Chapter 22 - Ghost

Although it is hot, this campus is very cold and more comfortable than turning on the air conditioner.

"Jay, stick these spells in the dormitory building."

Over the wall and into the school, Yang Yi handed the spells to Liang Jie.

These spells can make the school's teachers and students sleep well at night so that they can be more at ease, so as not to be found by others.

"Does this work?"

Liang Jie looked at the spell in his hand and asked Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao floated in the air, looked at the spell on his hand and nodded: "It works, it has a soothing effect on the average person, and they won't wake up even if it thunders."

Yang Yi is indeed a genius. Attacking spells are not well painted, but auxiliary spells are very delicate and the effect is absolutely very good.

It's twelve o'clock at midnight.

The two wandered around the campus to see where the ghost was.

Suddenly, the two shivered, and a chilly breath penetrated through the necks, and they felt half-hearted.

The moonlight was even with a touch of blood red.

"It is coming!"

Without Li Mengyao's reminder, the two knew that the ghost had already appeared.

The two have an invisibility sticker on them, so even higher-level ghosts can't see them, and they can follow to see how the ghosts are.

The ghost doesn't have a specific face, not even a face, but the look of the shawl is really scary. It comes from the back of the school.

It wandered around the school and seemed to be looking for something.

"Master, it's looking for you!"

"Don't be scared, okay? Didn't you see my back wet?"

"I didn't lie to you, It was really looking for you!"

"Um, did I grab her money??"

"None, it's the Nine Regions Ring!"


Li Mengyao's reminder made Liang Jie aware of a problem, and it is very likely that it was for the ring.

In fact, if think about it, the existence of the ring is very incomprehensible. It appears on the campus of Archaeology. Is this really a coincidence?

Sure enough, there are really big secrets here.

"She saw you!"


This ghost is very strong, almost in the third level of cultivation momentum period, stronger than Liang Jie. But there is no chance of winning because they also have purchased spells.


With the wind blowing around, Liang Jie was startled.

The white-eyed ghost actually came over here. Although she didn't have eyes, she kept looking at Liang Jie's direction.


When Yang Yi saw the ghost coming, she raised a hand and threw a spell.

This time, it was much better than when she drove the ghost out of Liang Jie before. The rune paper turned into a white light and fell on the ghost, so the ghost stopped there.

But it was only a short pause, and then she continued to move forward.


Throwing the spell again, the result is the same as before.

It wasn't that Yang Yi's spell couldn't work, but the opponent's strength was too strong, and she couldn't hold it at all.


Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and the incognito on them was blown off.

The ghost looked at the two, stretched out her withered hands, and rushed towards them. Her figure flickered in the moonlight, as in the ghost movie.


Seeing that the ghost is coming, Yang Yi is not very panicked. She throws a green spell on the right palm, which is a wooden spell.

For ghosts, wooden spells have a natural restraint. If they are used for capture, they are naturally the best.

Wooden spell forms vines within a certain range, which can restrain all evil things.

The wooden vine appeared and bound the ghost. She couldn't move forward for a while, she could only stay there and couldn't move, even her power was suppressed.

This made it very surprised, but it didn't panic once, and when it saw its claws, the dark claws looked extremely evil, and the vine could not stop the claws.


Then she wailed.

The two felt dizzy for a while, hurt by her voice, and her voice had the effect of mental attack.

"You can't win me, give me the Nine Regions Ring!"

There was a deep, cold voice, and the two felt cold in their hearts.

A pair of dark eyes appeared on the original pale face, deep like a black hole, and looked very scary.

"Don't come over! I don't want to hurt you!"

"What you want is not with us. You better not mess around. I'm great."

"As long as you don't hurt anyone else, I can recite sutras for you."

Yang Yi was very scared, her body was shaking, but she was holding thunder spell tightly in her hands.

Seeing her threatening, Liang Jie felt that there was really no deterrent.

Sure enough, the ghost was not afraid at all. She gave out a weird smile, the overcast wind blew, and the surrounding temperature dropped again. This double impact of spirit and body made Liang Jie very uncomfortable.

"I really hit you!"

The ghost is not afraid of Yang Yi, she still knows in her heart.

But she wanted to protect Liang Jie, so she couldn't care so much, and threw the thunder spell out.


A thunderbolt fell down, and the unsuspecting ghost was smashed into the black smoke, and the soul almost beaten was scattered.

This is a spell drawn by a cultivation person in the solid foundation period. a ghost with a third level cultivation momentum period can not resist it, lying on the ground like soft mud, can't move.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it! Are you fine?"

When Yang Yi threw the spell, she turned her head and waited for a long time before seeing the ghost, so she turned to look at it.

It turned out that seeing the ghost was dying, which made her sad.

"Don't you sympathize with me, even if I die today, I will grab the Nine Regions Ring!"

The ghost didn't want to give up and was struggling to shoot at the two of them, but because it was hit by the thunder, most of the energy was dissipated, and Liang Jie could easily burn her by throwing a small flame.

The spell is really powerful, Liang Jie thinks that he can study it carefully in the future.

"Master, use Seal Soul Spell!"

Li Mengyao suddenly spoke and asked Liang Jie to use a spell that could subdue the evil spirits.

After throwing the rune paper, the ghost was instantly suppressed, and something like a chain appeared on his body, which was exactly what sealed the spiritual power.

"Xiao Yi, since you don't want to hurt her, then subdue her!"

"She's strength has been greatly reduced. You only need to put a spirit deed on her ghost, and she will be your ghost in the future."

"Come, follow me!"

Liang Jie held Yang Yi's hand and drew a rune on the forehead of the ghost with aura, which is the so-called spirit deed.

At this time, Yang Yi was stronger than the ghost, and it was naturally easy to complete. She couldn't resist at all.

"I didn't teach you the Seal Soul Spell! And I can't, how do you know?"

After everything was done, Yang Yi discovered that Liang Jie had just used a spell she didn't know.

What shocked her, even more, was how even Liang Jie was able to draw such a special rune such as spirit deed, even if her grandfather could not do it?