Chapter 52 - Blind Date (1)

After several days of busywork, Liang Jie was also a bit tired, but the reality would not make him so easy.

On the seventh day of the new year, all the relatives who had visited were almost gone, and finally is Shangguan Yu’s most anticipated blind date.

Inside a restaurant in Jiangcheng County.

"Brother, why did you choose such a cheap restaurant?"

As the supervisor designated by Liang Jie's mother, Shangguan Yu naturally wanted to accompany him.

What he didn't know was that Liang Jie had two supervisors! That is Li Mengyao and Yuanbao.

At this point, they were staring, preparing to see what the person who was going to match the master look like!

"Okay, isn't it hard to make money?"

Liang Jie glanced at Shangguan Yu.

If Liang Jie had no money, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed. Grandpa gave him so much money.

Anyway, go for a more luxurious decoration! It's too ordinary here, there is no luxury at all.

Don't bother to pay attention to this boy, Liang Jie sinks his consciousness into the second-floor space of the ring, and checks the refining situation of the superb storage bag.

At the same time, he also paid attention to the situation in the spiritual world. From the feedback of Han Yu, the storm of superb storage bags is still continuing!

"Liang Jie!"

Hearing someone shouting himself, Liang Jie's consciousness retreated from the ring.

As soon as he came out, he felt that Shangguan Yu was pulling his clothes so hard that his eyes were straight.

Looking up, Liang Jie didn't recognize it for a while. Although she was his high school classmate, the girls changed a lot after college.

The girl in front of him was very pure and beautiful, and she felt very comfortable. Even compared with Yang Yi, she is not much worse than the other party.

The woman who accompanied her was also very beautiful, with an inexplicable mature charm.

"Master, why is your blind date a monk?"

Yuanbao saw it at a glance, and pointed at the mature woman with excitement: "Stop saying nothing else, get me this woman, and I want her to be my maid."


In this regard, Liang Jie was speechless.

Do you think this is a vegetable market?

Fortunately, Yuanbao and Li Mengyao are an elf. The average monk even senses them. Otherwise, the expressions of the two must be wonderful.

"You don’t know me? Lin Xueer!"

The girl sitting opposite Liang Jie smiled slightly, with two shallow dimples on her face.

The sound was very sweet, and Liang Jie immediately thought of Lin Xueer's high school look. At that time, she was wearing two ponytails and wearing braces. How can she look like a little bit now!

"You are pretty, I don't recognize it."

Liang Jie was calm and smiled.

He has a girlfriend, and Yang Yi is still very pretty. In addition, Li Mengyao often exercises his patience. How can he be confused when he sees a beautiful woman?

"Really? I didn't expect to go to college, you will speak better than before." Lin Xueer laughed as if flowers were in full bloom.

Someone who claims to be unshakable sees his eyes straight.

As for Shangguan Yu, at this point, it has been completely entangled, and he doesn't know what he is doing.

"Master, stay awake, don't be seduced."

"This girl is born with charm, and she should practice charm."

"Her every move, every smile, will make a man unable to refuse. This kind of woman who hooks up everywhere, you can't mess with her ..."

Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie but found that he didn't listen to her, but watched Lin Xueer and saliva was almost flowing out.

Lin Xueer is indeed a very attractive, perfect body, proud body, is the perfect body that all women dream of.

But compared to the first beauty, she is far from right.

"What are you doing? don't disturb me watching the ball!"

Liang Jie saw that Li Mengyao was dangling in front of his eyes, blocking his vision, and he was very upset.

Even if he can’t cheat, but if he didn’t taste the deliciousness delivered to his mouth like a man, it is his fault.

"Well, the master is the master, and the hero sees the same."

Yuanbao was also looking at the two beautiful women with their hands on their cheeks at the same time. And the host ’s performance is normal because the other party cannot be seen as unaffected.

A stick blasted Yuanbao, and Li Mengyao sat angrily on Liang Jie's shoulder.

Although it wasn't Lin Xueer who seduced Liang Jie, the person who came with her did so, indicating that they were not good.

"Liang Jie, what would you like to eat, I'll treat you today." Lin Xueer called Liang Jie with a hint of imperceptible spirit in her voice.

Obviously, she was helping Liang Jie to dispel the charm.

Liang Jie's dull eyes became energetic, and he smiled and said, "That's not ok. How can I make a girl pay for it? I'll do it!"

"Boss, come here for some signature dishes."

Called the boss, Liang Jie decisively ordered a few dishes.

Seeing Liang Jie like this, Lin Xueer didn't say much, just smiled and took Liang Jie's tea.

As for Liang Jie's unreasonable behavior just now, she was not angry or shy because of it, but her heart rate was very abnormal.

"Master, you are such a beast."

Li Mengyao knows that this girl must have been interesting in Liang Jie in the past, otherwise she would not have such a performance.

In her opinion, Liang Jie was sympathetic everywhere, but Liang Jie himself had no consciousness.


In this regard, Liang Jie has nothing to say.

Then he fell into embarrassment, especially the stupid look of Shangguan Yu, always staring at the chest of the beautiful girl on the opposite side, which made Liang Jie very shameless.

"This is my college classmate. His name is Shangguan Yu."

He patted his shoulders, and let him return to my mind.

At this time, Shangguan Yu also noticed that something was wrong. He just broke the consciousness, but what he saw was always in his mind.

It ’s so white and so round!

"I'm glad to meet you. My name is Shangguan Yu! My brother and I ..."

Shangguan Yu, who came to his senses, naturally won't be charmed again. His strength is not worse than the opponent, but he just has no defense.

He will not be confused again! Watching the ball in his unconscious state is not his character.

Shangguan Yu at this time, was anxious to open the eyelids.

"Hello, first meeting. This is my school sister Liu Ru."

Lin Xueer's face was a little awkward, she did not expect that Shangguan Yu was so bold.

Even Liu Ru didn't expect that her own charm was ineffective.

"Master, you should learn from your student."

Yuanbao floated back from a distance, but just after speaking, he was hit by Li Mengyao.

This fat guy is so abominable that he wants to seduce her master into a rogue. She will never let this happen.