Chapter 29 - It's All Mine (1)

Looking at Li Mengyao, flying in front of him, Liang Jie felt a little unreal.

Because, at this moment, Li Mengyao is totally a small fan of money.

"Take it away, take it all away."

The places Li Mengyao flew over, exposing a hard rock.

The black ice formed by the ghostly spirits has disappeared, and all of them have been put into the ring by Li Mengyao.

"Master, come on, something good!"

Liang Jie was afraid that the people in the gold pill period would return.

In case he was found, this is where he was buried, the trip was very exciting.

However, he came here! Is he afraid of them?

"Look, master, this is Yinming grass. It is a blind herb for refining Nourish soul pill."

"There is also a ghost ball, which is left after the ghost dies, but it is a necessary thing to create a thunder spell!"

"It's all good! I really want to put this Wolong Mountain in the ring."

The appearance of Li Mengyao makes Liang Jie speechless.

He is not very clear about the value of these things, but by looking at Li Mengyao's expression, he knows that this is definitely a huge asset.

Just to put Wolong Mountain into the ring, isn't it a little too much?

"Unfortunately, your strength is too poor, otherwise I will definitely put Wolong Mountain in."

Liang Jie, who was very speechless, was even more speechless to hear her say this!

There are a lot of good things, but they are just the ones they just saw, but Li Mengyao is not disgusted at all, and wherever she goes, she collects the ghostly black ice into the ring.

After walking a few hundred meters, Black Ice was gone.

Li Mengyao, who has nothing to collect, is obviously not in a good mood.

She was dangling around, looking for something better.

Liang Jie followed her, and he was completely numb. He did not expect that Li Mengyao was a legendary miser!

As long as she saw it, it was all hers.

It can be imagined that after a while, the people in the gold pill period returned. If they saw that there is empty, they might vomit blood.

"Master, there is something good again."

Suddenly, Li Mengyao appeared in front of Liang Jie.

Holding his hand to fly forward, it seemed a bit impatient.

When Liang Jie came to the place she said, he almost fell to the ground. This black piece of water was actually a good thing in her mouth?

"Hum, this is a good thing. It's called yin water."

"What's it called?"

"Full name Xuanyin Holy Water!"

"Thank you, please say full name, please."

"Even the spiritual world, this is something rare, it ..."

Li Mengyao is talking about the use of this Xuanyin holy water, which is actually used to improve the success rate of alchemy, this large pool of Xuanyin holy water.

My goodness! Liang Jie felt that his heart couldn't stand it.

"Put away, put away! Hurry up."

Liang Jie was even more anxious than Li Mengyao at this time. Because, now in his opinion, everything in the hole belongs to him.

Although Xuanyin Holy Water is not a treasure, its formation is very difficult, but since it is useless after forming a pill, it can only be said to be a rare treasure.

"Walk around and see if there is anything else."

After collecting Xuanyin holy water, Liang Jie hurried forward.

He now wants to take away the stones here, and he always feels that these stones are also very valuable.

So he picked up the crushed stones on the ground. The stones were cold, and he held out a handful of yin, and Liang Jie felt that this thing should be put away.

"Master, what are you doing?"

"I want to see if this stone is also a good thing."

"These stones are useless to you, and the grade is too low."

"Can you sell it?"

"It can be, it's usually used to arrange formation, and ..."

"Just be useful, all in the ring."


Li Mengyao was speechless, and she finally found that her master was even more greedy than herself.

She also collected the treasure, but the master was different, not even the stone, even if it wasn't worth much.

The number of stones is very large, but it is not much for the ring.

Continue to move forward, the ghost spirit is getting more and more intense, and the fluctuations in the battle ahead are getting more and more intense, but Liang Jie is unmoved, and his eyes are bright looking for something to take away.

"Master, look!"

After being silent for a while, Li Mengyao exclaimed again.

Looking down her fingers, Liang Jie stared straight at the thing.

There was nothing else in front of him, but a huge stone, but there was endless yin energy.

This stone looks like a mountain range, about two or three feet long, and stands on the wall of the cave.

"What is this?"

Liang Jie could sense that the stone was unusual, but didn't know its origin.

Li Mengyao, whose saliva was flowing fast, looked at the stone and said, "This is the Yin vein! It is a special vein formed after thousands of years of ghostly erosion of the vein."

"Although still young, it has great growth potential."

"If it is dug away and placed in a place full of aura, it can grow slowly and provide a steady stream of yin for the cultivation of ghosts."


Swallowed, Liang Jie really wanted to own it.

Take away is definitely possible, but Li Mengyao doesn't want to do this, because it has the biggest growth space here, because here is the path of the ghost.

"It's a pity not to take away."

After looking at the Yin vein, Li Mengyao finally let go of her thoughts.

Liang Jie was a little disappointed but was very happy in his heart, and he didn't want to waste so much.

And the appearance of the Yin vein means that there are better things waiting for them!

The fluctuations in the battle are getting weaker and weaker. After more than an hour of fighting, the people in the gold pill period should have killed the ghosts. This is a shocking battle!

"Master, go ahead!"

At this time, it was less than a few hundred meters from the people in the gold pill period, and Liang Jie proceeded carefully.

When he came to the corner, he saw some flowers on the ground. They looked very special. The whole body was dark. Only the flower core was red, which was that glamorous red.

Li Mengyao saw this flower and almost rushed out. If Liang Jie stopped her, she might have rushed up.

"Mine, it's all mine!"

Without explaining to Liang Jie, Li Mengyao directly collected all those flowers into the ring.

It was also this move that made the people in the gold pill period notice them. They turned into a flash of lightning and arrived here in an instant.

Their eyes were as cold as a knife, Liang Jie felt that his heart was about to stop beating, and he was afraid to speak and breathe.