Chapter 28 - The Secret of Wolong Mountain

The next day, Yang Yi did not come back to the villa, only Yang Huiling came alone and gave Liang Jie a letter from Yang Yi.

There were no other words in the letter, just the words "believe me", which made Liang Jie feel very warm.

"Yang Hu didn't come back yesterday. Did he come to see you!"

Yang Huiling wanted to leave directly, after all, the Yang family's actions made Liang Jie almost impossible to be with Yang Yi.

But anyway, Yang Hu is from the Yang family, she still wants to find him, at least he can stop him before he comes to Liang Jie.

She hopes he doesn't find his own way, because she already knows Liang Jie is strong.

"Who knows? Shangzhou city is so big. Maybe he came to the big city for the first time and went for fun?"

With a slight smile, Liang Jie didn't say too much, she could understand without saying.

This world is so realistic, the strongest is the boss.

"I understand!"

Nodded, Yang Yi already knew the answer.

In fact, she still wanted to say something. It can be seen that Liang Jie had no idea of listening, and she knew that what she said was meaningless.

At twelve in the evening, everyone who had attended the meeting before came together.

"It seems that there is a big secret in Wolong Mountain!"

"I know what you think. I've been asleep until I was awakened by you, so I don't know what happened here."

"However, there is a big guy in the enchantment. I'm afraid they will be in trouble this time. I know you want to kill the old guy of Ji Family. I will help you find a way."

Li Mengyao is also a vengeful fellow. Her master is so aggrieved, and she is very unhappy.

Relying on years of cultivation, with a little strength, can do whatever they want in this world? This world is not as simple as imagined.

"I understand. I'm not in a hurry."

Liang Jie really understood.

The Ji family is bound to get it this time, even at a huge price, which shows that these things are very important to them.

If they can’t get anything and lose something, what do they think?

People from all major families are holding spells, which are used for self-defense and exorcism. Their strengths are in the innate state, and their sense of ghosts is still very strong. There is no problem with spells protecting themselves.

On the periphery of the campus, a person in the gold pill period isolated the internal connection with the outside world by a formation. Even if the inside was dark, people outside would not know it.


With a loud noise, a violent shaking came from the ground.

The enchantment was shattered by two people in the gold pill period, surging spirits, flowing down the mountain like a substantial torrent.

The ghosts whimpered and almost controlled everyone's minds. Fortunately, they carried spells to avoid being attacked by spirits.

At the same time, a golden light was emitted from their bodies to dispel all the ghosts, which was the effect of the golden light spell.

"They went in. The ghosts outside are just miscellaneous fish. We go in too!"

"With me, they can’t fell your breath, so don't worry."

"There's something useful for your little girlfriend. After all, you can't protect her all the time. You have to give her the ability to protect herself."

After hearing the words of Li Mengyao, he rushed directly without any doubt.

At this time, the situation outside was not chaotic, but no one knew who was there. The ghosts drowned together, and they were lucky to be safe.

"Don't panic, take out the immovable spell."

Ji Xuan led the crowd outside to stop ghosts, so as not to run into the outside world and cause harm to ordinary people.

The Immovable spell is a seal, which can temporarily form an enchantment, blocking all ghosts and ghosts, leaving them within the campus area.


Space shook for a while, and a golden barrier appeared, blocking the ghosts flying around.

These are just ordinary ghosts, and they are not a threat. What really threatens them is the ghosts that will come out of Wolong Mountain.

The strength of the ghost is equivalent to that of the solid foundation period, but don't worry too much. Everyone has the spell, which is the extraordinary power of the second-grade spell.

What's more, there is a third-grade spell in Ji Xuan, whose attack power is equivalent to the blow of the person in the gold pill period.

"Master, follow the route I gave you!"

There must be a secret in Wolongshan, and Li Mengyao wanted to find out.

Naturally, she wouldn't let Liang Jie take risks. There is a general trend in the mountains and rivers, and her route to Liang Jie is to move forward according to the general trend. This is a place where ghosts cannot infect.

Walking forward silently, because of the ring ability, Liang Jie did not have to worry about revealing the real body at all.

When Liang Jie came to the entrance, he was almost taken off by the gushing force.

Looking through the entrance, you can see that two people in the gold pill period are using magic weapons to fight against the internal ghosts. If Wolong Mountain is not strong enough, it has already been blown out.

The stirring spirit is very big, even if only a trace of the aftermath can make Liang Jie's body broken.

To continue like this is undoubtedly equivalent to death, he must wait until the two have resolved the ghost before entering.

Even though Liang Jie opened spiritual eyes, he still couldn't see the inside. The ghostly spirit was too strong. He felt cold all over, and there was always a breathless feeling.

"Heavenly ghosts are the ghosts of the gold pill period. After they die, they will leave ghost beads, which are the most precious things for the ghosts that Yang Yi subdued."

"The ghost beads that condensed the spirit can transform the ghosts and enhance their strength. I don't know how much can be left."

"In a while, we kill people and get the beads! I haven't done that for a long time."

Li Mengyao was even more excited than Liang Jie and kept talking.

Liang Jie understands the benefits of ghost beads. Is it too casual to kill and win treasures? He is just in the cultivation momentum period. Others are in the gold pill period. One finger can kill him several times.

The space inside Wolong Mountain is very wide. The people on the gold pill period and ghosts went to the deep inside. Liang Jie felt that he almost jumped down.

"Wow ... so cold!"

The ghostly surroundings made Liang Jie tremble coldly.

Thousands of years of ghostly agglomeration have formed a natural yin pulse here. Black ice is everywhere on the ground, which is formed by ghostly agglomeration.

"Master, don't rush forward, let's see if there are any treasures around."

The people in the gold pill period couldn’t make a difference with the ghosts in a short time, and Li Mengyao almost laughed when she saw the situation inside.

Yin pulse!

Soul-based cultivation people most need things to ensure that their ghosts are more solid, and the speed of cultivation can be accelerated a lot.

It's a shame not to take away such good things.

Because of this, she decided to clean up the place.