Chapter 5 - Get Money and Beauty

"Although you are shameless, you see people very well."

"The congenital wooden spirit body is indeed extremely rare in this world, and physical cultivation with her can get great benefits."

"You can think about asking her to cultivate with you."

Li Mengyao was ashamed of Liang Jie's behavior but had to admit that he was lucky.

The congenital wooden spirit body can get twice the result with half the effort of practicing wooden spells. In the future, the achievements will be infinite. Even in the distant past, it is extremely rare.

"physical cultivation?"

With his eyes widened, Liang Jie thought of something.

Then he grinned, very creepy.

Li Mengyao said silently: "Master, you are so shameless! physical cultivation is not what you think."

"Everything is the same! How can we do?"

Liang Jie didn't care so much. Since it was determined that Yang Yi could have physical cultivation with him, it was tantamount to booking this wife, and he was naturally happy.

But Li Mengyao was very upset. she felt that following such a dirty master, she became impure.

"Master, you are a fire-wood dual-spirited root, and very weak, but fire-wood symbiosis is the best spiritual root for physical cultivation with this girl, but unfortunately you are too weak.

With a twitch at the corner of his mouth, Liang Jie's heart was very upset, listening to the extremely heavy "weak" word.

As for spirit root, he can gradually become stronger. He is not in a hurry.

The congenital capital is not strong enough, and it does not mean that cannot make up for it. With the ring, that is not a problem.

Of course, Liang Jie slept very well. Li Mengyao found a few suitable candidates according to the previous routine and then sent them a message.

This kind of big data screening ability is nothing to the ring at all, but Li Mengyao is very happy because this is the first time she feels that she is so useful.

"Wow ... five out of eight people are willing to buy solid foundation pill, wouldn't I be able to make 50,000 low-grade spirit stones?"

Waking up early in the morning had great things. Liang Jie was very happy, but he didn't immediately contact the person who had the solid foundation pill.

Big data screening is good, but it's too wasteful to play like this.

Since he intends to use the ring to establish eBay store, he must guarantee his own supply of goods, and he must build a large scale and sell it at a lower price.

After having breakfast, Liang Jie came to the classroom. Everyone was scared and scared to approach. Only Yang Yi sat silently beside him.

"I'm afraid you have a sudden accident. I'll sit down together later!"

Yang Yi doesn't care about other people's eyes, she just wants to take responsibility.

This moved Liang Jie so much that he couldn't wait to hold her for a kiss, but in this class, those resentful eyes made him very uncomfortable.

"Thank you, Yang Yi."

Grinning, Liang Jie blinked at Yang Yi.

The latter saw him so smirk, and immediately remembered what happened last night, her ears turned red.

Seeing how close the two of them were, last night, Yang Yi found Liang Jie again. The boys in the class suddenly felt blocked and had the urge to die.

"Liang Jie was possessed by a female ghost, and he actually gets close to Yang Yi!"

"It's enviable ... no, it's angering! This man is so shameless."

"No, I'll go to the mountain tonight to see if I can see a ghost!"


These people whispered to each other, and Liang Jie naturally heard it. At that moment, he was very proud. After all, everyone will like this kind of thing.

Being jealous means he is good, and that's something to be proud of.


However, just at the beginning of class, Liang Jie fell asleep on the table.

Of course, he didn't fall asleep, just pretending to look, he was waiting for Li Mengyao to find the right person.

From her perspective, she naturally knows the quality of solid foundation pill, but although the Xumi artifact is rare, there are a large number of people in the world, and there are many people in the cultivation momentum period, and many of them have such artifacts!

"I found it. This should be the alchemist. The solid foundation pill he made is piled up in mountains, but the effect is more than half worse, but quantity can still make up for it."

Li Mengyao found the right candidate and decisively sent him a message.

The man was practicing but was suddenly frightened by the divine news, and there was a predecessor who wanted to buy his solid foundation pill, and the price was very high, which surprised him.

After practicing alchemy for many years, he has been focusing on the simplified version of pill in order to better meet the needs of cultivation.

"Senior, I am willing to sell a simplified version of solid foundation pills for two thousand of the low-grade spirit stones. Five are equivalent to the original version. The efficacy is definitely guaranteed."

The other party sent a message, he took the initiative to ask for a price reduction, which made Liang Jie very happy.

This person is still very good, as long as the five simplified versions are sold for 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, they can sell for 100,000 low-grade spirit stones.

"I want as much as you have, and can even give you some rewards, but you are not allowed to sell to others, otherwise ..."

Liang Jie pretended to be mysterious.

The other party is in the late stage of the cultivation momentum period. Naturally, he dare not disrespect the predecessors of the forming pill period. It is his honor to be able to get the appreciation of the predecessors.

Not only did he agree, he even gave Liang Jie more than a hundred of the existing solid foundation pills.

"Get rich, hehe ..."

During the class, terrifying laughter burst out.

Everyone shivered and felt that the sweltering weather suddenly became cold.

Yang Yi on the one side saw that Liang Jie laughed in the dream, her face suddenly changed, thinking that Liang Jie was a female ghost in trouble, and she couldn't care much about it, so she kissed him directly.

The classmates who were drinking water saw this scene and almost choke.

This is a classroom. Can you hold on a bit, don't you be so direct?

"Big news, the archaeology department's flower Yang Yi has a boyfriend, and kissed in public."

All of a sudden, the entire college was boiling.

The majority of male compatriots had deep grievances. A murderous force came and scared Liang Jie. He felt an aroma penetrate into his nose. He opened his eyes and looked at Yang Yi's shy face.

It feels so wonderful, he feels he has reached the pinnacle of life.

"Don't pull me I will kill him."

"This can't be tolerated! Who gave me a knife, I choked him."

"I envy him, I want to worship him as a teacher!"

The boys in the class fry directly, they have an urge to kill.

However, Liang Jie, who knew their thoughts, didn't care! let them be envious!