Chapter 3 - Liang Jie was possessed by a ghost

Someone has placed an order, and the next step is to find someone who has a solid foundation pill.

With the help of Li Mengyao, Liang Jie quickly found a man. He owns two solid foundation pills, so he is willing to sell one.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for me to deal?"

After learning about Liang Jie's thoughts, the person in the cultivation momentum period was scared.

Being able to communicate and receive by god mind, at least he is in forming pill period!

"Master, he mistakenly believes that this is a god mind message. This is an ability that can only be used by those who have reached the forming pill period."

At first, Liang Jie was still a little confused. With the explanation of Jing Mengyao, he immediately laughed.

Then, he said decisively his purchase price and bought a piece of solid foundation pill for 90,000 low-grade spirit stone.

After all, he's too embarrassed to make too much, so he offered a price that he thought was "conscience".

"I am willing to sell, but how can I give you?"

"Just if you want to sell, I will put the spirit stone directly into your storage bag, and I will take it myself."


Looked into other people's storage bags! This is at least also the cultivation god period. It was obviously misunderstood that he is in the forming pill period!

He has been watching him all the time. He must behave better in order to get appreciation. No matter what he thought, Liang Jie only knew he was making a lot.

Earn 10,000 low-grade spirits stones!

"Hey ..."

Liang Jie laughed in the dormitory but didn't notice his roommate outside.

Originally, they only picked up something when they came back, but it was found that Liang Jie was talking to himself in the dormitory and almost scare them to death.

Especially the last laughter was even more horrible. He scared them away and ran away. After all, the entire college now knows that Liang Jie has been possessed by a ghost.

"Master, you can use these spirit stones to buy cleaning body fluid, enough for you to get started!"

Li Mengyao is also looking forward to Liang Jie's strength soon so that she can find the Turn spirit pill as soon as possible.

Cleaning body fluid is not unusual. It can be purchased with spirit stone. He can buy it at double price, so others will definitely sell it.

So, under the encouragement, Liang Jie bought five cleaning body fluids.

"Drink directly?"

The fluid is a thick green liquid with a faint fragrance, which makes Liang Jie acceptable even though he feels sick.

After drinking it, a burning sensation suddenly rose from his stomach, and then flowed to his limbs, making him feel like the whole person was burned by fire.

"Master, how is it?"

"I feel like I have endless strength!"

"That's right, you need to let out your energy now."

"How to do it?"

"Just run!"

"Okay, I run!"

Liang Jie, who couldn't bear it, felt like he was about to explode.

So he sprinted at a speed of 100 meters and came to the playground. The whole man ran like crazy, yelling while running.

Not that he wanted to laugh, but really couldn't help it!

The violent power slammed into his body, impacting every part of his body, making him feel like he was about to explode.

"Isn't that Liang Jie? Why is he running!"

"Really, is it really a ghost?"

"No! Don't scare me, I'm timid."

People who were in class when they saw Liang Jie shirtless and ran all the way on the playground, it felt like freedom.

There are only three grades and five classes in the college, "Teacher, Liang Jie is crazy and has run forty laps on the playground!"

Finally, the students felt that Liang Jie was crazy, and it was too scary to scream while running.

On this day, the student of the archeology department left the class early because of Liang Jie's affairs. It was really strange that his behavior was really like being possessed by a ghost.

Lying back and forth on the ground, Liang Jie finally exhausted the power in his body. The circle around the playground was 800 meters. He actually ran for more than ten kilometers in one breath, and it was still the kind of sprint.

"Master, you have successfully started, as long as you drink the remaining four cleaning body fluid, you can practice momentum"

"By then, your mental strength will be enough to connect five people, and you will be able to contact each minute."

"But you don't have to worry about it. In the evening, you just have to take a good rest. I will help you to contact the people in the cultivation momentum period. You can reply to them uniformly the next day."

Li Mengyao learns things very quickly, she has learned Liang Jie's routine, and now she can operate it by herself.

This makes Liang Jie feel very happy. He has never been so happy since he was a child, but what he didn't know is that the story of his madness has spread throughout the college.

After taking a bath, Liang Jie came to the cafeteria, and the surrounding classmates avoided him like a scorpion, which caused him some injuries.

"Auntie, give me a ten-dollar package!"

Liang Jie didn't care, took the set and sat aside to eat.

Because of the effect of the cleaning body fluid, Liang Jie was attentive at this time, and he could hear a very small sound within a dozen meters. He finally knew what happened to these people.

"It's him, the man who is possessed by a female ghost. I heard that he ran dozens of laps in the playground in the afternoon."

"Yes, yes, I heard that too! It seems to be running while shouting, so scary!"

"Yeah! I dare not go to the toilet at night, you have to go with me!"

"Together ..."

This is the sophomore sister on the left discussing Liang Jie, which makes him very speechless.

On the other side, they directly said that Liang Jie was possessed by a ghost. Now it is not him who eats, but the female ghost.

"Auntie, another ten-dollar package!"

The speed at which Liang Jie ate was called fast. Then, in the shocked eyes of everyone, he started to solve the second package again.

With the second serving, there was a third serving. Until the fourth serving, he patted his stomach contentedly. After he was hungry, it was comfortable to eat a full meal!

"Did you see that? Four packages!"

"I heard that a person possessed by a ghost can eat much. It seems that he is really ..."


The people who had watched the show all ran away, and their backs felt cold.

Even in the age of science, knowing and fearing are two different things. Fear of ghosts is inherent.


He looked scornfully at the frightened seniors and sisters, and even classmates. Liang Jie didn't even want to stay with them.

However, when he was about to leave, he found that the most beautiful girl in his class, Yang Yi, was standing at the door, watching him.