Chapter 30 - It's All Mine (2)

"Who? How dare you steal the ghost flower?"

With a roar, the people in the gold pill period started, and Liang Jie was almost killed.

Just with a roar, there is such a powerful force. If it wasn't for the ring's mitigation of the opponent's attack, Liang Jie had already died.


Swallowing the blood from the throat, Liang Jie didn't dare to do anything.

Any subtle action may expose himself, and he must not let himself be found out of it. He was almost killed.

"No one is there, why are those flowers gone?"

"Are there ghosts we don't know are here?"

"Go back and look, maybe some kind of creature is collecting the treasures here."

The spiritual loss of the two people is extremely great, so at this time, naturally, they hope that there is no change.

Fortunately for ordinary ghosts, in case they are powerful heaven ghosts, they may not be able to gain anything on this trip.

With the departure of the two, Liang Jie was finally relieved. He was very angry but saw Li Mengyao's aggrieved expression, which made him very helpless.

"Master, I'm sorry."

Li Mengyao looked at Liang Jie timidly, she already knew how dangerous things she had done.

In this regard, Liang Jie couldn't blame her, sitting on the ground and saying, "Let's talk! What a good thing, you are so excited."

"Ghost flower is just a very rare herb for ordinary cultivation people."

"But it is an indispensable herb for refining Jiuzhuanjindan. Of course, it is not old enough now, but these ghost flowers are definitely a treasure that is hard to find in the world."

"With it, the master will be able to make Nine Turn Gold Pill in the future ..."

Nine Turn Gold Pill is ninth grade pill, which can not only save dead people but also the spiritual world that countless people dream of.

Seeing one of the main medicine, it is normal for Li Mengyao to get excited. After all, if such an opportunity is missed, it will no longer exist.

"Well, I don't mean to be angry, just don't be so impulsive next time." Liang Jie shook his head and smiled.

This made Li Mengyao very excited, holding Liang Jie's face was a fierce kiss.

Although this is a very enjoyable thing, Liang Jie still wants to live longer, otherwise, the blood that is easily swallowed will come out of the nostril again.

"Ah ... who!"

There was a roar from the two men in the distance of the cave, and they had found that the things had been taken away.

The spirit was so powerful that he frightened Liang Jie into fright. The two men were really powerful. But he was also very excited because he saw the strength of the gold pill period and he was full of hope for the future.

Despite the two people making a big noise and sweeping the spiritual force everywhere in the cave, it was a pity that they still couldn't find the person they were looking for.

"There is nothing abnormal in our divine perception, is it ..."

"It's impossible. If there were ghosts of the Yuanying period, I'm afraid they have already come out."

"It's the same, but the situation is too weird."

"Yeah! It's weird here, we'll take all the rest!"

"Well, that's all it can be!"

Liang Jie heard the conversation between the two clearly.

Just injured by them, Liang Jie was trying to get revenge on them! Hearing them suddenly said they were going to take action on something here, he is unhappy.

"Mengyao, put away everything you can take away!"

Liang Jie decisively ordered, Li Mengya readily accepted the order.

This area in the depths of the cave, as long as it can be taken away, has been taken into the ring by Li Mengyao.

Looking at the bare cave, Liang Jie was finally satisfied.

Then, he found a more hidden place and wanted to see how the two of them were screaming wildly.

"Although a lot of things have been lost, the most valuable ones are the most profound ghost stones.

"Just use these stones to feed the ghost that Yang Yi subdued, it will inevitably become the guardian and ghost of my Ji family."

"Yeah! The harvest is still good."

"Haha ... we ..."

The two talked and laughed, and seemed very satisfied with the results of the search for the ruins.

They are stupid, after all, they do not know so many useful things. But this is also no way, after all, too much is lost in this world.

However, when the two came to the deepest part of the cave, they found nothing.

What used to be a lot of mysterious ghost stones and other Yinming herbs is now bare, except for the stones.

"Who the hell is it, come out!"

The two roared, and the sound contained endless spiritual power.

Not only were they attacking, but they were also searching for the enemy's whereabouts, but they were disappointed because they could find nothing.

"Hate, what the hell is that?"

The white-haired old man in a robe frowned.

In his opinion, this matter is not simple. He is afraid that there may be some creatures or ghosts here. They can escape their divine exploration, and the other party may not have any hidden means.

"Finding a way to catch it, maybe it could really work for us."

At first, they were very angry, but now they are very happy.

At this time, it is impossible to say that there is a stronger existence than them, so they think it should be some special existence.

If they think about it like this, they will naturally want to catch it. After all, hide breath from being discovered. This kind of existence is definitely a treasure for those who cultivate it!

"Five Elements Seal Formation"

The two thought of a solution at the same time, which happened to seal the ghosts outside.

Without any hesitation, they immediately took out the banner and started to lay it out. With the cave as the core of the formation, the entire Wolong Mountain was banned.

In this way, no one can leave here, and the hidden things will be hidden.

"Oops, master, let's go!"

Li Mengyao was shocked to hear the words of the two. Of course, she could use the ring to help Liang Jieyin's body and breath, even the people during the gold period could not find him.

But if it is a formation, then he has to appear, after all, his strength is too low.


However, at this time, a sound suddenly came from the ground.

The feeling of coldness flowed all over the body in an instant, making them unable to move. Li Mengyao's face changed so much that she never thought that the thing would come so fast.

Because, just when she was collecting things, she had discovered the secret here.

As she said at the beginning, it was very simple and there was something extraordinary, and the seal of that thing just happened to be lifted by them.

"Master, don't move! There's a good show!"

Liang Jie was going to leave, but now he can't move.

That thing has been staring at them, if messes up, it might kill Liang Jie.

However, as long as they stay here, there is a way to live, because she is here.