Chapter 24 - The Yang Family

It was an unexpected thing for Liang Jie that someone of the Yang family came. He did not expect that things would turn out like this.

At this time, driving back to the villa, Liang Jie felt upset, a good little nest, suddenly there were three more people.

In addition to Yang Yi's cousin Yang Huiling, there is cousin Yang Hu and cousin Yang Yufeng.

"Cousin, who is he?"

Yang Huiling looked at Liang Jie and asked.

Yang Yi was a little embarrassed at this time, but she looked up and whispered, "Liang Jie is my boyfriend!"

This made Liang Jie very relieved and had a sense of pride. Yang Yi said so, naturally, she fully accepted him.

Although he used a bit of meanness, it turned out to be good. Besides, he was not really the kind of casual player.

"Master, don't be proud, things are not as simple as you think."

Li Mengyao's words sounded in his mind, but Liang Jie didn't care.

"Cousin, I didn't say you! You should know that you are a descendant of the Yang family, and you have no right to choose your love partner."

It turns out that Li Mengyao's words are not wrong at all.

Yang Hu's words made Yang Yi's face pale, she wanted to refute, but think of the situation of the elders of the family and brothers and sisters, there is no possibility of change at all.

"Yang Hu, how do you say that? Shut up!"

Yang Huiling was a bit annoyed, and it was not appropriate for her boyfriend.

Even if you say that it ’s just sitting down calmly and saying, what ’s the matter with you?

Give Liang Jie a kickoff? Is the Yang family prestigious? Don’t know the other party’s background, is so arrogant. Is Shangzhou your home?


Liang Jie didn't speak, but he clearly realized the problem.

Regardless of the era, door-to-door pairing is still the most important thing, especially the children of the big family have no so-called free love at all, only the marriage of interests.

After returning to the villa.

Yang Yufeng was stunned by the villa in front of her. Even Yang Huiling was frightened. She did not expect Liang Jie to be so rich.

"Well, yes! This is our base."

Yang Hu seemed to have forgotten what happened in the car and didn't take Liang Jie into his eyes at all.

In a word, Liang Jie's lungs exploded. Ignore me is fine, but this place is my home, and you occupy it in one word?

"Cousin, this is Jay home, not Yang's."

"I'm his girlfriend, but his stuff is his."

"If you do, please leave here, I don't welcome you!"

Before Liang Jie broke out, Yang Yi had already shouted loudly, she was sorry for it, because of her reasons, Liang Jie was embarrassed.

As for Yang Huiling, she did not speak at this time. She wanted to see if Liang Jie really had the ability.

If he wants to be with Yang Yi, if he doesn’t have some strength, it is impossible even if he has more money, because they are not all the way.

"Cousin, I don't like your words."

"This time we are here, where we need to settle, as the Yang family, you should assist us."

"What's wrong here? He wants to be your boyfriend, so he should be mentally prepared. Is our Yang family's daughter so easy to marry?"

Yang Hu smiled coldly and was not frightened by Yang Yi, but instead carried the family out, which made Yang Yi feeling cold.

In any case, she was from the Yang family, so she couldn't disobey the family's orders at all.

"Your name is Yang Hu, right? Your Yang family is amazing, isn't it?"

"That's okay! Since it's so powerful, don't stay at my home."

"How can you say that you are Yang Yi's cousin? I have 2,000 yuan here. You can go out and find a place for living for a few days!"

Liang Jie came to Yang Yi, holding her by the shoulder to give her strength.

Regardless of who the other party is, Liang Jie will not just shrink back. After all, he has the support of the Shangguan family behind him.

Is the Yang family from other cities even more powerful than the Shangguan family?

"Do you know who you're talking to?" Yang Hu changed his face coldly.

Liang Jie looked around and scratched his head, "Of course I was talking to someone, don't you understand me?"


As Liang Jie said, Yang Hu's color was gloomy, and he was about to start with Liang Jie immediately.

However, Yang Yi and Yang Huiling stopped him.

"Cousin, give me the ghost you subdued, and I will hand it over to the family."

Glancing at Liang Jie, Yang Hu turned to Yang Yi and demanded Yang Yi in a commanding tone.

This time, not only was Liang Jie angry, but even Yang Huiling couldn't bear it. This Yang Hu was so presumptuous that he dared to treat Yang Yi in this way.

"Yang Hu, go quickly if you know, or don't blame me!"

"The ghost is conquered by the cousin. Even if it is turned in, she will go in person. Why do you need to do it for her?"

"Don't think that I don't know what you think. This is Shangzhou City, not Jingzhou City. The Yang family is here to assist the seal. You better see your identity."

Yang Huiling's eyes were cold, and if Yang Hu dared to mess up again, she would have to do something to him.

At this point, Liang Jie was not so angry. He felt that the Yang family was not completely united! Look at Yang Hu and Yang Yi, they are not the same way.

"Well, you're so proud! Wait for my grandpa to come and see how long you are still jumping!"

With a sneer, Yang Hu walked away without looking back. Now it is unwise to conflict with Yang Huiling.

It seems that the people of Yang Hu's faction do not deal with those of Yang Yi's faction! Obviously they were prepared, so it seems they have to be careful.

"Sister, really don't care about a cousin?" Yang Yufeng was a little embarrassed and weak.

Yang Huiling opened her eyes and said, "If you want to follow him, go! I won't stop you!"

"Don't, sister! I'm wrong!"

"But this time was led by his Grandpa, we are not good at explaining!"

"And I also feel that his boyfriend is simply not qualified, our Yang family ..."

Yang Yufeng's temper is relatively straight, and he doesn't have many minds. Although what he said is unpleasant, it is also true.

But when he said this in front of Liang Jie, he was a bit too ignorant. Yang Huiling interrupted: "stop!"

Yang Huiling, who was about to fight, scared Yang Yufeng, and hurriedly stood there not to say a word.

At this point, Yang Yi's eyes were reddish, and tears were swirling in it. She was really aggrieved. Just because of the Yang family, did she even have the right to make a boyfriend?

"Sorry, if you don't welcome us, we can leave! But please don't blame Yang Yi, she is also involuntary." Yang Huiling looked at Yang Yi's soft expression and said softly.

Liang Jie smiled and said, "It's okay! You live here!"

After touching Yang Yi's head, Liang Jie blinked at her and pulled her to walk inside.

Happiness is something you have to fight for yourself. Since the people of the Yang family look down on people, let them know there is always someone who is better than them!