Chapter 25 - Annoying Followers

They are Yang Yi's cousin and cousin. Their attitude is still very good. Liang Jie naturally treats them as a boyfriend.

Yang Yi and Yang Huiling lived in the same room. They talked about what Liang Jie did not intend to overhear at night. What he wanted to know now was the purpose of the Yang family here.

"Master, the cultivation families have noticed the changes here."

"This is a good thing, both for you and your little girlfriend."

"Just wait and see what happens, and let them do the rest!"

The matter of enchantment is not something that Liang Jie can solve. Li Mengyao's suggestion is the most secure.

As for why it is good for them, this is not something Liang Jie needs to consider, and Li Mengyao will definitely tell him at that time.

Early the next morning, Liang Jie received a notice of suspension of the school district. Everyone was a little confused, but the reason given by the school could not be refuted. It turned out to be the repair of the school and the arrangement of the post-mountain simulated archeological practice site.

Everyone must leave school within one day, and classes will resume in a week.

"Brother, I came to play with you!"

Just when Liang Jie got up, stretched a lazy waist on the balcony, and saw Shangguan Yu.

The boy drove in and ran into the villa.

Shangguan Yu is so determined to be a younger brother to Liang Jie. Liang Jie feels a bit speechless. He is also the future heir of the Shangguan family. Why is his face so thick?

"Why are you here?" Liang Jie asked on the sofa, raising his eyebrows.

Shangguan Yu smiled and said, "Brother, something has happened in the mountains after school. Grandpa asked me to inform you, we Shangguan family ..."

When he was about to talk about business, he saw Yang Huiling who came with Yang Yi.

When the words reached his mouth, he swallowed it directly, then stared at Yang Huiling with wide eyes, lowered his voice and gave a thumbs up: "Brother. You are amazing!"

"What are you talking about? That's Yang Yi's cousin!"

With a black complexion, Liang Jie couldn't wait to slap the kid.

What the hell is this? Don't impose your thoughts on me.

"Master, do you dare to say that you haven't thought about hugging Li Mengyao's disdainful voice came and made Liang Jie dumb.

This is something a man has thought about before, how can he blame him alone!

When Yang Huiling saw Shangguan Yu, she was surprised and said, "You are Shangguan Yu? Why are you here?"

"Hi, cousin! I'm Liang Jie’s younger brother, I come here to play with him!"

Shangguan Yu hurriedly got up, his mouth was very sweet, and his eyes did not move away from Yang Huiling.

Now Liang Jie can see it, he likes Yang Huiling, and his vision is very good! It's just that the strength difference is a little bit big.

"Yes, cousin, do you have a boyfriend?"

"What do you ask?"

"I don't have a girlfriend."


Wasn’t he very bullish before? Why is he getting silly now?

In this regard, Liang Jie could only say nothing and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast silently.

"Hey, what do you want to do to my sister?"

Yang Yufeng walked out of the room and saw Shangguan Yu's face pleased to harass his sister. He rushed up and threw Shangguan Yu aside like a chick.

Shangguan Yu, who fell to the ground, didn't feel any shame.

Standing up and looking at Yang Yufeng with a smile, accompanied with a smile: "Hey, brother! My name is Shangguan Yu, and I'm pursuing your sister!"


Yang Yufeng, who wanted to do it, stopped when he heard Shangguan Yu's self-reported name.

This is Shangzhou City. The strength of the Shangguan family should not be underestimated. He does not dare to mess around.

"Eat breakfast!"

Half an hour later, Liang Jie and Yang Yi came out of the kitchen.

Take the warm stomach soup, egg and bread out.

Shangguan Yu's pursuing against Yang Huiling was non-stop. He didn't care whether the other party hated himself or not.

"Cousin, drink soup! And bread ..."

Seeing his diligence, Liang Jie was dumbfounded.

It's really his style, the shamelessness is already invincible.

If there was not a Shangguan family standing behind him, he was afraid he might not have been killed alive by Yang Yufeng. Yang Huiling looked at Liang Jie with help, hoping that he could say something.

She really can't stand it, this kid is so annoying.

"Eat! Why so many words."

Liang Jie thought it was funny.

But he couldn't make her too embarrassed. He picked up a piece of bread and stuffed it into Shangguan Yu's mouth, and at the same time glared at him, scaring him to say no more.

He didn't say anything, but his eyes were still obsessed, which made Yang Huiling feel very uncomfortable.

"Huh? This soup ..."

Yang Huiling ignored Shangguan Yu, her face suddenly changed after taking a sip of warm stomach soup.

Although there was no scream on her mouth, she could feel how powerful the soup was, and she could feel her body warm, like the feeling of being washed away.


With a grin, Liang Jie winked at Yang Huiling and motioned her not to speak up.

This is naturally using the cleaning body fluid and washing pulp pills. These days, Yang Yi has been drinking this soup!

How effective it is, people who reach a certain level will soon understand it.

"Sister, this soup is so delicious!" Yang Yufeng said with wide eyes, surprised.

Yang Huiling nodded and said, "Don't drink too much, it's almost OK."

The effect of the soup is very strong, and the transformation of the human body is slow and gradual. This magical soup is comparable to magic medicine! Who is this Liang Jie?

It was not until this moment that she really realized a problem, that is, Yang Yi said last night that she had conquered the ghosts, and that must have been Liang Jie's success.

"Brother, what kind of ingredients do you use for this soup, I will let the cook at home make me drink it every day!"

Shangguan Yu was already drinking the third bowl, and that soothing feeling couldn't stop! He felt very hungry as if he could eat a cow.

"Hurry up and make clear what your grandpa told you."

Glancing at him, Liang Jie's expression was speechless, the boy was too frustrating.

From the beginning to the end, Yang Yi didn't say anything. Her face was not very good. Liang Jie probably guessed what happened.

So he didn't ask much, she had to make the decision herself, after all, it was a matter within her family, and Liang Jie didn't say much about it as an outsider.

He can only do what he can do, just like today's bowl of soup, which is his showdown to her cousins. He is not an ordinary person.


The heir of the Shangguan family, and a soup with special effects. Yang Huiling knows that Liang Jie's identity is not simple.

But this time, the Yang family arranged the third grandpa to handle things. She only hoped that the Yang family would not offend the other party.