Chapter 36 - Rake in Money

Everything came to an end, and the school had not yet started class. Liang Jie now had time to start selling what he got in Wolong Mountain.

At the suggestion of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie sold all the unusable Tianyin Stones and some items that were not needed much.

"Senior, everything has been sold. Almost 100,000 middle-grade spirit stones. I can help you exchange them for top-grade spirit stones!"

Han Yu and another person in solid foundation period, the man named Zhuo Yi who protected him before, are now buying and selling medicinal materials in a chamber of commerce.

They sold everything by the way. This is a credit union that has always cooperated, so there is no need to worry about information leaking.

Moreover, although they sell a lot of things, they are not particularly rare, so there is no need to worry about being watched.

"Give me three top-grade spirit stones, and use the low-grade spirit stone for the rest."

"If you need spirits stones to buy medicinal herbs, you can buy them first, and it's time for you to refine the second-grade pills! Don't worry about no medicinal herbs for you."

"By the way, the learners can be increased, but many people are waiting for solid foundation pills!"

According to Li Mengyao's suggestion, Liang Jie brought back top-grade spirit stones from the spirit world, which will be the key to future cultivation.

As for other spirit stones, it is the most important now to improve the service scope.

There are a lot of pills, such as the cleaning body fluid, washing pulp pill, body spirit pill, etc, and they can start to try. What Liang Jie needs is a simplified version of pills with high imitation.

Cheap price, wide audience! This is the way to make money.

"Okay, senior."

Han Yu is very happy. He now admires Liang Jie very much.

For a long time, cultivation people in the spirit world bought pills in the free trade zone and the chamber of commerce. However, Liang Jie broke this rule and has such a large demand.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would have been disbelieving.

"Yes, I have some Xuanyin holy water here, which should help you!"

"I've put it in your storage bag. You can make good use of it."

"If you run out, tell me!"

Liang Jie got a lot of Xuanyin holy water, he gave Han Yu about 2 liters.

It's not that he owns one-thousandth of Xuanyin's holy water, so he doesn't care, directly frightens Han Yu.

Looking at the holy water in the storage bag, Han Yu was frightened and sat directly on the ground.

Zhuo Yi aside quickly lifted him up and asked, "What did the predecessor say?"

"You see for yourself!"

Han Yu opened the storage bag and let Zhuo Yi check it with a sense of consciousness.

What did he see, a bottle of Xuanyin holy water!

If this is known to the powerful people, it will be robbed!

"Hurry up and don't let others know."

Zhuo Yi was even more nervous than Han Yu. He felt his heartbeat was very strong.

Before that, he doubted whether Liang Jie was a powerful master. Now it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. There are many such treasures.

He was dizzy for a while and felt like a frog at the bottom of the well.

"Seniors, juniors must do our utmost to live up to your trust."

As an alchemist, Xuanyin Holy Water is too important for them.

You know, adding a drop during alchemy can increase the rate of success by several times! Han Yu can't wait to kneel in front of Liang Jie and give him a few heads.

Unfortunately, Liang Jie couldn't appreciate their excitement, just thinking about how to make money.

In the following days, Han Yu’s refining amount of refining medicine rose wildly, and Liang Jie is very happy. The thrill of making money was so refreshing.

Today, there are almost 30,000 orders in his hand, which is not counting the orders that have been completed these days.

"Master, now Han Yu, they can complete one hundred orders a day."

"This speed is already very good. For the cultivation people in the spirit world, waiting a little longer is not a big deal, plus our price advantage, the list generally does not run away."

"It's just, Han Yu, their security problem ..."

Making money is a good thing, and don't need to worry about others making a simplified version of solid foundation pill.

It is difficult to copy without prescription, so there is no need to worry about it, but the problem lies in Han Yu's being in the spirit world, which is very dangerous.

"The problem is not big and no one will notice them."

"We are selling things, do they run to catch us?"

"A world as big as this, can they catch us?"

Liang Jie is not worried at all, as long as Han Yu does not mess around by themselves, there will be no major problems.

People in the spirit world are even more fragile than themselves. It is impossible for Han Yu and Zhuo Yi to joke about their lives. I am afraid they are already in hiding.

In fact, just as Liang Jie thought, after getting Xuanyin's holy water, they had been hiding in the mountains for a long time, and they only came out when they bought medicine.

"Meng Yao, we are starting to sell a simplified version of cleaning body fluid. The profit margin of this thing is greater! And it is relatively easy to make it."

First-grade cleaning body fluid, the maximum use of five parts in the cultivation momentum period is already the limit, but the simplified version of Han Yu developed, but this limit has been increased ten times.

The increase of the limit means that the limit that can be strengthened by the pills has also increased.

Even though the effect has been reduced a lot, it still has five times the space for horror improvement, which is a great gospel for cultivation people.

"Master, I can only say that you are lucky."

"If the pills studied by Han Yu is known by alchemists, I am afraid it will be completely crazy!"

"However, fortunately, Han Yu met master, otherwise he would not have the opportunity to continue his research."

Li Mengyao is right because the spirit world is so cruel, I am afraid that a simplified version of the solid foundation pill will take his life.

Liang Jie's strength has been improved to the second level of cultivation momentum period, thanks to the cleaning body fluid effect made by Han Yu, and can continue to improve.

It is estimated that it will not take long for Liang Jie to reach the thirteenth level of cultivation momentum period in cooperation with the top-grade spirit stone. This progress will scare many people!

"The improvement of strength is not a problem. Although the Shangguan family is reliable, it is an outsider after all."

"I think it's still necessary to go out and have a look. Maybe I can find a lot of suitable candidates. As long as I train carefully, it will definitely be my help."

"After all, what one can do is still limited! What do you say?"

In fact, this idea is not difficult to understand. The major families and sects in the spiritual world develop just to allow themselves to occupy a certain advantage.

If it is only one person, it is really easy to be followed, but if it is a powerful sect, then it is different.

"Master, let's start a sect!"

Li Mengyao's eyes brightened, it seemed that she wanted to do so long ago.

Seeing her full of energy, Liang Jie was relieved. It would be no problem to have her help. After all, what she mastered was far more than just these surfaces that Liang Jie saw.