Chapter 51 - Yuanbao's Suggestion

For monks, one hundred days is a matter of cultivation.

However, for Liang Jie, it is a very important time difference, and he must use this time to improve his strength and pills reserve.

Although he is still fulfilling his previous orders, the amount of refining pills has increased significantly. After all, through Han Yu, they have found many alchemists to participate.

"Master, now we can complete a thousand orders a day."

"Whether it is cleaning body fluid, a simplified version of a solid foundation pill, or another simplified version of pills, we have already developed it."

"The mass production of the first and second grades of pills is not a big problem, and it can fully satisfy the monks in the cultivation momentum and solid foundation periods."

Li Mengyao told Liang Jie about the good statistics of Han Yu, hoping to help his plan implementation.

In fact, this is really good news, because the daily order volume determines how high their ceiling is, and a thousand orders a day are still too few.

However, Liang Jie wasn't worried, and laughed: "In a few days, the daily transaction volume should reach more than 10,000."

"By then, we should have about one million of the superb storage bags, and by then we can really launch the store."

"For those old customers, you can tell them something and say that the superb storage bags we sell will be of great use in the future."

Regarding the future plan, Liang Jie has already done a good job. Now he just needs to follow the steps.

The orders that are made now are all monks in the cultivation momentum period, but some of them are loyal customers of Liang Jie. After they are in the solid foundation period, they can bring a lot of users to Liang Jie.

There is no doubt that loyal customer groups have slowly formed.

"Master, is there anything I can help you with?"

The fat guy Yuanbao licked his face and sat on Liang Jie's right shoulder and said with a smile.

Already knowing that Liang Jie stirred up such a situation in the spirit world, he would no longer think that his choice was wrong. He absolutely believed that Liang Jie would be an excellent master.

Therefore, he wanted to perform well and ask the master to get some beautiful women from the spiritual world.

"It's very good for you to make the superb storage bags for me. There is nothing special that needs your help. After all, I need to increase the production capacity and it is not allowed!"

For Nine Regions Tripod, Liang Jie is still very satisfied, but unfortunately, his strength is poor.

Today, Liang Jie is just in the early stage of a solid foundation period. To reach the gold pill period, he must take it slowly. Going too fast will only put him into crisis. After all, the foundation is unstable and prone to problems.

"Master, in fact, I have a way to get people in the spirit world to this world."

In order to express himself, Yuanbao works hard.

Of course, this is not all for Liang Jie, but also for his own enjoyment.

"Really? Can this be done?" Liang Jie asked with disbelief.

Yuanbao patted his chest and said, "With the ring, there is nothing impossible, but it requires the master to reach the gold pill period."

"Um, it's too early for me! At least it will take a year to reach the gold pill period!"

Hearing that the gold pill period was necessary, Liang Jie became speechless for a while. He felt that his strength couldn't keep up with his ambition.

Just like this, Liang Jie hopes to do it very much, because this will allow Han Yu to come over and make it easier for him to control the overall situation.

"Master, that's what it says, but you can prepare in advance!"

"You can have people prepare things in the spirit world, and then when you reach the gold pill period, you can directly implement the plan!"

"This is very important for the master because I want to help master to steal a vein from the spirit world."

Yuanbao is clever. At the same time as helping Liang Jie, he is also helping himself. Stealing the vein is his ultimate goal.

However, this is a win-win situation, so Liang Jie has no reason to refuse, but he still needs to evaluate the feasibility of this matter.

"Stop, I don't want these now."

Liang Jie, who had already figured out Yuanbao's ideas, would not have fulfilled his wish so easily.

"Master, you have already established a sect, what can you do without a spirit vein?"

"Cultivation can't only rely on pills! Spirit veins can provide a spiritual fluid and superb spirit crystals, aren't those really useful things?"

"Moreover, do you still worry that there are no beauty monks? With so many beauties in the world, just give me a few beauties. I am not very greedy."

While Yuanbao seduced Liang Jie, he was still instilling some special knowledge.

That is to receive all beauties so that the dream in his heart was fulfilled. Even if it is impossible to realize the idea of bringing the beauties to the bed, it is still possible to train some maids.

"Shut up, you are rogue, and you are not allowed to influent master." As soon as Li Mengyao was busy with her business, she heard that Yuanbao was bewitching Liang Jie, and she suddenly wanted to beat Yuanbao with a stick.

Yuanbao hurriedly begs for mercy: "Sister, you can't do this! I'm helping the master. Spirit veins are a must! Do you want the master to go to the spiritual world like this? By then, wouldn't he be cramped? But there is a spirit pulse ... "

This is not his alarmist talk, but even if Liang Jie has reached the god period to go to the spiritual world, he is still not strong.

But it is different if there is a spirit vein. Using the space ability of the ring, no one can catch Liang Jie at all.

After some explanation, Liang Jie immediately understood its importance.

"Well, this is quite reasonable and worth considering."

"Mengyao, is there really a way to get the monks from the spiritual world to the lower world?"

"You can rest assured. How can a person like me who is upright be tempted by Yuanbao?"

Liang Jie's expression of righteousness made Yuan Bao very upset. He really wanted to shake out all the unsightly things about his master.

For example, there are some websites that are not suitable for children in mobile phone bookmarks, which is already very amazing.

But he didn't dare to break the news now, because Liang Jie was upset, and he would be upset.

"There are ways, but many things need to be prepared. And, a spiritual vein is needed." Li Mengyao thought for a while and finally nodded.

There is a solution, but everything is as Yuan Bao said, which makes her very upset.

Yuanbao grinned and said, "Sister, I have a clue for the spirit vein! And it can be guaranteed that it is a spirit vein without a master, even if it comes to the lower bound, it is not a problem."

"That's it, that's all for now! Add it to the 100-day plan."

This will be Liang Jie's life-saving thing in the future, no matter what, he must get it.

After doing so many things, if he came to the spirit world, he didn't want to be remembered for his life, so this matter must be put on the agenda.