

Until this moment, Lin Xueer finally found out that the biggest change was Liang Jie, who was completely different from before.

As for Liu Ru, she was even dumbfounded at this time. For the first time, she saw such a fierce person and actually beat the young master of Ji Family to the ground.