Chapter 47 - Perfect Combination

"Master, are you awake? Did the fat guy talk to you?"

Li Mengyao made Liang Jie completely speechless. She knew it long ago.

Regarding the Nine Regions Ring, Li Mengyao did not tell him all the truth!

"Um, how many things have you not told me about the secret of the ring?" Liang Jie didn't get angry because of that, but he was very concerned.

Li Mengyao said with an aggrieved expression: "Master, I didn't conceal it on purpose, but I hated the fat guy, and he ignored the previous owner."

"Who do you say? Master, don't forget what you promised me."

The fat guy suddenly appeared, looking at Li Mengyao with an unpleasant expression. He was quite dissatisfied with her calling herself a fat guy.

However, Li Mengyao turned her neck and ignored him.

However, she still cares about the master Liang Jie. He did not expect that the master not only awakened the fat guy but also recognized by the fat guy, which was really great.

"Well, get along well in the future."

"Promise you, and when my strength goes up, there will be no problem."

"This is not the spirit world, so there is nothing I can do for you."

Liang Jie smiled helplessly, glanced at the little fat guy and said lightly.

Hearing the owner's words, the fat guy's face was huddled up, apparently, he didn't expect this result.

The spirit here is indeed thin, and even cultivation is a problem. He felt that he had been deceived by his master.

Therefore, he looked at Liang Jie with a grudge on his face to show his dissatisfaction.

"Master, I don't care what you lie to me, but you have to give me those photo albums of the beauties of the world."

The fat guy has already entered into a contract with Liang Jie, so it is too late to regret it, and the road is chosen by himself. No one can complain about this.

Although unhappy, there was no way, so he made such a request.

"Well, here's the mobile phone. You search for the beauty yourself."

Liang Jie threw the phone to the fat guy, and he caught it and played it directly.

Unlocking the phone and opening the browser, all actions are very skilled, he seems to know most of the world.

"Look at me? Aren't you going to look at the second floor of the Nine Regions Ring?"

The fat guy glanced at Liang Jie, then disappeared holding the phone.

Compared to Li Mengyao, this little fat guy has done more on his own. At this moment, he is unhappy with his recklessness!

He thought Ling Jie was a great monk! The result is just a solid foundation period. But being able to wake him up doesn't mean that Liang Jie is really bad.

"Yes! Master, hurry up to the second floor!"

At the urging of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie immediately sat down and sank his consciousness into the ring. Liang Jie once again came to that empty world.

He can see a lot of Xumi artifacts here, but unfortunately, he can't get them. Obviously, the ring dominates all the world's Xumi artifacts, which is the ability of the first floor of the ring.

The entrance to the second floor was very obvious. Under the leadership of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie quickly found it.

A simple bronze tripod was suppressed on the ground, Liang Jie could feel its powerful momentum. It did not seem to be a big tripod but it had the mighty power to crush the mountains and shatter the galaxy.

"Come on!"

The fat guy appeared next to tripod, moved a position, and signaled Liang Jie to go down.

The second floor of space in the ring is in the world below the tripod, which is much smaller than space above, but when Liang Jie enters, he finds that his consciousness is gradually becoming stronger.

The speed of this strengthening is obvious, like the feeling of ten thousand years at a glance.

"Master, the second floor is not storage space, only the first floor."

"The space-time flow rate of the second floor is ten times that of the outside. As the strength of the master increases, the time-flow rate here can double."

"Master can exercise the strength of consciousness here, as well as refining pills or magic weapon here. The faster time flow means that the master's refining speed is countless times faster than others."

With regard to the second floor of space in the ring, this is its ability.

It seems that there are only a few hundred square spaces, with the time ability that everyone admires. This is the inherent space. Compared with the prohibition or matrix method that accelerates the time flow rate, it is much more advanced.

"Well, she's right, it's really the best place for alchemy and refines artifacts."

"With the help of me, you can become the strongest alchemist and refiner in the world."

"At present, you can’t use my body, but I can differentiate the vanity tripod for you. The effect is worse than my body, but it is much better than the so-called fairy magic in the world."

The little fat guy looked with a smile on his face, faint in the air.

He stared at the beauties on the screen of his phone, his saliva was almost flowing, apparently, he was satisfied with the little thing in his hand.

A tripod appeared in front of Liang Jie. The style was similar to that of the Nine Regions Tripod. On the tripod wall, there were various patterns of beasts and immortals as if living.

"At present, with your strength, you can differentiate nine vanity tripods, the limit is ninety-nine."

"When your strength reaches the god period, you can use Nine Regions Tripod refining pills or magic weapon."

"It's not that I don't help you, but that I need a lot of spiritual power to motivate me. Master, you now use me to refine pills, and it is estimated that the spiritual power will be exhausted and die instantly."

The fat guy wasn't alarmist. He reminded Liang Jie for his sake.

Moreover, in this second layer of space, the use of the vanity tripod to make pills or magical instruments is the perfect way for Liang Jie to cultivate.

At the same time that consciousness can be cultivated, the necessary pills or magic weapons can be refined, which is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

It can be said that this is the perfect combination of the Nine Regions Ring and Nine Regions Tripod.

"Master, as he said, it really is." Li Mengyao glanced at the fat guy and nodded.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "Well, it's really good. Little fat guy, you don't have a name yet!"

"Who says I have no name, my name is Yuanbao."


"Well, I think the name is very appropriate."


In this regard, Liang Jie has no opinion.

The name of this little fat guy is indeed very interesting. It just matches the tripod.

"You like it, then call you Yuanbao!"

Liang Jie is also lazier since he likes it.

With tripod and ring, Liang Jie's plan can be speeded up a lot, after all, these nine vanity tripods can help Liang Jie to quickly make storage bags.

As a result, the platform plan will be much faster.

By that time, the Nine Regions eBay Store could be considered as a real prototype.