Chapter 42 - Successful Foundation Building

"Dead, fine!"

Li Mengyao was not very worried about Liang Jie's death.

Rather, what she is most looking forward to is Liang Jie's death. The death of the body is not real death, because there is a soul in it.

The thunder kills the body, not the soul of Liang Jie, so he lives in a certain sense.


The scorched black body sinking into the spiritual fluid, which is now Liang Jie, can be described as extremely miserable and was stabbed to death by lightning.

The body has been coked, but this is already the best result.

Had it not been for the protection of the spirit vein space and the ring, Liang Jie's body would have been blasted into slag.

"Life is born of death. On the green lotus stage, the true spirit is eternal."

This is the essence of the Five Elements Yin-Yang. Only through death can he be born again.

Today Liang Jie has indeed died physically, but his soul has not yet died, and the endless aura of the spiritual fluid is still pouring into his Dantian, which is holding the green lotus.

It can be seen that Dantian's aura is strong, and there is also the power of thunder and lightning.

That is the most masculine power in the world, and it is also the power of life. It will split flower buds and let Liang Jie's true spirit appear on the lotus platform.


Liang Jie, who was exposed to the light at that time, could feel his body turned into light and became fine dust.

Then the green lotus flower finally opened. After absorbing the power of thunder and lightning in the Dantian, it bloomed directly. You can see the golden petals trembling on the lotus platform in the center of the lotus. .

A shadow appeared on Liantai, which was the true spirit of Liang Jie.

It just didn't stop but flew directly above the lotus platform. It slowly shrank from the golden villain, and finally turned into a lotus seed object. This is exactly the prototype of the gold pill.

At the same time, green lotus swayed and rooted in the roots of Dantian. Through Liang Jie's body, began to absorb the external spiritual fluid, and a breath of life was diffused.


The golden light flashed a lotus seed.

The lotus seed contained endless vitality, which exuded from the Dantian and merged into Liang Jie's coking body.

The wood's liver began to recover, and the force of life went to all parts of the body, and then the heart resumed beating, then the spleen and finally the kidney.

The five elements cycle was activated in an instant, and the power of life began to nourish the body. With the huge aura of the spiritual fluid, Liang Jie's body began to repair slowly.

This process seems to be fast. In fact, it took a lot of time, more time than expected, and took half a month.

"The body has begun to repair, and it is also a matter of time before the true spirit wakes up."

"Master, don't be fooled, your way is different."

"Because ..."

Li Mengyao did not continue, she believed Liang Jie would know.

Everyone will be exposed to the Tao when they build the foundation. This will be the ultimate pursuit of their lives and the necessary path of practice. They will all spend their lives on the road they pursue.

Three thousand avenues have their own strengths, and no one can really understand all the Tao.

The Five Elements as the foundation is the Tao that many people are pursuing and the easiest to achieve, but Liang Jie is not the case. His Tao has been destined from the practice of this practice.

"Huh? This is ..."

After being shrouded in light, Liang Jie lost consciousness, and now he is waking up to another place.

This is a peaceful world, it is really very peaceful, it makes people feel very relaxed, there is no hustle and bustle and nothing complicated, just a pure and simple world.

"So comfortable!"

Liang Jie stretched his muscles and bathed in the sun, he didn't even want to leave the world.

However, he was very clear that he was now in a state of confusion, and he had to see his own way. Once he went the wrong way, the consequences would be disastrous.

He is a modern person. In fact, the so-called Tao is too vague for Liang Jie. If he insists that he wants to cultivate. In fact, space Tao is very good.

However, he knew it was impossible.

"The five elements of yin and yang tactics are based on the five lines, supplemented by yin and yang.

"What is this? I can't think wrong!"

"Although my grades are not good, this elective should be okay with my brain! It should be like this!"

Although Liang Jie thinks it may not matter much, his bad brain may cause him to choose wrong.

Thinking of this, Liang Jie even complained about himself, why didn't he study well at the beginning?

After thinking for a while, Liang Jie calmed down, he felt that he might not have to choose.

Wouldn't it be great if everything was right? Anyway, he already has the exercises, he doesn't need to force himself to choose it! Isn't it good to be free?

Freedom Tao!

"I want freedom!"

Liang Jie is very firm in his ideas. He thinks that the most important thing for a person is freedom.

Although this is not very realistic, as long as you are alive, there are all kinds of things that are tied up, but the cultivation is not so particular about the way. Since there are so many Tao, there should be freedom Tao!

Thinking about this, Liang Jie only felt a flash in front of him, and he even woke up directly.

The true spirit was united with the flesh, and he was truly resurrected.

"Congratulations, master, the Five Elements Yin Yang has started."

Li Mengyao was very happy to see Liang Jie wake up.

Being able to understand what he is pursuing is very important for Liang Jie. She also chose this method because she knew Liang Jie's ideas.

With the five elements of Yin and Yang as the foundation, Liang Jie can also be regarded as a foundation for rooting. After that, learning other exercises can be more effective.

After all, this is not an attack method, he needs other skills to assist.

"Um, I can't move. How long will it take?"

Liang Jie wanted to move, but the true spirit and the body were just one, and it took some time to fuse.

An hour later, he was finally able to move freely, and he could see that his body was now very strong, more than several times stronger than before.

At the beginning of the solid foundation period, he finally reached the solid foundation period.

"Master, you have been unconscious for fifteen days and it is time to go out."

Li Mengyao has been guarding Liang Jie. Although the space of the spirit veins is broken, the enchantment of the ring still exists, and the pond where the spiritual fluid is located has been successfully saved.

This is the basis of Liang Jie's recovery, and naturally, she will not let it be damaged.

Back to Feixian Mountain, Liang Jie was shocked by everything in front of him. It turned out that Feixian Mountain had a landslide and destroyed dozens of acres of mountains!

"It won't be my fault!"

Liang Jie felt a bit guilty. The landslide caused a lot of damage, and the fields under the mountain were directly washed away.

Although it was a natural disaster, it was also because of him, so he was a bit uncomfortable.

In this regard, Li Mengyao did not express any opinions. In her opinion, this is nothing, after all, the spiritual vein has completed its mission.

Heaven is fair, and spiritual vein has given Liang Jie so much. He has the responsibility to protect this side.

This has been linked to Liang Jie's fate. The higher the Liang Jie's achievements in the future, the more blessings this land can get.