Chapter 44 - Shock the Spirit World

The New Year is not special in the spirit world, but there are many cities that will be busy to welcome the new year.

What everyone didn't expect, however, was that they had a very special year.

"Huh? Why is there fluctuation in the storage bag?"

"Why does the storage bracelet come out with divine thoughts?"


Countless people received a special ray of thoughts at the beginning of the new year. It was really special. It did not need to rely on objects to transfer special pictures and texts.

When everyone learned the content through divine contact, everyone was crazy.

A violent scream frightened many people.

Many gold pill period monks, they frantically fly around the city frantically, the divine thoughts cover dozens of miles like a large net.

"Who is it? Dare to joke with Qiong Yao Fairy?"

"Buy pills, and the price is good?"

"Which dare to do this, come out, look at the uncle, I will hit you."

These gold pill period monks were angry, and their anger covered the entire city.

At the same time, some monks in the solid foundation period were dumbfounded because they also saw the Qiong Yao fairy who was going to be enchanted.

Some people are angry, and others are naturally excited.

Qiong Yao Fairy is the first fairy for tens of thousands of years. Needless to say, her appearance is the goddess in the minds of countless people.

Unfortunately, she has been immortal for a long time, so no one can see her true face, even very few portraits.

"Wow ... is this Qiong Yao fairy?"

"It's so pretty, it really is the first beauty."

"Who the hell is this? How dare to use Qiongyao's fairy image to promote his chamber of commerce?"

In their opinion, this should be something that a major chamber of commerce would do, otherwise, it would not cause such a big noise.

The whole spirit world shook and everyone was discussing it.

"Did you see that? Qiongyao Fairy is like a real person, and I don't know who asked Qiongyao Fairy to speak for himself."

"Don't say that I look at that card more than 20 times, and I feel my body is almost empty."

Good news, bad news, spread in the spirit world.

Countless people are saying that this is Qiong Yaoxian herself, so countless people have fallen, and they have been attracted by the card.

It is a pity that no matter how hard they tried, they still could not find the person who sent out this portrait of divine thought.

"This is by no means the case for our chamber of Commerce. Please don’t ask me again."

"I solemnly declare that the matter of Qiong Yao Fairy has nothing to do with us."


The major chambers of commerce in the spirit world came forward to express their stand, and they were frightened by many monks.

At first, many Taoist friends who came here to talk to them about buying medicine made them very happy, but then they were scared by those Taoist friends who scolded or even used force.

In order to calm the anger, they had to come out to clarify the facts.

Qiong Yao Fairy propagated the Chamber of Commerce in a gigantic manner, spreading to the spirit world overnight, everyone was surprised and very curious about this eBay store.

"Dear friends, of course, it takes a lot of work to make it."

"It can be so widely announced, and it's all for Taoists who have Xumi artifacts, don't you think it's strange?"

"Is there anyone in the world who can do this?"

On the first day of the new year, the news of the Qiongyao Fairy Endorsement Chamber of Commerce has become the talk of everyone, and many of them are academics who are already doubting the source of the matter.

A powerful monk can cover millions of miles of spiritual thoughts, but it is difficult to cover the entire spiritual world, and if this is done, someone will be aware.

Therefore, the matter itself is weird.

"Nine Regions Ring!"

Following this line of thinking, there is only one explanation that makes sense.

That is, the ring that can rule all the Xumi artifacts in the world, it can contact all Xumi artifacts without knowing it.

"What? The ring appeared? Which state?"

Soon, the monks in the spirit world noticed the ring, their eyes were full of horror, and at the same time, they showed a greedy look.

The ring is a heavenly treasure! Now in the world, monks naturally want to compete.

Of course, whether you can grab it or not is another matter.

Because this time, Liang Jie did not ask Li Mengyao to collect information from other monks, so he didn't know the changes in the spiritual world.

"Senior, is it Qiongyao Fairy's endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce? Isn't it your work?" Han Yu found Liang Jie and asked carefully.

He was completely frightened, and the senior who had been in contact with him unexpectedly was actually the master of the ring.

What is this concept? He used to think that the other party was only a master of the Yuanying period or gold period, but now it seems that he completely underestimated the other party!

He dares to propagate his chamber of commerce so aggressively, he must be from the immortal world and have a very high status.

"Well, I want to promote our chamber of commerce! What's wrong?"

Hearing that Liang Jie was a little puzzled but pretended to be calm, without any wavering.

Li Mengyao saw the other side's news and was very curious about what happened in the spirit world.

Then, Li Mengyao rolled on the ground with a smile, everyone in the spirit world was a genius! Everyone's brain makes up too much.

"Nine Regions eBay Store? This name is very appropriate, we will be Nine Regions eBay Store in the future."

"But it will take some time to prepare. I need a lot of Xumi stones!"

"You can prepare first, then you will know what I plan to do!"

In fact, Liang Jie didn't think of a good name, but everyone has already thought of a good name for him.

At the same time, he also explained the task and asked them to collect as many Xumi stones as possible, and he was ready to refine the storage bags.

However, Liang Jie was surprised now. He did not expect that Qiong Yao's fairy was so powerful. But this is normal, after all, Qiong Yao fairy has already become immortal.

The immortal realm is too far away for Liang Jie, and his main focus now is in the spiritual world.

"Master, yesterday you said you want to get a handsome man card. I thought of a suitable candidate."


"The first handsome man, Jiang Yixian!"

"First handsome man?"


"Then you made it like this."

Liang Jie pulled out his cell phone very decisively, and then searched for some pictures of ancient style men, but these pictures are not just a man, but pictures showing the intimate friendship between beautiful men and beautiful women.

Although she did not quite understand Liang Jie's intentions, Li Mengyao felt that this should not be a problem.

"Hey, this is good! That's it!"

Looking at the pictures that Li Mengyao spent an hour, Liang Jie was very happy.

Believe that this little card is thrown out, the whole spirit world will be crazy!