Chapter 4 - She could drive away ghosts

"Are you Liang Jie?"

Yang Yi is very beautiful. Especially those slender beautiful legs, combined with the tall body is perfect, plus that single ponytail is really fantastic.

"I am, what are you doing?"

Liang Jie, who didn't talk too much with the people in the class, didn't understand why Yang Yi came to find himself.

It's just that the stinging sight around him makes him a bit unbearable. Are they so jealous?

"You follow me!"

Yang Yi, a little embarrassed by the surrounding sight, pulled Liang Jie slightly red and came to the foot of the mountain.

Because of the ghost, students who usually like to come here will never dare to come, so there will be no other people to disturb here.

"That, Liang Jie!"

Seeing Yang Yi's somewhat shy look, Liang Jie felt that some heartbeats had accelerated. If he didn't know himself, he even thought Yang Yi might confess!

But it wasn't as if she wanted to confess.

"Yang Yi, just tell me what's the matter! Otherwise, I'm leaving," Liang Jie said indifferently.

Yang Yi grabbed Liang Jie, brightened her eyes, and said with excitement, "I heard that you have been possessed by a ghost. I can help you drive away from the ghost."

"Ah? Would you drive away the ghost?"

At this time, Liang Jie's expression was very wonderful. He didn't expect the most beautiful girl in class that everyone had a crush on, and she would say such a thing.

Although they are all in the department of archeology, everyone believes in science.

"Yes, so I want to help you out!"

Although Yang Yi was a bit shy, her serious expression made Liang Jie feel warm, at least she really wanted to help him.

There is a beautiful girl willing to help, he naturally did not want to let her lose face.

So Liang Jie nodded and said, "Yes, come on!"

After listening to the other party's agreement, Yang Yi was naturally very happy. She took out a piece of yellow paper with a spell and chanted words in her mouth as if casting a spell.

Then she threw the yellow paper onto Liang Jie's body, but the yellow paper fell to the ground lightly.

With four eyes facing each other, the air became quiet and embarrassed to the extreme for a while. Liang Jie didn't know how he should react.

"Pata Papa"

Taking a small step, Yang Yi picked up the yellow paper, and her blushing blood dripped, even her ears became red.

At this moment, Yang Yi did not dare to look up, everything just was too embarrassing.

"How can it be useless?"

Yang Yi flushed, her eyes were red.

Obviously useful before, why is it useless to Liang Jie? Could it be that the female ghost on him is not afraid of spells at all?

Thinking of this, her face became pale.

"what should I do?"

At this point Liang Jie didn't know what to do, so he could only turn to Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao sat on the shoulder of Liang Jie, and said lightly: "It seems that she should be born and cultivated in the Taoist family, but unfortunately, the heavens and earth aura is too thin. You just fool around, and I will let her see me leave you. She will not entangle you! "

Regarding Yang Yi's life, Liang Jie was naturally unclear, but Li Mengyao said so, and he had nothing to doubt.

At first glance, she had never cast a spell, and she looked a little natural, but it made him play tricks.

"Yang Yi, I feel hot in my body. It seems that something is coming out of the body."

"Ah ... my head hurts, my body hurts, I'm going to die!"

"Help me, Yang Yi, I can't do it."

Liang Jie, whose performance was very poor, made Li Mengyao dare not look straight.

However, what was unexpected was that Yang Yi was frightened, and the rune papers in hands fell to the ground, looking at Liang Jie rolling on the ground with a worried look.

Holding him up, Yang Yi was crying anxiously and choked, "It's all my fault. I shouldn't help you. Now that female ghost has attacked, you will be dead."

With a pale face and cold sweat, Liang Jie followed the words of the other party.

Liang Jie, who feels good about himself, thinks that this way of teasing is also very interesting, especially the appearance is really very attractive.

Looking at those red lips, Liang Jie almost wanted to kiss her.

Then, Liang Jie's wish came true.

Somehow, Yang Yi actually kissed directly, her soft lips with a faint fragrance, which made Liang Jie a little obsessed.

He was forced to kiss? But it feels pretty cool.

"Come out, come out!"

Liang Jie, who was enjoying, suddenly felt that the softness on his lips had left, and then heard Yang Yi's voice. It turned out that Li Mengyao let her see herself.

As planned, she wanted to look like she was leaving her body.

"Come back! Come back!"

Liang Jie was anxious at this moment, feeling that this matter could not be over.

"Why go back again?"

Yang Yi’s face paled.

Obviously everything just happened was just a joy, she couldn't really drive the female ghost out of Liang Jie.

"So uncomfortable! So uncomfortable!"

Liang Jie continued acting, and Yang Yi kissed Liang Jie again.

At this time, Li Mengyao's voice sounded in his mind, and he knew why Yang Yi kissed her.

It turned out that Yang Yi was a congenital wooden spirit, and had a natural restraint towards ghosts. As long as she breathed out of her mouth to Liang Jie, in fact, ordinary ghosts could be driven out.

After a long time, Liang Jie was a little bit interested.

"I'm much better! Thank you, Yang Yi."

Liang Jie is really shameless.

However, this silly girl Yang Yi doesn't know! She only thought it was her help to calm down the female ghost, so she seemed a little happy. She didn't even remember that her first kiss was gone.

"I miscalculated the power of that female ghost, and when I go back to find a more powerful magic weapon, I will surely drive her out of your body."

Yang Yi gritted her teeth and made a decision. She felt that she had to take responsibility. She almost killed Liang Jie, which made her feel guilty.

Pretending to have a scared expression, Liang Jie shivered, "The female ghost is still on me? What should I do next? You seem to be able to suppress female ghosts, or do you help me to suppress female ghosts just as before? "


Thinking of what had just happened, she finally realized what was wrong.

After seeing Liang Jie's driven expression, and immediately felt that the softness in the heart was touched, and the motherhood was completely excited.


She promised with a very small voice and then ran away.

After realizing it, Yang Yi couldn't keep calm, be careful of the liver flapping, and her cheeks were as hot as a fever.

"Master, you are really shameless!"

Li Mengyao was stunned, and the master was too shameless.

Actually deceived innocent little girls.

"What do you know? I am helping others!"

The shameless Liang Jie didn't care about this bad reputation. He kissed by his own deception, and why said that he was shameless.

Besides, he was forced to kiss. Can this blame him? He is also a victim, OK.