Chapter 39 - Mother's Call

The end of the semester is very peaceful, almost no more courses, most of them are internships.

The internship in the archeology department is very strange. The forged sites on the back hills are like real ones, especially the things buried inside. they are all true.

In the past, Liang Jie might not believe it, but since he knew the identity of the principal, he has been convinced that these things are likely to be true.

The cell phone rang, Liang Jie opened it and it was actually his mother's call.

"When will you come back? Isn't it time for a vacation!"

"Oh, I'll be back in two days."

"Well, come back soon. Your dad and I have found a girl for you. Meet first when you come back!"

"Wait, do I need to find someone so early at the age of nineteen?"

"Don't you see so many singles in the village? It's well-prepared, understand?"

"Ask for a moment, who is the girl?"

"Your high school classmate, from a county, is actually a fate ..."

Listening to his mother's remarks, Liang Jie was completely entangled, and he did not expect such a thing to happen.

Because the encounter between the two mothers in the county seat, and then talked about their children's affairs, and then hit it off to make this date.

Hanging up the phone, Liang Jie froze, "Do I seem to be unable to find a girlfriend?"

"Master, I don't think it's a problem to find a girlfriend based on your shame level!"

Li Mengyao's words made Liang Jie roll eyes, and it was only her who exaggerated this way.

However, since he is a high school classmate, he really has to see it this time, but he doesn't plan to go back alone, he must also bring Shangguan Yu back.

Three days later.

"teacher, you are restless without Yang Yi."

"How do you say that?"

"A date!"

"Do you envy?"


Shangguan Yu was so speechless that he was too tired to speak to the teacher, and he was dumbfounded every time.

What's more, Liang Jie is not the kind of person who reasoned with you. A word that doesn't match is a fist reason until he is convinced.

This time to return to Liang Jie's hometown to celebrate the New Year, Shangguan Yu refused at first, but his father and grandfather said that he would have no pocket money to spend if he didn’t go.

Jiangcheng County is a small county town in Shangzhou City. It is three to four hours' drive from the urban area. It is only a mountain road that appears far away. In fact, it is more than a hundred kilometers straight.

When BMW's five-series car drove into the rural market in Jiangcheng County, many young people in the village all looked at it, and their eyes were full of envy.

"teacher, I knew I should drive my car!"


In this regard, Liang Jie said that he was very speechless.

Thinking of the pile of gifts prepared by Shangguan's family, Liang Jie has a big head now. He won't know how to give his parents when he returns home.

Liangjia Village is not far from the market, just a few kilometers away, and the road is already clear, so they reached their destination in less than ten minutes.

"Lao Liang, someone's here, by car. Go and see."

A middle-aged woman poked her head out of the room, glanced at the car parked in front of her house, and hurried to call her middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man looked reluctantly, scolding and grinning, "Isn't it just a car! Why stop for a while?"

However, he only took two steps and saw his son step down from the driver's seat. There was a young man in a stylish dress on the side of the co-pilot's seat.

"Wife, the son is back!"

Lao Liang was very happy, but also very confused.

The car is hundreds of thousands! Why is his son driving? Another young man, who looks a little older than his son, should be a rich second-generation, with a totally different temperament than them.

"Dad, I'm back!"

When Liang Jie saw his dad, he shouted happily, and then walked to the trunk, ready to take off the contents.

As for Shangguan Yu, he also shouted loudly at this time: "Hi, uncle, I'm brother's classmate. This time I'm here to play."

After speaking, he took out the prepared things from the trunk neatly.

"Uncle, these are gifts."

This was what his grandpa and father prepared, and he didn't know what it was.

But Liang Jie knew it very well. There were two boxes of millennium ginseng, some vintage medicinal wines, and some jewelry.

The gifts of these four handbags cost at least millions.

"Oh, come here, you're so polite!"

Liang Jie's mother wiped the grease off her hands and took the gift from Shangguan Yu.

Since everyone bought it so kindly, they should accept.

Liang Jie's home is pretty good. There are two-story small western-style houses with a yard in front of the house.

It was because the courtyard door was a bit small, and the car could not drive-in.

"A Yu, sit down casually, we have to be busy for a while."

"Entertains your classmates well, don't be so rude."

"Then I'm busy!"

Liang Jie's mother is a simple rural woman, and his father is a real rural man, but it is this mellow local customs that make Shangguan Yu feel very kind.

The two went outside for a walk.

When people in the village see Liang Jie, they will say hello very kindly, but most of them are like "when will you come back", which is nothing special.

"Xiao Jie, that car belongs to your classmates! Otherwise, you can pick up your grandpa and uncle?"

"Your grandpa and grandma are thinking about you every day and just go to see them."

"We need to discuss something about your date!"

The words of mother made Liang Jie very speechless, and Shangguan Yu even snickered.

Li Mengyao didn't say a word after he came here, Liang Jie didn't know what happened to her, but it should be fine!

"Look, that's Liang Jie. I heard that this time he came back driving a BMW."

"The son of the Liang family has made a lot of money."

"I heard it was his classmate's car. It should be that his classmate is rich."


Regarding Liang Jie, the village spread quickly. The old people sitting in the gazebo by the river have started discussing Liang Jie's affairs.

This is the countryside, and which house and household have something to do, and it will soon become a negotiation.

"Master, here is not simple!"

He just thought that Li Mengyao didn't talk much, and the result immediately gave him a surprise.

Actually, saying that Liang Village is not simple, that is to say, here is extraordinary, but Liang Village has existed for hundreds of years, and there is nothing special about it.

However, Li Mengyao didn't say much, and then she stopped talking, which made Liang Jie very upset.