Chapter 45 - Super Shameless

Of course, the moment when this card was released, Liang Jie fell asleep again happily.

This puzzled Liang Jie ’s parents. Why is his son so sleepy? Did he stay up late last night?

"Uncle and auntie, he likes to stay up late, rest assured."

For this reason, Shangguan Yu also made a lot of effort. He had to help the teacher to get through, although he didn't know what happened to the teacher.

However, he believes there must be a reason for teacher to be so. After all, the teaXueer seems to have broken through, and it is normal to consolidate the cultivation at this time.

At the same time, the spirit world was speechless again.

The reason is without him, just because they received another card, and this time it is even more explosive, it turned out to be the interaction between a first handsome man and beautiful woman.

Two of them in a half-embracing shirt and hugged and fell asleep, their faces were full of happy and sweet smiles, and then one came with an ad.

"Buy pills"

"The price is good"

What are you trying to do?

Isn't it just the opening of a chamber of commerce? Are you tossing like this?

The first beauty advertised, and now the first handsome man. Are you ready to sell pills or pull hatred!

"This can't be tolerated! when did Qiongyao fairy fall in love with the first handsome man Jiang Yixian? This matter is not clear!"

"Yeah! It must be said clearly that the first handsome man, Jiang Yixian, is an idol in the hearts of many of our women, how can they tolerate such defilement?"

"The people from the Nine Regions eBay store explained it to me, otherwise, I will tear down your shops."

"We are seriously protesting ..."

This time, the Nine Regions eBay store was famous.

They are highly anticipated people, and now such ambiguous advertisements are really unacceptable.

The voice of controversy has caused waves in the whole spirit world. Everyone is looking for a Nine Regions eBay store. They want to see which shop is. The ads are so vulgar.

Is it remarkable to have the ring? Can it be so shameless?

"The master of the ring this time has a lot of personalities! He actually made a joke with everyone."

"Don't say that these two divine images are very realistic,"

"It's almost like a real person. Anyway, no matter how you look at it, I see it as a real person."

"Hey, the hero sees the same thing! Qiong Yao Fairy's sultry posture has already been recorded in Jade Jane!"

However, there are many angry people and many like them.

Compared to this kind of behavior of a male monk, even a female monk has collected a new version of the divine image, a portrait of Jiang Yixian's half-dressed clothes, and a spoiled look. The lethality is too great.

It is said that countless female monks passed out happily that day.

"I am the descendant of the family of Jiang Yixian's ancestors. We strongly condemn this slanderous behavior of the ancestors. Nine Regions eBay store, you must give us a statement!"

"I am the descendant of Qiong Yao Fairy's family. I am very angry at the behavior of the Nine Regions eBay store. you slander my ancestor and damage her innocence. We will never give up on this matter."

With such a big noise, the family descendants of Jiang Yixian and Qiong Yao fairy naturally wanted to stand up and speak.

It's a pity that the so-called Nine Regions eBay store has no news at all and has no intention of showing up, which makes everyone very confused.

For this reason, many people spontaneously organized and issued a crusade mission, hoping to get the person in charge of the Nine Regions eBay store out and find out the master of the ring.

"You are actually to see the card. I don't know how many times the god portraits are taken out to watch! Also for the reputation of Qiong Yao fairy, shameless!"

"I agree with this statement, you need to be realistic about being a person, and I don't hide after collection."

"Don't say anything, I heard that someone sold the card directly! And in the name of Nine Regions eBay store, I don't know which chamber of commerce is so bold."

The spirit world is vast and boundless. It is not easy to find out Liang Jie, not to mention that he is not in this world at all, and it is impossible to find him.

This matter has attracted the attention of countless forces, and they all want to know what kind of person the master of the ring is.

In just two days, it caused such a huge wave, which is really amazing. The whole spiritual world is noisy, and most of the monks in the cultivation momentum period, solid foundation period, and gold pill period received the card.

The other party made it clear that they wanted to stir up the uproar. All the powerful people were guessing what the purpose of that person was, whether they were hostile to Jiang Yixian and Qiong Yao fairy.

"The predecessor is the predecessor, so extraordinary shot."

Han Yu sighed. He already admired Liang Jie totally.

How can he dare to do this if he doesn't have the strength? Obviously Liang Jie has nothing to fear!

"Yeah! It is really great to be able to follow the predecessors, and our future must be bright!" Zhuo Yi was also grateful. When the predecessors found him, it was a blessing he had repaired in his last life.

Working for their predecessors, they have earned a lot of spiritual stones, and there is no need to worry about cultivation.

Not only that, but they can also get the protection of their predecessors, and their future achievements must be unimaginable, even if it is not impossible to ascend to the immortal world.

"Xumi stone must speed up the collection, otherwise we can call our Taoist friends too!"

"I believe that seniors now need manpower. We can sign a master-servant spirit deed with the seniors. I believe the seniors will not refuse."

"how do you feel?"

Zhuo Yi also has many Taoist friends.

As for Han Yu, although there are not many Taoist friends, they are also trusted.

Han Yu naturally agrees with it. After all, the major forces in the spiritual world often recruit slaves. As long as you can cultivate, what about as a slave?

It is their blessing to be a slave to seniors.

Compared to their happiness, the members of the major chambers of commerce were sad, because the sudden appearance of the Nine Regions eBay store caused them a huge impact.

"It has said they want to sell pills cheaply. Why are your prices so expensive?"

This reason alone made them miserable, not to mention a large number of slow-moving sales of pills, and public praise also plummeted.

For a time, everyone's expectations for the Nine Regions eBay store have reached an unprecedented height. Whether they want revenge or cooperation, they all want to get news about the Nine Regions eBay store.