Chapter 48 - The Superb Storage Bag

On the first day of the New Year, Liang Jie passed by in drowsiness.

Naturally, this is not the case on the second day of the New Year. After returning to the grandmother's house to pay New Year, Liang Jie returned to the room to conduct the experiment of the refining device.

"The steps of refining artifact and refining pills are the same. Purify the material, melt the material, then draw the matrix method, and finally come out of the oven."

"With the current strength of the master, there is no way to refine other things. Although using my vanity tripod, does not require you to specifically operate these things, but the required fire still needs you to do."

"She has taught you the true fire skills, you can now use it to alchemy or refine artifacts."

Yuanbao looked at Liang Jie and told him some precautions, but in fact, it is useless.

With the help of the Nine Regions Tripod, the refining device and the alchemy are both fool-like operations. Liang Jie only needs to control the fire.

"Let's get started!"

Liang Jie doesn't want to waste time. When he sleeps at night, his consciousness can be cultivated in the second-floor space of the ring. This is undoubtedly the best way.

The five elements of yin and yang circulate on their own, absorbing the aura emitted by top-grade spirit stones. Liang Jie now does not need to worry about cultivation.

Xumi stones have already been obtained from Han Yu, and the quantity is very large, enough to make millions of storage bags.

After all, a low-grade refining material such as first-grade Xumi Stone is very common, and the amount accumulated by a general chamber of commerce is enough for Liang Jie to make hundreds of millions of storage bags.

"You want to make a storage bag, two kinds of materials: vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone."

"In the order I said, you can directly start the refining, and put one hundred pieces of vanity fell and first-grade Xumi stone in each stove."

"You don't have to be so careful in sorting, just throw it in."

Yuanbao took a smartphone and looked at the pictures of the beautiful women, both eyes were protruding.

Listening to his remarks, Liang Jie was completely speechless, and this little fat guy's words were too shocking.

However, he is right. After all, his experience is much richer than Liang Jie. If it is not for Liang Jie, such a low-level magic weapon as a storage bag, he would not do it!

How to say that he is a celestial treasure. When refining a magic weapon, he must refine more than ninth-grade magic weapons!

"A low-level artifact like a storage bag is not even a first-grade artifact."

"But there is no way, who makes you the master! So I try my best."

"Master, you can't say that this is made by me. I can't afford to lose this person."

Although Yuanbao was helping Liang Jie to make the storage bag, he is very noisy. Liang Jie wanted to hit the wall. This little fat guy is not over.

Regarding the magic weapon, Liang Jie has also been very clear.

The first to third grades are magical instruments, the fourth to sixth grades are treasures, the seventh to nine grades are spiritual instruments, and above that are the fairy instruments, true treasure, and spiritual treasure.

After reaching the fairy instruments, there are four grades of lower grade, middle grade, top-grade, and superb grade, each of which is very far apart.

Spiritual treasure is generally divided into congenital spiritual treasure and acquired spiritual treasure. As for the celestial spiritual treasure, only Nine Regions Artifacts in the world can call it a celestial spiritual treasure. It is made by the superb congenital spiritual treasure after numerous years of sacrifice.

Thinking of these things, Liang Jie felt incredible.

"Master, concentrate, you're in the refiner, watch the fire."

"I'm the Nine Regions tripod. If you use me to refine and failed. I will tell you that I can't go out to meet people. Don't ask me to help you refine in the future."

"As a master, are you so lazy, aren't you ashamed at all? You ..."

However, his words could not be continued, because Li Mengyao did not know where to draw a sword, and was actually going to chop Yuanbao.

"Now, we are civilized, can’t battle."

However, Li Mengyao didn't care so much. She dropped the bronze sword in her hand, then picked up a stick and knocked it over.


"Oh ... Sister Meng Yao, forgive me!"

"I'm wrong. I don't dare to disrespect my master anymore."

"Don't run!"

Liang Jie was stunned when he looked at the two.

This tripod elf is also amazing! This character is too smoky.

Controlling the fire carefully, Liang Jie felt that his consciousness was gradually becoming stronger, which made him very happy.

Refining the storage bag does not take much time, it is about an hour or so.

Liang Jie can feel the changes in the vanity tripod, each vanity fell has evolved into space under the smelting of Xumi stone, and finally formed a storage bag.

All the processes are clearly visible, and he does not need any operation. It can be seen that Yuanbao does not lie, and most steps do not need Liang Jie to control.

"It's time to cease the fire, master!"

Yuan Bao grinned with fangs, but there were no injuries on his body.

Looking at his grievance, Liang Jie felt very funny.

As soon as the fire stopped, a hundred storage bags flew out of the Nine vanity tripods. It seemed nothing special, but Li Mengyao held a storage bag and widened her eyes.

"Master, you have even practiced the storage bag into a first-grade magical instrument, it's so good!"

This is really shocking. Obviously it is just such ordinary materials, but it has refined the best storage bags with great internal space.

It should be noted that the general storage bag has about ten square meters of space, but the superb storage bag has reached 50 square meters!

"Is it fantastic?"

Yuanbao held his chest, an expression of my credit.

In this regard, Li Mengyao did not refute, it is indeed the help of Nine Regions tripod, such a miracle can occur.

Liang Jie was happy about it, but he wasn't particularly happy either, because he thought it would be necessary to refine so many storage bags.

Nine hundred superb storage bags in one hour, or nine thousand in one night. When does this have to be refined?

"Ah, the ideal is full, and the reality is too skinny!" Liang Jie shook his head helplessly, feeling that his thoughts were too naive.

Although the process of refining the storage bag was smooth, as far as the results were concerned, he felt hindered.

At first, he was going to build the platform directly, but in order to be safer and better control the Xumi artifacts, Liang Jie had to use his own storage bag.

So, this time he needs to change his strategy.

However, it is not completely impossible. and a long delay will only consume the expected value of spiritual monks.

"Looks like we have to use a trick."

Liang Jie grinned, and he thought of a great way.

It is not too much to get close to 10,000 storage bags a day, but it is not a small number. This is enough for him to earn a fortune. After all, as a modern civilized man, he has many ways to let the monks in the spiritual world pay for but unaware.