Chapter 37 - Tomb Sect

The next day.

Liang Jie found Shangguan Yu and smiled kindly: "Shangguan Yu, don't you always say that you want me to accept you as an apprentice! Today I will fulfill your wish."

"Uh ... brother!"

"I always feel that you have no good intentions, why don't you let me think about it?"

"I'm not feeling well today, I ..."

Shangguan Yu is not stupid, Liang Jie today is a little different.

To be honest, he was afraid to disturb his elder brother these days. Today, the elder brother took the initiative to call him and made such a request, which made him very disturbed.

"Come here, where are you going?"

With a kind smile, Liang Jie grabbed Shangguan Yu's shoulder.

This scare Shangguan Yu.

"You should have washing pulp pills, your talent has been inspired."

"As long as you worship me as a teacher, I can provide the conditions for cultivation."

"magic weapons, pills, and you are the chief disciple, I will naturally cultivate you well."

At this moment, listening to Liang Jie's words, Shangguan Yu felt like he had joined an MLM organization.

How come I haven't seen him for a few days, my elder brother has actually become an MLM leader? In particular, he looked at his own eyes as if looking at a piece of meat.


Shangguan Yu swallowed, and shivered, "Brother, then what can I do with experiential entry? In other words, I come in as an intern, and I'll talk about it after I try!"


In this regard, Liang Jie was decisive.

The hands holding the teacup kept shaking, Shangguan Yu was frightened by Liang Jie's eyes, as if he was about to eat people.

"Here are fifty cleaning body fluids. As long as you promise to get started, it's yours."

"With these cleaning body fluids, you can reach the ninth level of cultivation momentum period within three months. Such strength is rare even if you look at the whole country."

"At that time, not only can you push your father to the ground, and you can gain the favor of Yang Huiling with your strength. Are you really not at all interested?"

With a grin, Liang Jie offered a very enticing entry reward and began to seduce Shangguan Yu.

Later, he took out another magic weapon, which was a bronze sword, but it shimmered in cold light and even reflected the face of Shangguan Yu.

Then, he took out another jade Jane, which contained the exercises, which contained the cultivation exercises best suited for Shangguan Yu.

"Well, I agree! It's okay!"

In the end, Shangguan Yu couldn't beat the temptation and agreed.

It was mainly because he could defeat his father and get Yang Huiling's favor, which really made him really excited.

"Well, that's great! Then make a vow!"

Since he is a disciple, the binding force of the oath is zero.

But once you betray the master, it will not be a simple matter. It will not only break the road to the future but also be condemned by the heavens. Basically, he will die, and the soul will dissipate.

Therefore, the vow is the best constraint.

"Today, Shangguan Yu worships Liang Jie as a teacher. If I betray the teacher in the future, I will die!"

The vow is completed, and thunder comes from the sky, which is testifying from heaven.

Suddenly, Shangguan Yu could feel that there was an additional shackle on his body, but it would not affect him, it was just a void shackle.

"Well, today you are the chief disciple of the Tomb sect."

Liang Jie grinned, handed a storage bag to Shangguan Yu, and let him put everything away.

And after watching him personally remember the exercises in mind, he was finally relieved.

It ’s just that the name of this sect is not good at all, and it always feels dead-hearted. They are all good young people, so why did they choose such a name.

"That master, I don't think our names are loud enough!"

"No, I think it's good. We are from the archeology department. This is just the right thing."

"Uh ... what does this have to do with archeology?"

"Of course it does matter. We will explore the mighty remains of the future, isn't that archaeology?"

"Does this work?"

"Why not? In short, you remember, if anyone messes with us, we will go to their ancestral tombs for archeology!"


The Tomb sect is indeed domineering.

At this time, Shangguan Yu felt a little floating.

It is conceivable that if this becomes famous in the future, it is not everyone must be afraid! But they would become street mice in the future.

Going to the archeology of other people's ancestral tombs is really so straightforward that Liang Jie can say.

During the following three months, Liang Jie cultivated during the day and at night and constantly improved his strength. He had to do it as soon as possible because time was not waiting.

However, it is strange to say that the Ji family did not come to trouble him. Wanting to come to the Ji Penghai is dead. It stands to reason that the Ji family cannot sit idly by!

"It's the 13th level of cultivation momentum period. It's time to find a place to prepare for the impact of the solid foundation period."

Liang Jie felt his powerful body.

Under the strengthening of the cleaning body fluid and the body spirit pills, Liang Jie's body is strong. Now he can point to death the person in the innate state with one finger.

Ordinary bombs can't kill him, it can be said to be very powerful.

"Master, someone blinds the nature’s mystery!"

The elf of the ring, she was born from heaven and earth.

She is exceptionally sensitive to heavenly things and all kinds of mysterious things. This is her ability, not the ability of the ring.

"What do you mean?"

Liang Jie is a little puzzled. Although he understands nature’s mystery, he is not to this extent.

It must be noted that only those who have reached Yuanying period can get a glimpse into nature’s mystery, and they can only see a little bit, not much at all.

At the same time, there is a huge price to pay, after all, the mystery cannot be leaked!

"It's not very clear, but nature’s mystery in Shangzhou is disordered. Someone seems to be intervening." Li Mengyao is not very clear, but she just knows.

This matter is very important because it has a bearing on Liang Jie's future.

Such a powerful person in Shangzhou City is really incredible. The other party is the existence of the Yuanying period. Fortunately, he did not target Liang Liang, otherwise, he would have died.

Even if there is a ring, it is useless, because there are ants under the Yuanying period!

"Master, I have already reached the ninth level in the cultivation momentum period, and I have also learned the exercises you gave me."

"What are you going to do next? I heard that the college is on vacation, are we going to go out and practice!"

"Then look for some places to archeology so as to carry forward the reputation of our tomb sect."

Shangguan Yu has been in the villa all the time. Anyway, here is a big place, Liang Jie lived in space alone.

At this time, Shangguan Yu was very happy, because he had just pressed his dad to the ground.

"You hit your dad?"

"Of course! This is the fine tradition of my family! My grandfather praised me!"

"Your family is good!"

"Teacher is better!"

"Go to cultivate momentum!"


With him, Liang Jie did not lack joy.

But as he said, he should really think about where he should go, after all, now is the crucial time for his breakthrough.