Chapter 50 - Hunger Marketing (2)

Time passed minute by minute, and the activity started.

According to the earliest plan, Li Mengyao passed the set image of the divine mind, this time it is the kind that can be replied, so it takes more mental energy.

"People, the superb storage bags are on sale, please reply if you are willing to buy!"

The portrait of the image this time is still the portrait of Qiong Yao Fairy, but this time she is cute.

Many people were fascinated by Qiong Yaoxian wearing colorful colorful dresses, bending over and sending kisses, and even forgot to reply.

"I want to buy!"

"It's so shameless. I want to buy."

It is true that less than a second.

10,000 superb Storage Bags have been sold out. Many people have received a reply from Li Mengyao, expressing sympathy for the failure to grab the superb Storage Bags, and welcome to participate in the sales activities tomorrow.

"Haha ... it turned out to be superb storage bag."

"I bought it, the Nine Regions eBay Store is good!"

"I bought a superb storage bag."

Without much publicity, those who grabbed the superb storage bags are already very happy.

The ostentatious mood could not be concealed, and they notified their Taoist friends by using the news jade Jane as soon as possible and immediately attracted the Taoist friends to scold them.

"Fuck, I want to break up with you!"

"You wait for me, see if I beat you."

The whole spirit world is boiling, because the superb storage bags sold at the Nine Regions eBay store are real, not fakes, with 50 square meters of space.

Fifty thousand low-grade spirit stone! It only sells 50,000 low-grade spirit stones! This is just the money to buy a refined storage bag!

"I protest seriously, I didn't buy it."

"I strongly urge the store to restock."

"Without this, I didn't grab it!"


The monks were so excited that they left messages to express their wishes.

There is no doubt that this time the Nine Regions eBay store is completely famous.

The price of a superb storage bag is so low. What price will it be when selling pills in the future? Definitely an amazingly low price.

"I'm convinced."

"Who said no?"

"Haha ... hurry up and buy vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone at a low price."

"Yes, yes, the major chambers of commerce must be busy processing these materials now!"

Han Yu and Zhuo Yi are very happy now because Liang Jie's move directly squeezed the price of the storage bag to the extreme.

The price of the superb storage bag is even lower than the price of the low-level storage bag. The profits of the major chambers of commerce have been lost.

After all, they also need refiners for refining storage bags, so they will definitely sell the refiner materials at low prices, which is a good opportunity for them to acquire.

"Master, it's sold out in an instant."

Li Mengyao was already a little dumbfounded, she didn't expect the monks in the spirit world to be so crazy.

Yuanbao did not expect that the ring still had this usage. Before that, he wondered whether Liang Jie had lied to him.

Now it seems that Liang Jie did not lie to him, and really can let the beautiful monks in the spirit world play live! He already knows about the live broadcast and can be said to be looking forward to it very much.

"Yes, although not much, but it is ok!"

Liang Jie is very happy. Each superb storage bag earns only 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, but every night he sells 10,000, that is one hundred million low-grade spirit stones!

Such an amazing income is extremely cool.

"You actually made a superb spirit stone one night. Master, do you think you are too few?" Yuanbao stunned, he was very skeptical of Liang Jie's concept of money.

Although the super storage bags are cheap, they do make money. And it is used to open up sales, so this is not a loss.

You know, ordinary monks in the foundation period want to earn a superb spiritual stone, they will take a year or even two years.

"Ten thousand low-grade spirit stones are one middle-grade spirit stone, one thousand middle-grade spirit stones are one top-grade spirit stone, and ten top-grade spirit stones are one superb-grade spirit stone."

"A superb spirit stone will allow you to cultivate for several days. What's your dissatisfaction?"

"Do you know how difficult the monks in the spiritual world are? You can easily get the resources required by other monks, and you are still so indifferent, master, do you want to anger all monks?"

Facing Yuanbao's words, Liang Jie scratched his cheek and felt a little embarrassed.

It is indeed too easy to earn a spiritual stone, so he does not feel the value of money, even in real life, he is already a billionaire.

Is it so empty to feel rich?

Liang Jie sighed, causing Yuanbao to almost want to slam.

If it weren't for Li Mengyao, he would have to beat Liang Jie's teeth all over the floor.

But thinking about it this way is not a bad thing. The rich master means that he can find a monk to serve himself.


Thinking of this, Yuanbao couldn't help laughing, and drooled all over.

It's very easy here, but the chamber of commerce in the spirit world is dumbfounded. They have already foreseen the end of their chamber of commerce. The entry of Nine Regions eBay store is simply a bottom-up salary!

Either they followed the price cut, or they died to the end.

Right now, they haven't been hit too much, but the other party has made it clear that they need to sell pills and magical instruments. By then, it would definitely be a shockingly low price.

As a result, their profit margins are very small.

"I think it is necessary to let the people in the fairy world take a look. The master of the ring must not be in the spirit world."

"I feel the same way, otherwise he would never dare to do that unless he wanted to die."

"It is also possible that he has reached the limit that the Spirit World can bear, in which he is invincible."


This is just guesswork. They can’t be sure until they find him.

However, the only thing they did not expect was that the person they were looking for was not in the spirit world, nor in the so-called fairy world, but in the lower world.

"Ah ... begging for a chance! It ’s good to sell some extra superb storage bags every day!"

"Who sells the superb storage bags? I pay 200,000 low- grade spirit stone."

"Want to buy the superb storage bags sold in the Nine Regions eBay store, and pay a top-grade spirit stone!"

Under Liang Jie's hungry marketing, the monks in the spirit world were completely crazy, and Li Mengyao could receive many requests for increased sales.

In response, she chose to ignore it.

As for the spirit world's acquisition of the superb storage bags at a high price, Liang Jie already knows through Han Yu, but he is not in a hurry to start the next step, because he has not yet reached the minimum requirement of 1 million in his mind.