Chapter 34 - Humiliation

"Senior, actually Yang Yi has a boyfriend, and we just knew it."

"His name is Liang Jie. He is a student in the Department of Archeology of Nine Regions College, and is in the same class as Yang Yi."

"However, they did not..."

Yang Xuan stood up decisively and told what happened to Liang Jie and Yang Yi.

His grandson disappeared for no reason in Shangzhou City. He may have died. He heard that his grandson had had an unpleasant relationship with Liang Jie and probably guessed what happened.

This time against him, obviously, he wanted to get revenge.

"Oh? Yang Yi, are you really a couple with Liang Jie?"

Ji Penghai glanced at Liang Jie and asked Yang Yi about it.

It's easy to kill someone but can't do it in front of so many people. Besides, it is Yang Yi's boyfriend, it is bad that stirs up Yang Yi's resistance.

Therefore, Liang Jie not only cannot be killed but must also become her shackles.

"Senior, Liang Jie and I have already broken up." Yang Yi's face was calm, without any emotional fluctuations, as if she did not know Liang Jie.

If it hadn't been for Yang Yi's letter that said "believe me", Liang Jie would really believe it.

She wants to protect Liang Jie. As long as she keeps distance from Liang Jie, Liang Jie will not be in danger of life.

Alive is the best protection, and she can only do so much.

"Senior, Yang Yi is right, we have indeed broken up."

Liang Jie took a deep breath and behaved extremely calmly, without any retention.

In any case, he can only do so now, otherwise, Ji Penghai will inevitably kill him directly. Only in this way can he survive.

"Now that you have broken up, that's fine."

It is better to target Liang Jie afterward.

The most important thing right now is to solve everything and return to the Ji family to report the situation and receive the reward. He doesn't care about a Liang Jie!

Ji Family, it is not the existence he can shake now.

At this point, the incident has come to an end, but Liang Jie has suffered unimaginable humiliation. The Ji family has mercilessly threatened him, and Yang Xuan of the Yang family has directly slapped him, and this matter must not be over.

"You don't need to worry, I will handle my business, believe me!"

With regard to the Shangguan family, Liang Jie did not intend to give up. They could not abandon Liang Jie because they needed Liang Jie's help.

But this was not enough. Before leaving, Liang Jie gave Shangguan Fei the washing pulp pill that Ji Penghai had given him, which made Shangguan Fei excited.

"Xiao Yu, get closer to your elder brother in the future, take this one!"

Shangguan Fei naturally cared about his grandson. He gave the pill to Shangguan Yu. He had already planned to completely tie the Shangguan family with Liang Jie.

They can’t get close to the Ji family, but Liang Jie and his master can be ok.

What other people think, Liang Jie didn't think about it so much. After returning to the villa, Liang Jie waited for the arrival of Yang Yi and Yang Huiling.

They are afraid to say goodbye to this!

In fact, as Liang Jie thought, with the company of Yang Huiling and Yang Yufeng, Yang Yi came to the villa to organize things.

Liang Jiejing was sitting on the sofa, and Yang Yufeng was a little embarrassed at this time. He didn't know how to face this boyfriend of Yang Yi.

"So nervous? It is not your fault."

"Yes, you guys have a rare trip. I haven't prepared gifts for you yet!"

"Some things here are for you and your sister. Don't tell others when you go back!"

Give Yang Yufeng two copies of the prepared cleaning body fluid and washing pulp pill, and Liang Jie showed a soft smile.

As if what happened before was nothing to him, which surprised Yang Yufeng.

"I can't accept things!"

Despite his desire, Yang Yufeng refused.

Seeing this, Liang Jie laughed: "This is what you deserve. It is not good to refuse without seeing it. You can just give it to your sister. She knows how to deal with it."

Having said that, Liang Jie ignored him and went straight to Yang Yi's room.

At this time Yang Huiling was outside the door, and Yang Yi's sobbing could be heard in the room.

"Sorry, I……"

Yang Huiling wanted to apologize for the Yang family, but her status in the Yang family was low and she couldn't do anything at all, so she couldn't keep talking.

Say too much is useless, Liang Jie's humiliation is not something she can make up for.

All can say is that he has no fate with Yang Yi! She really didn't expect the third grandpa to do it. What made them unexpected was that cousin Yang Yi would be chosen by the Ji family.

"No need to apologize, let me chat with Yang Yi for a while."

With a slight smile, Liang Jie seemed very calm, but Yang Huiling shivered.

What he meant so calmly meant that she knew very well. I'm afraid the Yang family did something wrong this time.

Leaving silently, Yang Huiling could only apologize again in her heart.

In the room, Yang Yi was sitting on the bed with red eyes, apparently already crying, which made Liang Jie's heart soft and felt that this girl was really stupid.


Yang Yi looked at Liang Jie bitterly, she didn't know what expression to face him.

For her own sake, Liang Jie was humiliated, and he was caught by the Ji family. His life will not be too good in the future.

"Don't cry, this is not your fault."

"You can only blame me for having no strength, otherwise I will be able to protect you."

"Although the Ji family is hateful, they can indeed provide you with better cultivation resources, so you have to be sure that I will pick you up at that time."

Liang Jie knew that he couldn't keep Yang Yi's, so he could only take her to the place prepared by Ji Family.

During this time, as long as he cultivates well, he can go to Ji's house to ask for someone, and then he will settle the grievances today.

"I don't want to leave, but I can't help it!"

"Jay, will you really come to pick me up?"

"Actually ..."

It can be seen that Yang Yi has already made plans to escape with Liang Jie in recent days, but Liang Jie would not choose so.

It was very selfish for Yang Yi to suffer with him. He had to be responsible for Yang Yi's future, so he interrupted Yang Yi's words.

"Fool, you have to cultivate well."

"I have prepared good things for you. As long as you are good, I will be full of motivation."

"When I go to pick you up, no one can stop us together. You have to put these things away, ok? You can contact me through it if you miss me."

Give the prepared storage bag to Yang Yi, everything is already in it.

Liang Jie had already thought about it. Parting was painful, but this was the best result for the two of them so that he could freely carry out his own plan.

"I wait for you!"

Holding Liang Jie, Yang Yi's eyes were full of firmness. She gently kissed Liang Jie's cheek and then flew away.

In fact, she already knew that Liang Jie hadn't been possessed by a ghost, but she pretended that she didn't know it, and it was obvious why she had done so.