Chapter 41 - The Five Elements of Yin and Yang

Space, where the spirit veins are located, is not the same as space where Liang Jie is.

Just like the previous space in Wolong Mountain, it is an independent space, so cultivation here will be much safer, and it will cut off certain natural opportunities so that others cannot find Liang Jie.

The most important thing is that even if he is here to cross a thunderstorm, he doesn't have to worry about others knowing it. After all, it seems to outsiders that it is just a thunderstorm.

This place has a very strong aura, much more than the top-quality spirits stone that was exchanged before.

Space is not very large, only tens of square meters. There is a pool at the center of the pool. There are some liquid things at the bottom of the pool, exuding a strong aura.

"What's that?" Liang Jie asked.

Li Mengyao said indifferently: "aura liquid, something that has been liquefied, is ten times stronger than aura. It is a very rare thing, and these can help you breakthrough."

"Okay, what should I do?"

Liang Jie is not nonsense, he is ready.

Don't worry about the aura needed for cultivation, but he still needs to make some preparations, that is, let Liang Jie evolve the spirit root.

For the average person, this is not possible, but Li Mengyao has a solution, and it is extremely important for Liang Jie. If he cannot succeed, his future achievements will be extremely limited.

"First, expiration and inhale aura according to the exercises I taught you."

"After forty-nine days, you begin to train your five internal organs to expand your dual system spiritual roots into five system spiritual roots."

"Your talent is really bad, but you have good luck because you have perfect twin spiritual roots, which can directly derive other spiritual roots."

Li Mengyao's request is simple, that is, Liang Jie can operate the aura according to the exercises she taught.

Two hours later, Liang Jie had already cleared the operation of the exercises, and he was allowed to run it by itself, which could save him a lot of energy.

The derivation of the firewood dual system spiritual roots needs to be supplemented with endless auras. Liang Jie sits directly in the aura and begins to refine the aura in the spiritual fluids.

Based on the five internal organs, the body is the furnace, ignite the wood root with the fire root, so as to obtain the earth root, and then endure the earth root with endless aura, successfully spawning the gold root, and finally, the gold water has successfully evolved the water root.

The whole process took a long time, Liang Jie settled into the spiritual fluid, and a huge aura poured into his body, successfully refining the five internal organs into the root of the spiritual root.

"The five elements are complete, only the yin and yang are missing!"

"Breakthrough! Get the power of Yin and Yang with the help of Tianjie."

Looking at Liang Jie's bright colors, Li Mengyao was finally relieved.

Now he has successfully cultivated the five roots of spiritual roots. Although they are only the roots of the lower grades, he does have the five elements. Although they are not congenital five elements, they are almost the same.

Liang Jie still lacks the most important thing to practice the five elements of yin and yang: the power of yin and yang.

This is not a force that can be obtained casually, but a person who needs to truly experience life and death to obtain it.

Ghosts have the power of yin. If they are immortals, they will be born from death and finally gain the power of yang. In the end, the harmony of yin and yang will be the ultimate immortal body and become an immortal existence.

Liang Jie, the thirteenth level of cultivation momentum period, has reached the edge of breakthrough after experiencing the five elements.

Liang Jie, who eats heart devil pill and solid foundation pill, doesn't need to worry about other problems at all, he just needs to make a full breakthrough.


Aura gathered and circled around Liang Jie.

The breakthrough has already begun and Liang Jie feels weird now.

At first, Dantian changed. Dantian, which was originally empty, appeared like a pond, something similar to spiritual fluid.

Then from the bottom of Dantian, a green lotus and a green lotus with buds can be seen. You can see the green leaves covering the entire Dantian.

"Huh? What's going on!"

According to Li Mengyao's description to him, the solid foundation should be the development of lotus-shaped objects in Dantian, which is the prototype of the gold pill. With the deepening of cultivation, the lotus seeds became gold pill and finally gave birth to a baby.

But his situation was a bit special, and he even gave birth to a green lotus, which made him feel too weird.

The vast aura was introduced into the body, and his strength took a qualitative leap, at least more than ten times his previous strength.

The aura appeared in Dantian, and green lotus swallowed it, continuously refining and absorbing it, forming a special spiritual force, gestating a lotus flower that has not yet bloomed.

At the same time, Liang Jie also sensed the change. His body seemed to be disappearing, everything in the world was turned into nothingness, and his entire body was turned into the smallest dust.


Outside Feixian Mountain, suddenly zoomed in, the lightning flashed and thundered, and the drifting rain poured down.

The lightning was so stout that it scared Shangguan Yu to chill. He knew it was a vision caused by the teacher's breakthrough. But was lightning too big?

Too close, even on the top of Feixian Mountain, he can even see the trees that were split by the lightning emitting fire.

The thunder seemed to hit Feixan Mountain but actually hit Liang Jie.

The power of that thunderbolt entered Liang Jie's body, and all the impurities in his body were removed. This is a key step in solid foundation.

The initial thunderbolt, also known as the quenched thunderbolt, is the first step to change the mortal body.

Nine Road Thunder Calamity will not harm Liang Jie's body and will bring him great benefits.

The arc fluttered, Liang Jie's body crawled with white lines, and the spiritual fluid flowed through the body along those white lines, washing Liang Jie's body very clean.

He has broken through, but his realm is not stable, because the key thunderstorm has not yet passed.

However, at this time, the curse of Yang Xuan from Liang Jie's soul suddenly came out, contaminating the original thunderstorm, and the thunder cloud flashing with electricity and light seemed to have some kind of creature move.

"Destroyed by Lightning"

Li Mengyao was very excited, she was waiting for this thunder.

For Liang Jie, this is the most important thunderbolt, because he will use it to die.

The changes outside Liang Jie are not very clear, because he can't perceive anything now, as if he is dead. The silence in the dark environment is terrible.

"Where am I?"

This is Liang Jie's only consciousness, he does not know where he is now.

However, soon he saw the light, the light flashing from the darkness, illuminating a way forward, he strove for the light, and finally touched the light.


At this moment, heaven and earth dropped a word of lightning, which was a lightning-like a dragon, and dived towards Liang Jie with endless destruction.

Shangguan Yu, who was watching at home, almost scared of the urine. This time the lightning was too strong. If he touched it, it could blast him into slag.

It's hard to imagine how the teacher would deal with this thunderstorm!

In fact, there is no need to deal with it. Since it is extinct thunder robbery, it suffices to die, and he doesn't need to think about other things, he can just take the thunder robbery directly.

Thunder Dragon fell from the top of Liang Jie's head, shattering the space where the spirit veins were located.

The endless thunder rushed towards the Quartet, Liang Jie's body instantly became coke, lying in the spiritual fluid without sound, Liang Jie was successfully hacked to death.