Chapter 53 - Blind Date (2)

"Can you be polite?"

"Oh, you just seduced me first, why am I shameless now that I look at you?"


"Why? You can seduce, and I can’t be seduced!"


Liu Ru and Shangguan Yu exchanged ideas with the mind, and eventually, Liu Ru lost to Shangguan Yu's shamelessness.

Anyway, he is also a monk. He is so shameless, he is just a beast.

Then Liu Ru put on her coat silently, which made Shangguan Yu feel a pity.

"I heard that you did a good job in the exam, was you studying the Department of Archaeology at Nine Regions College?" Lin Xueer didn't particularly care about Shangguan Yu's small movements.

Although she was so ashamed now and wanted to wear her coat, she didn't want to reveal her thoughts.

Therefore, under her small movements intentionally or unintentionally, Liang Jie looked at the beautiful scenery in front of his eyes, feeling that his nosebleeds were out of control, and wanted to rush out.

Well, a very pure little action is that when she gathers hair, she accidentally stretch the neckline of the sweater. Liang Jie swears to God that he has absolutely no other ideas.

"Mengyao, you are wrong."

Looking at the glowing body that suddenly appeared in front of him, Liang Jieyi said rightly.

However, Li Mengyao didn't listen to his sophistry and reached out to cover Liang Jie's eyes.

Liang Jie laughed: "It's okay! The environment of the archeology department is good, and there are few people and large places, and there are many beautiful girls ..."

The two chatted with each other.

However, this is nothing, Yuanbao, the fat guy, who can hide his body by relying on himself as an elf, actually squatting directly in front of Liu Ru's sweater and drooling.

In this regard, Liang Jie is envious.

Li Mengyao also saw it, but she also supported Yuanbao's approach, because it was the woman's fault that she made a good blind date like this.

However, soon Liang Jie couldn't handle it.

As Li Mengyao said, Yuanbao is a rogue, and he actually rolls on Liu Ru's chest, the kind that turns over and over.

Even more amazing is that he actually shared his vision with Liang Jie.

With a touch of snow in his eyes, Liang Jie could no longer support him and ran to the toilet with his nose in his hands. Is this a blind date?


Liu Ru's face was red, and the strange feeling just made her feel ashamed.

In her opinion, it must have been Shangguan Yu's deliberate revenge and harassing her with divine thoughts, so she gritted her teeth and looked at Shangguan Yu fiercely, anxious to swallow him.

Unfortunately, she guessed wrong. This was not Shangguan Yu's fault, but a fat guy named Yuanbao was at work.

"Well, it was just my sister who was wrong, can you stop harassing her again?" Lin Xueer looked at Shangguan Yu with a begging expression, apologizing for performed her charm.

Although the humiliation suffered now is her own fault, she is not intentional.

Since Shangguan Yu is stronger than her, he should be more generous, how can he take advantage of the rogue?

"Uh ... our sect practice tooth for tooth."

In this regard, the righteousness of Shangguan Yu said that he was not ashamed.

Just after he finished speaking, he saw Liang Jie standing beside him and hurriedly changed his mouth: "we don't know each other for the first time, can we make a friend and give me your phone number?"


As a last resort, Liu Ru exchanged contact information with Shangguan Yu. After a meal, it was very unsatisfactory. Finally, under the strong invitation of Shangguan Yu, she had to leave with him to go shopping.

"Come on"

Before leaving, Shangguan Yu gave Liang Jie a thumbs up.

Although his heart is good, Liang Jie wants to hack him with a knife, and he wants to watch the ball again! What do you think you are doing?

Yuan Bao's expression of regret was apparently not yet satisfied, and then he looked at Lin Xueer.

"You dare to mess around, I will go to the spirit world to find an old lady to serve you."

"master you are too cruel!"

"What? Any comments?"

"Did I just share the blessing with you just now!"

"It's commendable, but she can't."


Yuanbao is very unbalanced about Liang Jie's owner who likes monopoly, but he can't make the master too disgusted, so he can only sit on Liang Jie's shoulder reluctantly.

It was just that he hadn't settled yet, and backache was hit by a stick with Li Mengyao.

"Otherwise, let's go for a walk!"

It would only be embarrassing to continue to stay, so Liang Jie suggested it.

Lin Xueer was a little restless and nodded hurriedly when Liang Jie said so.

Seeing her like this makes Liang Jie feel a little speechless, and she's obviously learning the charm, how can she be so shy! Shouldn’t monks like this be very open?

Walking on the street, Lin Xueer didn't know where to go, but could only follow Liang Jie stupidly, saying some insignificant things, but some interesting things after graduation.

"You're blushing? Isn't the air conditioner turned on too high in the hotel just now?" Liang Jie saw Lin Xueer lower her head and walked forward, her ears turned red, so he joked.

Lin Xueer quickly shook her head and said, "No, in fact ..."

When talking, Lin Xueer glanced at Liang Jie and lowered his head quickly.

At this moment, she didn't even know how to tell the truth to Liang Jie. The reason why she promised a blind date was because someone was pursuing her at school, so she wanted to find a shield.

Therefore, this is not so much a blind date, but rather to let Liang Jie be his fake boyfriend.

"Just say something! We are all three years old high school classmates, aren't we?" Liang Jie put away the form of playing before, he knew that his old classmate was in trouble.

When Lin Xueer heard Liang Jie say this, she finally gathered up her courage and then said, "Please be my boyfriend."

As soon as the words came out, she noticed that she had said something wrong, but at this point, she couldn't change her mouth, and could only look at Liang Jie very timidly.

There is hope in her eyes, but also confusion, because she does not know what she thinks of Liang Jie.

"Oh, I would like to agree to this confession, but I have a girlfriend."

Liang Jie's words relieved her, but there was a little lost in her heart. It turned out that he already had a girlfriend.

But this is also good, otherwise, she will feel guilty, so she cleaned up her emotions and said, "Actually, I'm in trouble, can you pretend to be my boyfriend, and then go to my school during a long vacation?"

"I will pay the fare, I just don't want other people to harass me, so ..."

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to, I ..."

Talking, Lin Xueer's eyes became red, apparently, she didn't seem to be doing well in school.

It is not impossible to understand, after all, it is the school where the monks are! It is also normal to have unpleasant things. It can be said that it is difficult to do things like them without the support of forces behind them.