Chapter 26 - Family Meeting

Regarding Shangguan Fei's explanation, Shangguan Yu didn't dare to neglect, but he didn't speak directly in front of everyone.

Although he is not reliable, he still knows the importance of things.

"A family meeting?"

This is what Shangguan Fei wants to say. He hopes that Liang Jie can participate together.

Of course, it is only just the upper and middle-class families in Shangzhou City, and families from various regions in Huaxia. The matchmaker is the Ji family, one of the top ten families in Huaxia.

"Your grandpa meant to let me take this opportunity to show my relationship with Shangguan's family?"

"That's it, brother, you must go!"

"Um, of course, I will go."

"Then let's go! Right, you can’t pursue Yang Huiling."


Onboarding car, Liang Jie realized Yang Huiling's purpose to take Yang Yi away.

Anyway, this is the case. He didn't mind being involved very much anyway. Anyway, this thing will develop into this. Now it is just ahead of schedule.

"Master, be careful."

Li Mengyao specifically reminded Liang Jie to keep him from being too conspicuous.

This time the task of rebuilding the enchantment does not require their direct participation. The people of the Ji family will definitely find a way. This is a good opportunity to see the strength of the Huaxia Grand Family.

The meeting is held in the Song family in Shangzhou, because it is the number one family in Shangzhou.

Like the Shangguan family, the Song family's villa is also luxurious and ridiculous, and the floor space is exaggerated. This rich man's facade work is really good.

"What am I going to do in a while?" Liang Jie followed behind Shangguan Fei and looked at the people around him and asked.

Shangguan Fei shook his head and said, "Do nothing. Someone takes the lead. We just follow along."

The Ji family, one of the top ten families is here, there is really nothing with their other families, so just listen to the arrangements quietly.

If it wasn't for the enclave on the campus of the Nine Regions University ’s archaeology department, the Ji family would not have called all the major families to discuss the seal.

Everything is done for security.

"It's almost time, guys, the meeting is starting!"

Soon after the crowds were seated, an old man appeared on the stage.

He looks sixty or seventy years old, but the actual age is certainly far from it.

"Master, he is in the late stage of solid foundation period!"

"The person of the gold pill period also came, but he didn't appear before people."

"More than one, there are three!"

Li Mengyao's voice came, and Liang Jie couldn't help being taken aback.

Only one person in the gold pill period can make the enchantment, but three have come, which has already illustrated the problem well.

This time the other party was prepared, and there must be something good in the enchantment.

"This time, the enchantment of Wolong Mountain collapsed, ghosts pervaded, and ghosts ran rampant. We want to seal them. We must destroy all the ghosts in them."

"Don't worry, most of the ghosts are not very strong. The strength of the innate world is enough to deal with, and we are prepared."

"We won't let everyone do it for free, we will give the family involved in this operation a washing pulp pill, which can give you a higher talent ..."

At the end of the stage, everyone looked hopeful.

Obviously, these people know washing pulp pills. As a big family, it is not difficult to get so many washing pulp pills, but the grade is at most first grade!

The action plan is very clear. The major families only need to guard the periphery and don't let the ghosts escape. This is really not difficult.

After all, the Ji family will distribute spells to everyone.

"Elder Ji Xuan, our Yang family, Yang Yi, went to Wolong Mountain last night and conquered a ghost there. She should know where it is."

Just when Liang Jie thought things were about to end, the so-called third grandfather of the Yang family suddenly spoke.

His strength is in the third level of cultivation momentum period, which can only be said to be very general with such a strength when he is so old.

Of course, this is just Liang Jie's idea. In fact, in the world, such strength is already considered very strong.

Liang Jie naturally knew what he meant, and he actually planned to use Yang Yi to connect with the Ji family.

With this old man's eyesight, it was natural to see Yang Yi's progress, and it was entirely possible for her talent to be seen by the Ji family.

It is so stressful that Yang Yi has subdued the ghost, and his heart is terrible!

"Oh? I don't know if niece Yang Yi is here today? Come up and let me take a look."

Ji Xuan was shocked. He didn't expect the dismal Yang family to have such a proud girl.

Being able to conquer the ghosts, if such a talent can become Ji's daughter-in-law, it is bound to produce excellent children for Ji's family in the future.

"I am Yang Yi."

Yang Yi walked onto the stage timidly, saluting respectfully.

When she stood on the stage, an old man suddenly appeared, his eyes flashed golden light, and a glance at Yang Yi, turned out to laugh.

"Haha ...God’s will!"

"Yang Xuan, I have arranged her for the third son Ji Wu of the Ji family, and she can be my daughter-in-law of the Ji family."

"I wonder if the Yang family is willing?"

This is one of the three people in the gold pill period, and no one would think that he would say such a thing.

Everyone was not stupid, and immediately saw the extraordinariness of this girl, her talent is unimaginable! Otherwise, why are they attracted by such a person?


Yang Yi's head was roaring, her face became pale, and she couldn't say a word by biting her lips.

She wanted to say that she didn't agree, but if she just rejected it, what should the Yang family do? What should Liang Jie do?

The world is not so simple. When she faced Liang Jie's pursuit before, what she said was a serious consideration, and she didn't want to see Liang Jie being hurt.

"It's a good thing. Yang family is very willing."

Yang Xuan's expression of respectful expression filled with smiles.

This is a great thing for the Yang family.

In this way, the Yang family is considered to be skyrocketing. Yang Xuan is definitely the hero of the Yang family.

"Old ancestor, would you like to ask about Wolong Mountain first?" Ji Xuan asked his ancestors carefully.

The old man smiled and said, "Look at me, but I forgot about the business. Little girl, tell me what you saw."

In his opinion, Yang Yi was already the daughter-in-law of the Ji family. He was naturally very happy, and his attitude towards Yang Yi was very good.

If it wasn't for her talent, how could he do this to a little girl who wasn't even in the cultivation momentum period!

"At the time ..."

Yang Yi took a deep breath and began to talk about last night.

She knew that her resistance was meaningless, so she couldn't bother the family and Liang Jie, and she could no longer choose to marry or not.

Perhaps she and Liang Jie had no fate.

"Brother, this ..."

Shangguan Yu is not stupid. Although he is unhappy, he dares not make trouble.

At this time, the people in Shangguan's family were very nervous, fearing that Liang Jie would make trouble. By then, they would be in bad shape. Fortunately, Liang Jie was relatively calm and did not directly attack, and shook his head to everyone with a grin.

In the face of such a powerful Ji family, what can he do? Can only endure.