Chapter 32 - Trading

"Hello senior, I am Liang Jie"

By this time, hiding is no longer meaningful.

The opponent's strength is so powerful, and from some of the words just heard, it can be speculated that this person has a grudge with the spirit world, and he thinks this is a place to use.

"Oh, You are quite brave."

The ghost king looked at Liang Jie, a pair of dark eyes as if to see him through.

The man in front of him was indeed a cultivation person during the cultivation momentum period, but the ghost king felt an unusual breath, which made him feel incredible.

At the same time, he was very concerned about the method used by this guy named Liang Jie to lie to them.

"Seniors, not I am brave. There is really no other way."

"As far as I can hide, it is not my special ability."

"Perhaps you see this ring, you should know what happened."

Liang Jie raised his right hand and showed the dragon head ring to the ghost king without any panic.

The reason for this is that Li Mengyao taught him, because only in this way can the ghost king believe in Liang Jie, or the other party might kill Liang Jie.

After all, the opponent's strength now seems to be only Yuanying period, but who knows how strong he was before he fell, but he knows the existence of the Ji Family in the spirit world!

"Oh? Nine Regions ring!"

When he saw the dragon head ring, the ghost king already knew it, but he didn't look very concerned, because, in his opinion, the ring is not a good thing.

The stealth ability is really excellent, and there is the ability to control the Xumi magic weapon, but these are really not particularly powerful abilities for powerful cultivation people.

If an ordinary person would covet the ring, he didn't have this idea. After all, this kind of celestial soul treasure can only be obtained by a fate. If he robs, the result may be not good.

"Boy, getting the ring is all about running out of luck in your life!" The ghost king smiled, a gloating expression.

Hearing that, Liang Jie couldn't say no. To say if luck has worsened, it was really a little bit like that.

Li Mengyao is unhappy, sitting on Liang Jie's shoulder, watching the ghost king angrily, "If you don't know the goods, don't pretend to be superior, That's the loss of those people who don’t know how to use me."

"It turned out to be the ring elf! How can I feel that your breath is wrong!"

"The ring seems to have no other function than the Xumi device that connects others!"

"What's more, can you see other people's items without the permission of others? Can you still grab them?"

The ghost king grinned and felt that the elf is angry, so she would say like that.

The masters of the ring of all ages did not have many people who could cultivate to the god period. The ring, one of the most powerful artifacts, was simply a ring of doom.

"You have no knowledge ."

"My current master is different. He is very good."

"Not only can I fully exert my strength, but I can also use my ability to make money. In the future, he will not worry about the lack of resources to cultivate, even in the present world, which lacks spiritual power."

Li Mengyao's expression made the ghost king extremely curious.

Is there any special way to use the ring? She doesn't seem to be telling lies, is there really a way to cultivate in this wound?

"That's right, I'll tell you ..."

Speaking of Liang Jie's affairs, Li Mengyao is very proud, because this is the first master she likes, other masters can't even wake her up.

This shows that Liang Jie is indeed a person with great luck, otherwise, how could he get the ring!

When he learned that Liang Jie's method of using the ring, the ghost king's mouth could not be closed for a long time. He was really surprised by Li Mengyao's words.

Using the ring to communicate with the cultivation people in the spirit world, then reselling pills, and even started a business selling pills.

The ghost king who has been sleeping for thousands of years feels that he really can't keep up with the rhythm, but thinking about it carefully, Liang Jie really doesn't have to worry about the limits of the world.

"Junior, I was going to kill you."

"But after hearing from you, I think you are very interesting."

"Let's make a deal! I need to sell the spirit pill, which is only available in the spirit world, which is a sixth-grade pill. In return, I can help you once."

The ghost king looked at Liang Jie with a serious expression on his face. He really looked forward to Liang Jie's growth.

Sixth grade pill is a huge challenge for Liang Jie, but with the promise of the ghost king, if he is given a life-saving sign.

In this world, no one is his opponent at all, which is indeed a very useful promise for Liang Jie.

"Senior, I can promise to help you, but I still need some means to save my life."

"There are my enemies outside, and I'm afraid they will kill me."

"and so……"

Liang Jie didn't sit on the ground to start the price, but it was just a promise. It didn't make too much sense for Liang Jie. The most important thing in front of him was to resolve the ancestor of the Ji family.

The other party is in the gold pill period, who is not Liang Jie who can deal with it, and there are ready-made masters outside. Naturally, he does not want to think about other methods.

"You said that person in gold pill period outside! This is trouble."

"I give you the promise. It would be a pity to use it on the person in the gold pill period!"

"This is a ghost species. You can plant it on the person. The ghost species will absorb the power of his gold pill to hatch. At most, it will break out of the body, and then he will change into no human being and no ghost, hehe ... "

The words of the ghost king scared Liang Jie. The black ghost in his hand at the moment was something like a flame, which turned out to be such an evil thing.

However, this is exactly what Liang Jie meant. Who asked that old guy to set Yang Yi up!

"How to use this? It won't be harmful to me!" Liang Jie didn't dare to pick it up by hand, he was worried that he would become fertilizer for ghost species.

The ghost king laughed: "Relax, the ghost species are conscious, it knows what to do."

"Then I'm relieved. Do you need anything on these guys?"

"Oh! You can take it. Anyway, I don't have any use to keep it. I will reseal it here. You don't have to worry about leaking the ghost."

"Thank you senior!"

With the permission of the other party, Liang Jie and Li Mengyao started to scrape the two people in the gold pill period. Unfortunately, they were poorer than expected and did not have much at all.

This makes Liang Jie feel very speechless. They don't even have a storage bag.

However, it is not without gain, at least the ghost spirit beads left by the ghost are still there. This is what Liang Jie wants most. As for the others, they are incidental.