Chapter 33 - Shameless

"You don't have to be disappointed, let me help you!"

Seeing Liang Jie seemed unhappy because he didn't get anything, the ghost king felt that the boy was very close to his appetite.

He was like him at the beginning, so he would be happy to help the boy.

His hands clasped together and played a ghostly spirit, and even made the bodies of two people directly into two ghost species.

At the same time, the gold pill fell out and was swallowed up by the spirit that had become a ghost.

"Well, these two ghost species will give the ghost of the girl!"

"She was the one I let out, and it was a gift for you."

"With these two ghost species, she can reach the strength of the heavenly ghost in three years, which should be a good help for you."

Since it is sincerely intended to cooperate, the ghost king will naturally not be stingy. The contents inside are given to Liang Jie, which can make him do things better for himself.

He doesn't worry about Liang Jie's words, only a fool will offend an existence like him. This is the confidence brought by strength.

"Okay, let's go!"

As soon as the ghost king waved his hand, Liang Jie went out of the cave.

The ghost kings who possessed the five elements seal formation immediately let them return to the outside world. At the same time, with the power of the five elements seal formation, all the ghosts were banned in the cave.

Then he seals himself again, ready to continue to sleep in Wolong Mountain.

"Mengyao, do you know the origin of the Ghost King?"

"Well, wait, If I need him for help, what should I call him?"

"Forgetting the most important things."

Liang Jie regretted this, and Li Mengyao rolled her eyes.

The opponent is a powerful existence that has fallen from the spirit world. Is it difficult to leave a ray of divine thought on you? Don't know how to contact him yet!

"If you are in trouble, call him and he can come over."

However, Li Mengyao explained it. She felt it necessary to teach the master some basic common sense, otherwise, she would even be despised.

No one noticed that they were back where they were because everyone was blocked by ghosts.

Coupled with the existence of the five elements seal formation, all people can not leave their positions at all, until all ghosts just disappeared, they can move freely again.

"Did they make it?"

"should be."

"That ghost is too scary."

"Stop talking, my pants are wet."


The innate realm of the Shangzhou family did not care about their own image at all, and they made fun of themselves when they faced the ghosts.

It's safe to say that yes, it's true! Although they were scared, they were virtually unharmed.

"What's going on? Why haven't those two come out yet."

The old person who presided over the external enchantment came, and he had sensed that the spiritual power fluctuations of the two men had disappeared.

However, he was very happy, because the two were dead, which meant that this time it was all his credit.

"You guys, search Wolong Mountain to see if there is something left."

"Everything you find will be repurchased by the Ji family with heavy money. Please rest assured."

"This place is safe now, you can search anywhere."

The old man's face turned right, and the task of searching things was left to everyone.

He didn't really care what was inside the Wolongshan cave, because there was no way to get in, so he also had a good excuse when he went back.

Moreover, a girl with a congenital wooden spirit body was also found, which is definitely a great achievement.

"Haha ... God help me too!"

"It seems that God is helping me. Today is a good day for me."

"This achievement will definitely make me break the gold pill's later period."

Ji Penghai was very happy. There was no doubt at all about the death of the two men.

Rather, he is grateful that the two died inside, otherwise he may not get many benefits! After all, how many can there be for three people?

"Senior, junior found something."

Half an hour later, Liang Jie held the ghost species and found Ji Penghai.

That ghost species was surrounded by ghosts, and at a glance, it was known that it was not an ordinary thing, and it also had a slight fluctuation of consciousness, which made Ji Penghai excited.

According to legend, in the ghostly place, there will be natural-born ghost fetus, it is an excellent material used to cultivate imperial ghosts, which is the treasure!

"Well, this thing is really good, but can others see it?" Ji Penghai pretended to be calm, asking for fear of revealing flaws.

Liang Jie shook his head and said, "No, I came to you when I found it."

"Very well, I think you are good. You are at a very young age and in the cultivation momentum period, and it should be the back that the family has devoted all its energy to training!"

"I don't treat you badly either. Here is a washing pulp pill, which will definitely give you a higher talent for pulp-washing."

"You must not tell others about this, you know?"

Throw the bottle containing the washing pulp pill to Liang Jie, and Ji Penghai held the ghost fetus in his palm.

After sending away Liang Jie, Ji Penghai looked cold and stared at the leaving Liang Jie, and he was ready to kill him at an appropriate time.

As long as he left Shangzhou himself and returned to kill him at that time, he would not know it.

"Master, that old thing wants to kill you."

Li Mengyao was very annoyed. If Liang Jie was not powerful enough, she would beat the old thing.

What the hell! Aren't you born a few years earlier? Had the master got her earlier, he would be able to beat him to the ground now.

"It's okay, the ghost species has given him, look at him so carefully, he really regards it as a treasure!"

"I still want to approach him! I did not expect the other party to take the initiative to come home."

"As for him trying to kill me, I'm afraid it won't work. The ghost species will erode his gold pill and affect his spirits, and it will not be me who dies by then."

Liang Jie smiled coldly, this time he was trying to die, so he couldn't blame others.

This time the harvest is good. There are a lot of ghost beads left after the ghosts die, but Liang Jie and Li Mengyao don't want them because they have already got a lot of things.

Now that he has a bunch of valuable things in his hand, it's time to do good business with the cultivation people in the spirit world.

When the sun rose, the search was over, and everyone returned to the Song family's villa.

"Brother, it's really nice that you're fine."

When Shangguan Yu saw Liang Jie, he rushed over, but he emptied himself and fell heavily on the ground. This person always likes to make a fuss.

However, Liang Jie noticed that the atmosphere didn't seem right, especially the Yang family, and seemed to be very hostile to him.

The so-called third grandfather of the Yang family was looking at him gloomily at this moment, with an expression to kill him, which made Liang Jie a little speechless. It seems that things are not so easy to solve!