Chapter 46 - Nine Regions Tripod

Liang Jie knows nothing about the spiritual world, at this time he is in a coma.

However, when he was lethargic, a special wave came over, and Li Mengyao felt it directly, and she also showed a hint of shock.

"This guy is awake, but it's surprising!"

As an artifact, the storage space of the ring is almost unlimited, but it also corresponds to the strength of the owner.

Initially, the space available to Liang Jie was very limited. The cultivation momentum period would be much larger, but even a mountain could not be stored. It can be seen that the space is too small for the ring.

At the solid foundation period, the second floor of the ring can be opened, but there is a weird guy blocking the entrance. It is not easy to enter.

"I sense it, shameless breath!"

The voice came directly to Liang Jie's mind, which surprised him.

At the same time, in the consciousness, a small fat guy with white light suddenly appeared. This feeling was too familiar.

His body is not an entity, but a change similar to that of Li Mengyao.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Have you heard?"

He was fleshy and looked at Liang Jie with a pair of small eyes at the moment.

Needless to know, this little fat guy is also an artifact elf, but Liang Jie does not know what the elf this guy is.

"Are you talking to me?" Liang Jie pointed to himself and asked.

The fat guy rolled his eyes and said, "Isn't it you, is it a ghost?"

"Are you an artifact elf?"

Liang Jie was very curious and asked.

The little fat guy didn't rush to answer, but floated in front of Liang Jie and hit a ring finger. The card sent by Li Mengyao was presented in the air.

Both the first and the later ones are very clear.

"This is the card you asked the ring to send out!"

"Well, that's right."

"Very good, shameless! I admire you."

"What the hell are you?"

"Never mind, I'm the elf of Nine Regions Tripod, one of Nine Regions Artifacts."

"Uh ..."

It feels that the fat guy and Li Mengyao are completely different.

Li Mengyao is innocent but very spiritual. The small fat guy in front of him, a pair of eyes looks at Qiong Yao Fairy's body, but it is not serious.

"I know you must not believe it, but the elf of the ring has sensed my awakening."

"To unlock the seal of the second floor, you have to please me."

"Otherwise, you don't want to enter the second floor."

The fat guy's expression that I was very proud of made Liang Jie feel speechless for a while.

This little fat guy came to find himself, in order to get some benefits!

Is this an elf or a rogue? How do you feel smarter than people? However, Liang Jie will not doubt his words. After all, he has seen Li Mengyao, this little fat guy must be the elf of Nine Regions Tripod.

"I don't know, what do you want?" Liang Jie smiled and asked.

Now that he has offered to take the initiative, he naturally has to follow the other party's will.

Liang Jie is still very interested in the second-floor space of the ring.

"Of course it's a beauty. I like beauty the most. Just give me some beauty!"

"Uh ... what do you want beauty to do?"

"Of course I want them to serve me."

"How to serve?"

"Of course I asked them to help me take a bath. You are still young and don’t know it. I don’t blame you."


At this point, Liang Jie was completely speechless.

This guy is actually a lascivious little fat guy. An elf actually needs beauty to take a bath.

After all, he is just an elf, he can’t do anything!

"Boy, what's your look? I can do much."

"Don't say it's to let the beauties take a bath for me, just to take a bath with me, they all want it!"

"Do you know the Nine Regions Tripod? It can refine pills and artifacts, and the success rate can be increased... "

In order to highlight that he is very powerful, he said a lot, and Liang Jie was said to be stunned.

This is not what he needs most now! It was so timely.

Doesn't he just want beauty! As a modern man, Liang Jie can have countless ways to make him envious to kneel and ask for himself.

"Beauties, I don't have now, but I can show you the beauties of this world."

"How's it? Interested? If you think I'm the master, I'll give you this opportunity."

"The kind of divine image you saw just now, I can ask Li Mengyao to help you make it, and it can completely meet any of your needs."

When Liang Jie talked, the little fat guy looked with contempt.

However, speaking of Qiongyao's fairy portrait, he was clearly shaken, but in the end, he still held back and did not agree with Liang Jie's request.

"You want to be my master just like this, and you look down on me too much."

"Well, I can show you the beauties of our world, this is part of my memory!"

"I have seen beauty."

"Of course, I have not only portraited, but also video information of these beauties."

"What's the big deal, I have taken advantage of all the fairies of the immortal world."


He wanted to seduce the fat guy, but the modern beauties were not attractive to him at all.

After all, the almost perfect woman of the first beauty is not found in the world, but Liang Jie is not completely helpless now.

"Hey, since you're so uninterested, let's forget it!"

"Wait, you seem to have something to say."

"Forget it! You don’t like anyway."

"Boy, don't say I didn't give you a chance, as long as you can make me tempted, I will recognize you as the master."



Knowing that Liang Jie had deliberately seduced him, but the fat guy couldn't help it.

In order to know what Liang Jie was thinking, the fat guy directly opened up a condition, which was exactly what Liang Jie wanted.

Therefore, Liang Jie laughed: "Actually, I plan to find beautiful women in the future to broadcast live shows, and then you will do the master planning, and they will do whatever you want them to do."


He didn't quite understand what the live broadcast was, but he knew he could command a group of beauties, and he was very excited that they will do things according to his orders.

For a long time, he just wants to be surrounded by beauties, and then the beauties obeyed him!

"Okay! I recognize you as the master, but in the future, the position of the master plan must belong to me." The little fat guy's expression on his face was full of expectation.

After speaking, a light radiated from the fat guy blended into Liang Jie's brows.

At this time, Liang Jie woke up from drowsiness, and he could obviously feel that there was a very close connection between himself and an artifact.