Chapter 35 - UnexpectedNew Page

"Master, her qualification is really good."

Li Mengyao has already seen it, even if Yang Yi only used the spent cleaning body fluids and washing pulp pills, she has already achieved the strength to break through the innate realm.

If adds the pills that Liang Jie gave her, coupled with the strong support of Ji Family, Yang Yi would become a very young person in the solid foundation period.

"I know, and she already knows my situation."

Yang Yi is very kind. Even if she knows that Liang Jie lied to her, she still treats him so well, which shows that she really likes him.

No one is sure about emotional matters, but Liang Jie can feel it.

Lying on the bed, Liang Jie couldn't help laughing, he really looked forward to what kind of genius she would become when the two met again. by then there would be a bunch of suitors around!

"Master, if you don't work hard, I'm afraid Yang Yi will protect you in the future."

"It's all right, being protected has always been my dream."

"Can you be not shameless?"


Faced with the shameless Liang Jie, Li Mengyao could only say nothing.

After leaving the villa, the three of them were ready to meet Yang Xuan, but when Yang Huiling saw what her brother gave her, she finally knew that what she thought was not fake.

Sure enough, Liang Jie is not simple!

Moreover, he is likely to be an alchemist, but the Yang family treats him like this, just beg him not to remember too much to hate the Yang family!

However, the three of them did not know that Yang Xuan had already gone to the villa where Liang Jie was located.

"Master, the old guy from the Yang family is here!"

"Yeah. I know!"

"Kill him?"

"Of course!"

"I like it! Come on!"

"Haha ..."

Liang Jie laughed, this is that you don’t go to heaven, but you come to hell!

Originally, Liang Jie did not intend to do anything with this old guy, but since he wanted to target himself, that would only make him disappear.

When Yang Xuan came to the villa, he found that Liang Jie was unprepared, which made him overjoyed, and it was nothing to kill the boy.


Yang Xuan wanted to make Liang Jie stop.

However, Liang Jie was smiling at Yang Xuan with a smile.


Seeing that the spell was useless, and his position was exposed, he hurriedly shifted his position and tried to keep Liang Jie with the spell.

Unfortunately, his spell was useless at all.

"There is no use for me in low-level spells, this time we will kill you." Li Mengyao laughed.

The ring's abilities are not just as simple as dominating the Xumi artifacts. The ability to hide and invalidate spells is very simple.

Of course, these abilities also need to be slowly stimulated by Liang Jie. When he reaches the gold period, the strength of the ring will really be revealed.


Liang Jie grinned and threw out a spell.

The spell fell into Yang Xuan's body as a streamer, and before he could react, he fell to the ground and couldn't move.

At that moment, he looked surprised.

Obviously he is just in the first level of cultivation momentum period. He didn’t be affected by the spells in his hands. That's the fixed spell painted by the cultivation people in the solid foundation period!

"Who the hell are you? Why pretend to be a person during the cultivation momentum period?"

Yang Xuan felt that Liang Jie must be in the solid foundation period, otherwise, he would not be affected by the fixed spell.

Such a wonderful mistake, Liang Jie did not expose it, but raised the spell in his hand and laughed: "Aren't you very arrogant? Just like your grandson!"

"You killed Yang Hu?"

With wide eyes, Yang Xuan was furious.

That's his only grandson! He was killed by this vicious young man.

"Oh, I'm so scared! Do you want to eat me?"

"It's a pity! Your grandson was burned to ashes by me."

"But don't worry, you will meet your grandson soon."

The wicked person is so ignorant, he can only endure harm to himself, but he can never endure others to harm them.

It's hard to protect themselves. Yang Xuan looked at Liang Jie so viciously. He still looks like a backhand, but Liang Jie is not very worried.

Even if the opponent has a backhand, it is not possible to really hurt him, and the ring's defensive enchantment is very strong.

"Well, even if I die today, I will make you pay!"

"The Ji family will take revenge for me. You and Yang Yi will never be together."

"Haha ..."

Seeing that he couldn't escape the influence of the fixed spell, Yang Xuan even wanted to anger Liang Jie.

Moreover, he also wanted to scare Liang Jie with Ji's name, which made Liang Jie feel very disappointed. Such a person who would only become inflamed is really too mean.

However, it is precise because of such people that the Yang family will become what it is today!

Those who soared must be the ancestors of the Yang family. That's right. Otherwise, the ghost king would not be so good to Yang Yi, but the people in the Yang family knew nothing!

"Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!"

Liang Jie threw his hand and threw a real fire spell, and a flame flew out, enveloping Yang Xuan.

Although Yang Xuan was pained by the burning of the flames, he didn't shout, he never asked for mercy until he died.

Only that resentful stare stared at Liang Jie, it seemed to be to remember Liang Jie's face.

Suddenly, Yang Xuan, who had been burned to ashes, came straight to Liang Jie as if he had come alive.


Li Mengyao exclaimed, opening up the enchantment of ring, and trying to prevent the other's curse, but unfortunately, this was not something she could defend.

At the same time, spiritual power of light rushed out of the ashes. It was a divine thought left in the soul of Yang Xuan. This is to send the information back!

Li Mengyao was a little excited, and she did not expect Yang Xuan to make two hands.

That divine thought was by Ji Penghai. He used Yang Xuan to explore Liang Jie's strength which was a very bad thing for Liang Jie.


Liang Jie has no mentality to get divine thoughts. What he wants to know now is a curse.

The body didn't respond, which made him very confused and didn't understand what was going on.

"Yang Xuan burned his own soul and cursed you. This will pollute your soul. When you reach the solid foundation period, it will bring disaster to you."

"But you don't have to worry too much. The curse is terrible, but it doesn't hurt you much."

"It's a good thing for you, the master. Your cultivation method finally has a direction."

Li Mengyao smiled a little, saying it was easy, but in fact, it was not as simple as imagined.

The curse is very difficult to deal with, even if she has a way, it is quite risky, but it is really good for Liang Jie.

"Well, it's okay!"

In this regard, Liang Jie is not very worried.

This curse may be really a good thing for him. After all, with such a curse, the Ji family members don't have to worry about him!

It can be said that this is to protect Liang Jie in disguise. He is too happy!