Chapter 21 - Cultivation

The family ranking battle in Shangzhou City will not begin until the beginning of next year, and Liang Jie's strength must have been greatly improved at that time.

That's not a rush. From now on, Liang Jie is going to cultivate seriously.

The holidays flew by. There was no wave in Liang Jie's and Yang Yi's cohabitation life, and the real estate certificate had already come down. It has become a love nest for the two.

"Look, here comes the best couple in the archeology department."

Today, Liang Jie and Yang Yi are already celebrities.

At college, everyone knows them, and many students who come here often block the campus.

But Liang Jie wasn't worried at all, because Shangguan Yu, who had been transferred to the school, acted as his younger brother, and the momentum of the rich second generation was so amazing that no one dared to approach.

"What do you want to see? It's blocking my brother and sister's way!"

"Seeing that, whoever crossed this line, I broke his leg."

"Don't think I'm joking, I'll do what I said."

Holding the rolled stick of the newspaper in hand, pointing at the classmates who wandered around, they were frightened.

He actually came to the Department of Archeology and also called Liang Jie as his brother. It turns out that he is really a rich second generation! Sure enough, the rumors were true.

"Okay, the class is coming soon!"

Liang Jie pulled Yang Yi in, and turned around and called Shangguan Yu.

But as soon as he entered the school, a cold chill spread all over his body. This cold atmosphere was very scary, even Yang Yi felt it.

She looks pale and looked at Liang Jie with a look of horror, her body shaking.

"Don't be afraid! I'm here!"

Holding Yang Yi's hand tightly, Liang Jie's words reduced the fear in her heart a little.

As the cold feeling receded, she became normal now, just as if staring at a pair of bloodthirsty eyes, almost fainted her.

However, Shangguan Yu didn't feel anything. The whole person looked normal, still holding a newspaper to open the way for the two.

"Master, it's a ghost!"

"This school is weird and I'm afraid it will be a big problem."

"Yang Yi is a congenital wooden spirit body, and she is very sensitive to ghosts. It seems that the level of this ghost is not low! Li Mengyao also felt that she did not expect that there was such a powerful ghost here.

During the one-day class, Liang Jie ignored it, and Yang Yi kept an eye on the situation of the school, dragging some runes in her hands.

Back to the villa.

"Jay, the campus has another ghost again, and it's very powerful!"

"I have rune paper here. You can put it on yourself to protect yourself."

"I went to catch the ghost at night, otherwise the school students would be in danger."

Yang Yi's face was full of worries, even though she was scared, she still thought of others.

This makes Liang Jie very helpless. Did she never think about her safety? It was the same when she helped drive the ghost before, she was so kind.

Looking at the rune paper in Yang Yi's hand, Liang Jie asked with a smile: "Did you draw it yourself?"

"Yes, but I don't learn well enough, otherwise I can help you get rid of the upper female ghost."

Yang Yi blushed, rubbing her horns with shame, she was ashamed of her poor academic performance.

She has the worst qualifications in the family, and everyone else can stand alone, but she has not yet.

"Nothing, you're doing fine!"

Praying about Yang Yi, Liang Jie asked Li Mengyao in his head.

She should be very clear about such things as rune paper. Yang Yi's level should be obvious at a glance.

Sure enough, Li Mengyao chuckled: "Yang Yi is too kind. The spirit pattern on the spell has not injected much aura at all, and the power is naturally very poor."

"Furthermore, this is just plain paper. What effect can it have."

"The talent of her innate wooden spirit body was the best way to practice the spell, but unfortunately she did not make good use of it! To catch the ghost at night, be careful!"

To catch a ghost in the evening, Liang Jie naturally wouldn't let Yang Yi go alone, and he said that he would like to go with her.

"I heard that there must be a connection between ghosts. What if the ghost in the school is actually the lover of the female ghost?"

"Isn't he going to be like me just because he's looking for me! If the female ghost is awakened, wouldn't I be dead?"

"Xiao Yi, wouldn't you just ask me to stay at home alone!"

Liang Jie was so pitiful that Yang Yi didn't know how to refuse.

What's more, he was right. In case it was two ghosts who were really connected, she would only kill him if she wasn't with him, so she finally agreed.

Before going to school to catch ghosts, Yang Yi was preparing in the villa.

"What about your runes? Is it wrong here?"

Liang Jie looked aside and couldn't figure out what she was drawing.

Li Mengyao was very clear, and at a glance, she saw that there was something wrong with Yang Yi's writing. It was obviously a thunderbolt, but the effect was greatly reduced because she made a mistake.

"Ah ... really! I have been stupid since I was a kid, and I can't draw well."

Aunt Yang Yi hurriedly tossed the drawn amulet, which made Liang Jie's eyes twitch.

No wonder she only uses ordinary paper characters, if it change to spiritual paper, I'm afraid will lose much money!

Spirit paper is made of special spirit wood. It is a special paper for making spells. It can greatly increase the power of spells, and the price is not very expensive, 1,000 low-grade spirit stones per paper.

Of course, there are also levels of spirit paper. The greater the power of spells, the better the spirit paper needed.

"Can't you look at me? I'm nervous!"

Looked by Liang Jie, Yang Yi's hand was shaking.

It was the first time she had drawn a charm in front of others, and she was nervous.

However, Liang Jie laughed: "It's all right, I want to learn too!"

"Then I teach you!"

Hearing that, Yang Yi laughed.

She actually started to teach Liang Jie by hand. In fact, he has the help of Li Mengyao and has learned basic spells. But now that he needs to eliminate Yang Yi ’s psychological obstacles, he still starts to learn.

"You're amazing! You just learned it!"

Yang Yi, whose eyes were shining, happily hugged Liang Jie.

She taught it only once, and Liang Jie learned it.

"You still swap the spells she painted! Otherwise, catch ghosts for a while, I'm afraid you will fail." Li Mengyao reminded Liang Jie that preparations must be done.

Liang Jie is rich now, and buying a few spells is nothing.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Liang Jie decisively replaced the rune papers, but he didn't want to hurt Yang Yi.

In fact, catching ghosts is just a trivial matter. What he really should care about is what's hidden in the school.

"Let's go! Let's go to school!"

At about eleven o'clock in the evening, the two got ready for things and set off.

It's time that the ghost should come out and move.

At that time, it is the best chance to seize it.