Chapter 43 - New Year's Card

There is no way Liang Jie can solve the collapse, even he has a solution, he can’t do it.

Those excavators are operating! He can't totally expose the cultivation! Until then only people in this area will be harmed.

"Parents, I'm back! The headmaster suddenly told me to handle things, because it was a newly discovered site and all communications were banned, so it was delayed."

This is why Liang Jie left so many days without answering the phone, and finally managed to confuse his parents.

Today is New Year's Eve. Every family is preparing New Year's Eve dinner. Liang Jie and his family are no exception.

Children on New Year's Eve are the happiest because they can display fireworks to the fullest. Naturally, fireworks will not be banned in such mountain villages, so when the fireworks take off, Shangguan Yu is even more excited than children.

Shangguan Yu took a cigarette and ran to the boxes of fireworks side by side.

He bought a lot of fireworks, saying that he wanted to make up for all the copies that he couldn't light before.

Looking at the fireworks that lifted off, Liang Jie couldn't help laughing, and Li Mengyao also watched bursts of joy and was extremely happy.

Liang Jie returned to his room to prepare a New Year gift for the friends in the spirit world.

"Mengyao, can you send cards to those people!"

"It's like this. It uses the picture of Qiong Yao Fairy, and then write some words."

"The final product is almost like this."

Liang Jie searched for some small card patterns with his mobile phone and opened it to Li Mengyao.

After a little explanation, he showed Li Mengyao the kind of small card that often see in hotels. Liang Jie's request is to be as close to this as possible.

"Master, do you still have this hobby?"

"Is Yang Yi not beautiful enough, or do you think you are too lonely?"

When Li Mengyao saw those beautiful women in naked clothes, she suddenly became goosebumps.

This makes Liang Jie very speechless. All advertisements are like this now! Look at the ads on those computers, which is not the case.

"You listen to me explain, I mean to let you contact others in this way."

"I plan to ask Han Yu and them to buy Xumi stone, and then I will make a storage bag, this storage bag is like their passport."

"You can directly view the space specifically allocated in the ring through the storage bag, and you can directly place an order to buy items, similar to the models of those platforms I showed you before."

Liang Jie explained carefully that he didn't want to be misunderstood by Li Mengyao.

He was thinking seriously about the future development plan.

"Oh, it's not difficult! You are in a solid foundation period, and the refining of the storage bag is not a problem."

"Those storage bags can be connected to ring directly through the ban, and because they are made by you, I have full control."

"In this way, you don't have to worry about being used by a caring person. The storage bag can only be used to buy things in the ring."

After listening to the master's explanation, Li Mengyao was a little embarrassed, but she understood quickly and instantly understood Liang Jie's intention.

In this way, there is no problem at all, because the dominance of the ring is strong, and it can absolutely control the masterless Xumi artifacts.

What's more, it was made by Liang Jie, which is even more problem-free.

"Then I can rest assured, is there any problem with this little card?"

"Of course, it's not according to our aesthetics. You can beautify the Qiong Yao fairy, according to the standards of the spiritual world."

"As for what she said! Just say,‘ Buy pills, the price is good '. As for the theme! Just say New Year ’s surprise!

Liang Jie didn't worry about the effect at all, which was really not a problem for him.

Because, he can now contact the cultivation people in the cultivation momentum period and the solid foundation period anytime, anywhere. The base of this group in the spirit world is huge.

Especially the people in the solid foundation period, they almost all have storage bags, so the number of people is at least 100 million units, so the order must be very huge.

Of course, Liang Jie just wants to be a platform, but there must be users, so it is best to warm up first.

"Master, how about a card like this?"

Li Mengyao was fast, and she had a card ready in less than a few minutes.

This is not just a card, but also a dynamic card. The Qiong Yao fairy is like a real one.

As for the dress of Qiong Yao's fairy, it is naturally impossible to be exposed as a small hotel card. After all, she is a fairy, so Li Mengyao made some changes to make her wear Qixia colored clothes and flutter her clothes.


Liang Jie looked at Li Mengyao, and in the future, she won't be much worse than Qiong Yao fairy!

With the endorsement of Qiong Yao fairy, this time the small card plan can definitely catch everyone's attention.

"Well, show it a little bit, chest and legs or something."

"Let's give priority to attracting a wave of male, and then get a handsome man card."

"In this way, both male and female can be accepted as users."

Liang Jie grinned, with a little selfishness, and suggested to Li Mengyao.

She looked at the host with a scornful look, but Li Mengyao didn't reject and began to modify directly in front of Liang Jie.

The Qiongyao fairy's clothes fell at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. As for the skirt, it was directly changed to a slit, and a pair of straight jade legs made it impossible to remove the eyes.

"Master, how is it?"

"Or else, just make the process just now?"

"Be honest, do you want to see it?"

"I don't want to see it, it's a man who wants to see it."

"Well, I know you guys don't have a good thing."


In this regard, Liang Jie could not refute.

However, Li Mengyao did not object at all, and he actually made a sloppy action of ripping off clothes and even made a hooking gesture.

I like!

"Yeah, that's it."

Liang Jie was very satisfied. The card was completely completed.

Although Li Mengyao's eyes changed a little, he didn't care! If you are a man, you shouldn't hide your desire. It's true that you like beautiful women.

"How many people can you send at one time?"

"It can be sent directly to everyone at one time, but you must be mentally prepared for the host."

"What mental preparation?"

"of course……"

Li Mengyao didn't say but sent the dynamic small card directly.

Then, Liang Jie lay down with a crooked neck, and his mental strength was seriously overdrawn. After all, this is not a spiritually consuming work, but it is still very useful for exercising the spirit and consciousness.