Chapter 40 - Topography

It didn't take much time to pick up grandparents and aunts.

Moreover, the uncle has already bought a car, so Liang Jie came back with her grandparents. As for the cousin, they are in the uncle’s car.

"uncle, here are some things I brought to you."

"Cousins also have toys! Let's play!"

"These are for the body, for grandpa and grandma."

"and also……"

Liang Jie prepared a lot of things, all for the family.

They were given to grandpa and grandma. Naturally, give gifts to the uncle and the second uncle.

Everyone was very happy, especially Liang Jie's father, who drank a lot of wine with the uncle. They drank from 7 to 10 in the evening.

Shangguan Yu originally wanted to participate in the battle, but Liang Jie refused to let him go. If this kid were to go, everyone would probably be lying.

"Master, bring Shangguan Yu in the evening and go to that mountain!"

Li Mengyao suddenly appeared, pointing to the opposite mountain.

This surprised Liang Jie because Li Mengyao said so, and the mountain must be very special. However, Liang Jie also thought so, because older people have said that this mountain is called Fei Xian Mountain.

It is said that once there were immortals flying up to immortality.

In the middle of the night.

Shangguan Yu, who was sleeping comfortably, was suddenly awakened by Liang Jie. Without a word, he was dragged to run, and after a few landings, he walked far away.

Today Liang Jie is still unable to fly. Only when he reached the solid foundation period, he could fly, but this distance is not a problem, and soon arrived at the top of Feixian Mountain.

"teacher, why don't you go to sleep in the middle of the night? Why come to this wild mountain?" Shangguan Yu yawned and looked around with the help of moonlight.

Liang Jie didn't speak, waiting for Li Mengyao to explain to him.

During the day, Liang Jie didn't feel anything wrong, but just a moment ago he did sense a different breath.

Feixian mountain can actually gather heaven and earth's spiritual power.

"Master, this mountain was originally a spirit vein. Although the vein is dead, it has not dried up."

"Here is still gathering spiritual powers, and the leaked spiritual powers have just blessed your village."

"I have to say it's a pity. It was originally a good place, but the spirit veins are dead, so your village can only be blessed!"

Li Mengyao said very clearly, Liang Jie heard it very well. It should have been a good terrain, but because of the death of the spirit veins, so can’t give birth to true dragons.

This place should be reasonable to be able to produce a true dragon character.

The spirit veins are up there, and Liang village is engulfed in them. They are carried by the spirit veins. This is really amazing. Those who settled here at that time were probably directed at the spirit veins.

"Shangguan Yu, it's up to you. Use your dragon hunting skills to see if there are any treasures here."

Liang Jie grinned, signaled Shangguan Yu to show off his skills, and let him see the power of dragon hunting skills.

The masters of this collection of skills have spells and even feng shui skills. It is a multi-functional combination of skills, whose complexity is evident.

However, it is nothing to Shangguan Yu, because he is a body of five elements. Although the spiritual roots of each department are weak, it is indeed the most suitable for this method.

"Has treasures? ok!"

Shangguan Yu, who had both eyes brightened, took out the rune, quickly drew the five-element spell, and then distributed it in their respective positions.

Shangguan Yu, who was in it, closed his eyes tightly, and his spiritual power dived into the ground along his feet, resonating with the Five Elements spell, and a surge of spiritual power spread all over the place.

In a short time, everything around him came into view, Shangguan Yu could see a lot of things.

Of course, these are not tangible things. They are all things that emit this spiritual power. The richer the spiritual power, the more prominent it is.

Under his investigation, he found something extraordinary, right in the mountains under their feet.

"Master, I found it. Inside the mountain, there is a mass of spiritual power."

Although he couldn't see what it was, Shangguan Yu knew that it must not be unusual.

Shangguan Yu’s dragon hunting skills are very powerful, because even Li Mengyao can't see through the Feixian Mountain, and she can't find anything inside.

However, Shangguan Yu can find it, which is the convenience brought by the exercises.

"Um, inside the mountain?"

Liang Jie is a little speechless, this seems to be helpless!

Can't dig in! And this is a spirit vein, not an ordinary mountain. Even if you dig in, you can't reach the space where the spirit vein is.

"Master, you have me!"

"You ask Shangguan Yu to protect you, and then tell your family not to worry."

"Because next time, you're going to die!"

Li Mengyao's words were very easy, but Liang Jie heard them creepily.

What? He did understand the breakthrough in the solid foundation period here, but why did he die? Is it really so dangerous?

"With the help of terrain and spirit veins, can I not break through safely?"

"It's not a matter of security or insecurity. It's that I want to teach you the exercises. You must die once when you breakthrough."

"What kind of exercises are so arrogant, and people still die?"

"cultivate or not?"

"yes, just die."

For Liang Jie's questioning, Li Mengyao was very dissatisfied.

The skills she found for him are naturally the best. She originally planned to ask for something from the spiritual world. Now that she has the terrain, she has no other needs.

According to Li Mengyao, Liang Jie ordered Shangguan Yu to let him go home and wait for his news.


After making proper arrangements, Li Mengyao took Liang Jie to cross the space and came to the location of the spirit vein.

This is the coordinates given to him by Shangguan Yu, and there will be no deviation from the position captured by dragon hunting skills.

It ’s just that Liang Jie doesn’t understand. In addition to the ability to control Xumi's artifacts, such as enchantment, invisibility, invalid spells, and other general abilities, can it still move instantly?

"Master, the power of the rig is to control all Xumi artifacts."

"The ability to teleport is nothing at all. As long as there is an artifact that can be used, it can be teleported directly, but there are conditions."

"It must be within the limits of you can reach, that is, the distance you can teleport determines how far I can teleport."

Li Mengyao's proud look broke the conventional cognition of Liang Jie again.

For the ring, the most commendable nature is to rule all the world's Xumi artifacts. The other abilities are really average. After all, powerful cultivation people can easily add restraints to the artifacts, and the ability to cast enchantment or invisibility is too mediocre.

Even teleportation is not a special ability, because the powerful cultivation people can do it, and it can be easily reached by using coordinates.

"I now know the power of Nine Regions artifacts."

At this moment, Liang Jie finally understood why the ring is a heavenly treasure.

It is indeed enough to dominate all the Xumi artifacts in the world because any other treasures are incomparable, even powerful cultivation people have no such ability.