Chapter 49 - Hunger Marketing (1)

After all, the superb storage bag is already a commodity.

If it is sold at the most basic material price, those monks will definitely be happy to buy it, after all, the space for fifty squares is already very large.

"Senior, lately the spirit world has been telling about the Nine Regions eBay Store!"

"Look if we should put some news out! After all, this matter is still very important to us."

"The other thing is, Zhuo Yi and I have found some friends who also want to become senior partners. We can sign a master-slave contract. Seniors don't have to worry that we will leak information about you."

Han Yu first talked about things in the spiritual world, and then mentioned the idea of adding some people.

In fact, Liang Jie also thought of this. Now he just raised it, it is just right, he has no opinion, after all, the deed is the safest means.

Unless it is an immortal shot, otherwise it is impossible to suppress the backwash, there is no such immortal existence in the spirit world.

"Well, okay! I happen to be understaffed too!"

"I have some storage bags here for you to use for alchemy materials."

"Also, you can spread the news about the Nine Regions eBay Store. You could say that we have prepared a wave of warm-up activities. People who previously received promotional advertisements have the opportunity to buy superb storage bags at low prices. 10,000 places per day, sold at zero on time."

Liang Jie's idea is very simple, that is, use the hunger marketing method often used by major businesses to let people in the spirit world snap up the superb storage bags.

Just gain the cost, for Liang Jie, they make money because this is the first step of the experimental platform.

He is not a charity, he can’t do business at a loss! So in this way, it will be more topical for everyone, and they must be very satisfied with this little gift.

When Zhuo Yi got the storage bag Liang Jie gave him, he was stunned and turned out to be a superb storage bag.

"Zhuo Yi, you slap me and see if I'm dazzled."

"No need to pump you, I just hit myself."

"It's really a superb storage bag, and space is fifty square meters."

"You are right, it's fifty!"


Generally, the price of a storage bag is 100,000 low=grade spirit stones, which is a lot of money.

But the price of the superb storage bag needs to be turned several times! It's really precious for them.

If they knew it, it was just made by Nine Regions Tripod casually. What do they think?

During the next two days, Liang Jie refined the superb storage bags at night and also sold the pills every day. He did not carefully calculate the number of spirit stones he earned, but the purchase of the vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone was absolutely enough.

At the same time, news spread in the spirit world.

"You heard about it, the Nine Regions eBay store is ready for sale. I heard that it is preparing 10,000 pieces of superb storage bags and selling them at extremely low prices."

"I heard that everyone is looking forward to coming, not to mention the monks in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period. Even the monks in the gold pill period are very excited."

"After all, low prices mean a lot of profit! It's money when you sell it!"

Normal monks are naturally very interested in such topics, so they spread very fast.

While everyone was expecting, the people in the major chambers couldn't sit still, because they were caught off guard by the Nine Regions eBay store.

Selling the superb storage bags at a low price, wouldn't that mean that the storage bags in their hands are going to be overstocked, which is not good news.

"The master of the ring is so shameless that he wants to break our financial path!"

"Yes! If continue to indulge like this, our business will be affected."

"I'm not sure now, let's take a look! If it is really not good for us, we can only do something."

The people of the Chamber of Commerce have a unified standard for the sales prices of various pills and instruments.

But now there is a person who does not play cards according to common sense. They felt unhappy, it is even more disgusting than eating ants.

"Tomorrow night will start selling the superb storage bags. It has 50 square meters of space, only 50,000 pieces of low-grade spirit stones, and 10,000 pieces will be sold every night."

"In addition, everyone who grabbed the superb storage bag, please don't resell it! Otherwise, you will regret it!"

"Each person is limited to one purchase. At that time, please note that we are allowed to receive your spirit stone in the storage bag or other Xumi magical instruments!"

This time, Liang Jie released another message, which is still the endorsement of the first beauty of Qiongyao fairy.

However, compared with the obvious one before, this time has obviously converged a lot, but this time the picture is a bit excessive.

Because the storage bag was taken from the double peaks of the fairy Qiong Yao, and then introduced with a smile in her hand, countless monks saw the heat flowing in the nose when they saw this scene. It was like a fire.

It ’s really amazing. Just rely on this scene of the portrait, this must be bought!

"What time is it now?"

"It's a quarter of an hour."

"I can't wait, why can't start!"

"Yeah! The spirit stones in my hand are jumping."


Earlier, the Nine Regions eBay store caused heated discussions.

Now everyone's attention has been stunned again and coupled with such a low-cost ultra-best storage bag, it has obviously made everyone eager.

"Recover spirit pills, is it really useful?"

"Master, rest assured! Second-grade recover spirit pills are enough for you to recover several times. You don't have to worry about any problems."

"Oh, that's it! Otherwise, I missed the historic scene, I feel bad."

"What is it? So mysterious? I want to see it too!"

The conversation between Liang Jie and Li Mengyao made Yuanbao very much concerned, and he simply asked Liang Jie to share with him what he saw.

In this regard, Liang Jie also had no choice but to follow suit.

After all, recovery spirit pills were made by Yuanbao. If he doesn't show it to him, God knows if the guy will scold him again.

"The ability to use the ring to rule all Xumi instruments is actually communicating with the monks in the spiritual world."

"Master, I used to underestimate you, I reflect, and you can let me do anything in the future."

"That's what, can you find me a few beautiful monks and let them take a bath for me ..."

Yuanbao was so excited to see everything in front of him and talk about taking a bath.

This made Li Mengyao very unhappy, and flew him directly to the side, saying that he was a rogue and he did not admit it, thinking about the beauty monk to serve him all day.

But she can't let him affect the master, this is an absolute ban.

"It's about a minute before we start, let's see how hot it will be."

Liang Jie grinned, and couldn't wait. He really wanted to know how this hungry marketing campaign would affect the spiritual world.