Chapter 31 - The Ghost King

He just said he would leave, and she let him not move. Liang Jie was puzzled, but soon he knew what was going on. The cold feeling was very strong as if his whole body was freezing.

At the same time, the ground floor of the cave seemed to have something to come out, and even a black liquid leaked out, a fierce breath permeated, Liang Jie could even feel that his soul was shaking.

The first thing that appeared was a pair of huge eyes. The darkness was as deep as ink as if it were deep like the sea. Just a glance would make the soul collapse.

"Ghost King"

Li Mengyao didn't say much, the simple two words made Liang Jie's body cold.

No wonder there are so many good things here, it turns out that there are such behemoths here!


The two people sensed the existence of the ghost king and wanted to leave before he had condensed the entity, but a layer of ghost gas blocked their way.

Not only that, the entire space was imprisoned, they couldn't leave at all.

"Senior, we have no intention to disturb, but please forgive us."

Seeing that they could not escape, they hurriedly begged for mercy. Although the other party was the ghost king, they could feel a breath of life, which could not be faked.

The ghost king cultivated Akira and giving birth to vitality.

Such ghosts generally do not kill many, so they still have the opportunity to escape. As long as they are sincere enough and willing to pay the price, everything is possible.

"Haha ..."

Cold laughter came from all sides, and they knelt on the ground sweating like rain.

The ghost king is the existence of the Yuanying period, that is not what they can deal with, the other party's thoughts can make them die.

Cultivation is not easy, not to mention such a world, they cherish their lives.

"Senior, we are from the Ji family. We are here only to seal the enchantment."

"We don't know you are cultivating here. We deserve to die, and ask seniors to be gracious."

"As long as we can do it, we must do my best."

The gap between the strengths is very large, and there is a gap between the Yuanying period and the gold pill period.

Only when they enter the Yuanying period can they be considered to have truly lost their mortal bodies and embarked on the path of longevity. That is not their existence.

Under the Yuanying period are ants.

"Hmm, kill my slave, now tell me a misunderstanding?"

The ghosts gathered together, and a slender figure appeared, which actually condensed the entity.

That's not an ethereal spirit, but a tangible thing. Although it's not physical, it also has a physical touch. This is the strength of the ghost king.

His face was not very clear, but he could see that he was angry.

But this is quite normal. Heavenly ghost is a slave he managed to cultivate, but he was killed by these two people. How could he feel well in his heart!

"Senior, the ignorant is not guilty, we really don't know."

The two had their foreheads on their knees, and they knelt there, dare not move.

After all, they are just humans. They will be afraid of death and will ask for mercy. This makes Liang Jie feel very disappointed.

"Master, cultivation people are also human. What you said is a real ascetic."

Li Mengyao's voice sounded in Liang Jie's mind and expressed her opinion on his thoughts.

Not every cultivation people are pursuing the natural avenue. The kind of people who has no desire is not common in the world. After all, there is no way to talk about it without strength.

"the ignorant is not guilty? The Ji family?"

"Do you think I will spare you if you move out of the Ji family? Even Ji Mingwu, your ancestor of the Ji family, would not dare to talk to me like that."

"Kill my slave, you have to pay for it!"

The Ghost King has no fear of the Ji family.

Hearing the old ancestor's name, the two trembled with horror. At this point, they could only fight desperately, maybe they could leave here alive.

"The Five Elements seal formation, get up!"

The two of them fought and activated the five elements seal formation.

The Ghost King did not intend to stop it, and it seemed that he had been intentionally made to do so.

The formation was activated, and the two men holding the flag were free to move. They desperately flew out of the cave. At this moment, they wanted nothing, and nothing was more important than life.

However, they flew out not far, and the black ghost gas turned into a tentacle to pierce their heart and would calm their Dantian, making it impossible to use the power.

The heart was pierced, the death of the body was irreversible, and with gold pill blocked, they could only watch themselves die.

Fear, resentment, remorse, various emotions are entangled, all infused into the soul.

"Kill my slave, and told you to pay for it with your life, do you think you can run away?"

The ghost king hummed, stretched out the ghost's hand to hold the heavenly inspirations of the two, and pulled their soul out with a force.

The death of the flesh is very scary for cultivation people in gold pill period because even if their soul can survive for a period of time, they will eventually die.

Two ghost flames popped into the soul of the two with a ghostly spirit and broke up their consciousness in an instant, and they were really dead.

However, their soul remained, and they were eroded by the ghostly spirit, and soon became a ghost-like existence. The two ghost flames turned into a spirit deed in their position, declaring their soul completely as slaves of the ghost king. .

Killing cultivation people in the gold pill period is nothing to the ghost king. It is really as simple as killing an ant.

The ghosts of cultivating immortality really can't create too many sins, because this will increase the difficulty of Tianjie, but the ghost king doesn't care about these things.

"If I had not been sealed for thousands of years, I am still weak at this moment. I would directly go to the spirit world and turn the world upside down."

"Ji's family? I'm not afraid of Ji's family in the spirit world. Am I afraid of you?"

"I don't know what happened to Yang Li, but don't live up to my expectations. To help you soar, I almost lost half of my life."

The ghost king scolded him, seeming to be very upset, but at this moment, he suddenly felt anger.


The person on the first level of cultivation momentum period retreat avoided my divine exploration?

"Interesting, you guys come out yourself!"

"You are really interesting. I won't kill you easily."

"Because your body will become my thing."

With a cold smile, the ghost king looked at where Liang Jie was.

The ghost king who had mastered the Five Elements seal formation clearly felt Liang Jie's existence.

This made him very interested. A person on the first level of cultivation momentum period actually stole something under the eyes of two people in the gold pill period. This courage is very good.